Advice to Third Girl in Love

Advice to Third Girl in Love

Advice to Third Girl in Love

Advice to Third Girl in Love

Sent by : Intan Nuraini

e-mail : [email protected]

For those who keep your stance

For you who are still with him

what kind of you get from him

until remembering is not!

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You are very happy with your world

by being filled with his love

do you know the heart of it?

Can you read his thoughts?

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If he says that you’re the only woman Idea in his heart

means he has said the real lies

who you are?

You care him from toddlers to adults? You finance his life?

Do not be too relieved with words from him

because it’s just a sentence that can be knight at all times

and can be given to anyone

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I can not fully blame your

because the woman is preached for the way, and you glorified by

you can have been concerned from him you may also have been protected by him

but you forget if he never glorifying you

       That’s all the post of the love poem about giving advice there is a girl feeling love to the boy who actually has another girl friend which it has been sent by one of our friends. Hopefully the poem about love above can amuse us. (Also read other article at : Soal PAS Seni Budaya Kelas 12 Semester 1)

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