Behave Worthy Based on Faith

Behave Worthy Based on Faith

Behave Worthy Based on Faith

Behave Worthy Based on Faith

Sent by : Intan Nuraini

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You set aside your property partly

For those who need help

Help in the form of prayer or goods

What a noble deed

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The act of giving without requesting a reply

Often called sincere words

Thank you for stretching your hands

You saved us from suffering

Hopefully your sincerity will be avenged

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Avenged by heaven belonging to God

Comrade, do not you get bored

Behave-worthy that is based on faith

Because heaven awaits one’s coming

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Arrival for people

The morals are like you

       That’s all the post of the poem about reflection to Behave Worthy related on feeling believing which it has been sent by one of our friends. We hope the poem about reflection above can be as our reflection. (Also read other article at : UAS Bahasa Indonesia Kelas 11 Semester 2)

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