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      It was the day I felt as being the unluckiest person. I feel a lot of things that are distracting every time I go through that day. I do not feel the tone of goodness that comes to me. I doubt if I can pass this day smoothly without any strange things happening. But I went through the day as usual even though many unwanted things happened. (Also read : Revolution of Leader)

       It was an important meeting I had to attend early in the morning, I had my alarm set up so I would not get up late. But when the day came, I woke up late and finally the meeting was canceled when it was a very important meeting and concerned my company. After I woke up late my car was not working properly, my car could not be turned on even though I tried to tinker with the engine many times but still my car would not turn on. Finally after a while I wired atinya eventually my car was on, and consequently I was late to go to work. At that time my stomach was hungry, and I went to the usual eating place I went to buy my favorite food for my appetite. But the food I ordered did not match what I wanted until I had no appetite to eat it and I kept hungry for a few hours until the time came home. Then on the way home I was communicating over the phone with one of my co-workers who offered big business to the company I was in, but suddenly the phone I was using died. I’m sorry I’ll miss the business offer. And at the end when I got home tired and wanted to try the reflexology machine I bought yesterday at my workshop, but what happened was that the massage machine was not working properly. Then I want to calm myself because everything that has happened today makes me lose everything that I think is important and I feel unlucky all day long.

       After the prayer I finished dzikir then I asked some questions to Allah and I felt god answer all my questions.

Me: “Oh God my god I want to ask you some questions about what happened today, but please do not be angry.”

God: “yes I will not be angry.”

Me: “why today everything is not okay everything is a mess.”

God: “oh that ..”

Me: “I wake up late”

God: “yes”

Me: “my car takes a long time to turn on”

God: “hmmm”

Me: “The food that I ordered did not match what I wanted until I had no appetite and hunger”

God: “okay”

Me: “my phone dies when I speak important business.”

God: “then” ((Also read other article at : Soal UKK Prakarya Kelas 7 SMP Bagian 2)

Me: “my reflexology machine is not working properly”

God: “Look, did you say wake up late? There was a deadly madness to come, I blocked him and I made you sleep. “

Me: “but”

God: “Your car can not function properly? I’m dead because there’s an accident on the same road at the same time if your car is okay “

Me: “(down)” (Also read other story in Indonesian version at : Kisah Perjalanan Ikan Kecil)

God: “Your food? Your food maker is sick I do not want you infected so I made the dish unsuitable so you do not eat it “

(I’m ashamed)”

God: “Your cell phone I made to die because your partner will deceive you and make your company bankrupt”

Me: “forgive me”

God: “Your massage machine is not working because you have not paid electricity I do not want you in the dark”

Me: “I’m sorry I’ve complained a lot. I realize you will always be with me and give the best with me “

God: “I will always be with you and give the best for my people.” ALLAH ALWAYS WITH YOU.

       From the events that happened to me I realized god will give the best for me. He knows, I should be closer to him so that my life in the afterlife is more beautiful instead of pursuing treasure in the world and forget it.

      That’s the story about ALLAH ALWAYS WITH YOU which it has been sent by one of friends. Hopefully the story about ALLAH ALWAYS WITH YOU above can use as our reflection. If Allah does not give us what we think well. be sure that he will give us a better one. (Also read other story at : The Bitter Tongue

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