How To Ask A Guy Out Over Text? (Correct answer)

You can say something as simple as, “Hey. I’ve enjoyed spending time with you at work. Do you want to get a drink sometime?” This is casual and simple but direct enough not to leave room for error. When you ask a guy out over text, try to make it as personal as possible.

What is a cute way to ask a guy out?

  • 10 Cute Ways To Ask A Guy Out Send Him A Note. Simple but effective. Send Him An Email. We really are in the new age now. Ask Him If He Has A Girlfriend. Give Him Your Number In Style. Plan A Treasure Hunt. Send Him Love Hearts. Give Him A Present. Shock Him With A Parking Ticket. Put A Message In A Bottle. Just Ask Him!


What is a cute way to ask a guy out?

21 Ways To Ask A Guy Out

  1. Text innocent messages. Asking in person can be scary for some, so why not ask him over a sweet text.
  2. Send cute notes.
  3. Write a sweet poem.
  4. Seek his help.
  5. Tell him you are hungry.
  6. Ask for a gift.
  7. Offer him an ‘extra ticket’
  8. Hang out casually.

Should I ask a guy out over text?

Asking a guy out over text might feel a bit awkward, but it’s great for anyone who’s a bit shy about asking in person! It gives you the chance to properly think about how you want to phrase it, and it gives them the chance to consider your offer carefully before they respond.

How do you ask a guy out without asking?

Actually this is how you can ask him out, without him even knowing you’re asking him out; and having a great time all along.

  1. 1 Buy him a drink. If you know the guy well already, skip right to the next pointer.
  2. 2 Plan a guy-friendly outing.
  3. 3 Forget solo, go groupie.
  4. 4 Let him know you’re into him.

How do you ask a boy out without being awkward?

Ask him out through a note. Simply say, “Want to go out sometime?” and leave him your phone number. This works great with guys that you don’t know very well, and it takes the pressure off. Not only is this an effective method, but it’ll make the guy think that you’re cute and a little bit creative.

What is a cute way to ask someone out over text?

Here are a few text ideas to get you started and keep you going along the way.

  1. Hello gorgeous!
  2. You’ve been on my mind a lot today, and I wanted you to know that I’m so glad you’re a part of my life.
  3. I hope you know just how much you mean to me.
  4. I know we just saw each other earlier, but I can’t wait to see you again.

How do you flirt over text?

How To Flirt Over Text

  1. Keep it short and sweet. As a general rule, the simpler the message, the better.
  2. Stay positive. Flirting, by nature, is meant to be cheerful and lighthearted — it should make you both feel like you’re in high school again.
  3. Be complimentary.
  4. Ask a playful question.

What is a cute way to ask someone out?

Here are 22 best cute ways to ask a girl out:

  1. Call her on the phone. In an era of social media and texting, a phone call goes a long way.
  2. Say it with music.
  3. Get her a “talking” teddy bear.
  4. Bake her a sweet treat.
  5. Get her flowers.
  6. Sing it!
  7. Make a crossword puzzle.
  8. Light some candles.

Should a girl ask a boy out?

Asking someone outis a risk no matter what. It’s important to remember that guys are probably just as nervous as any girl when it comes toasking someone for a date. Most people want to know if their feelings for someone are reciprocated, but the only way you’ll ever find out is to ask.

Is it OK to ask a guy if he is still interested?

Originally Answered: Is it OK to ask a guy if he’s still interested? Yes, it is totally okay to ask him, infact there’s a 99% chance that he may be still interested in you, if boys have feelings for someone they tend to keep it for really very long.

How do u know if a boy likes u?

How to Tell If a Guy Likes You

  1. He is touching you.
  2. He remembers small details about you.
  3. You two are social media friends.
  4. He gives you eye contact.
  5. He makes an effort in the conversations you have.
  6. He’s using “alpha” body language.
  7. He asks if you have a boyfriend.
  8. He gets jealous when you talk to other guys.

How do I ask my crush out without getting rejected?

If you think the time is right to ask her out, just pop the question and let her take her time to answer it. Don’t be corny and ruin a simple thing like asking her out. Don’t use cheesy lines or gestures for that matter. If they go wrong, there is really no coming back from that.

How do you ask a guy out over text long distance?

How to Ask a Guy Out over Text Long Distance

  1. 1 Ask him to meet for a date in person.
  2. 2 Try a coffee date for something more casual.
  3. 3 See if he wants to go on a virtual dinner date.
  4. 4 Try an in-person dinner date for a romantic option.
  5. 5 Go to a museum for something fun and unexpected.

7 Sample Texts For Asking A Guy Out

I believe it is past time for a dating rules revolution, since despite the fact that the norm of men asking women out is antiquated, women do not appear to be asking men out on dates. So, what is the best way to ask a guy out through text message? In spite of the fact that 95 percent of guys believe a woman asking them out is “hot,” I don’t believe this is something that happens very often among my male acquaintances. As a result, a large number of my pals are lounging about, waiting for somebody to approach them.

So, why isn’t this happening more frequently?

It’s a whole mess.

It’s possible that you’ll receive a “no” and feel ashamed.

  • I’ll tell you something.
  • In less than two seconds.
  • None.
  • Mostly because, well, I just didn’t receive a lot of invitations to go out.
  • Although it is somewhat irritating, it is not the worst thing that could happen to me, and as a result of it, I have become significantly more courageous.
  • I’ll make good on my commitment.
  • (Caution: these may come out as cheesy.) It’s understandable if asking someone out feels like a step outside of your comfort zone; but, you must get on board.)

1. We’ve Been Talking, So Let’s Just Do This

Okay, I’m going to start with something a little more daring, and we’ll work our way down from there. Occasionally, after a lengthy period of talking, it is necessary to break away from the topic and just go for it. I went on a date with a guy from Hinge since he had offered something to me on the spur of the moment and I happened to be available that night and appreciated his confidence. The pressure is also lessened when you ask someone out at the last minute. You are still placing yourself out there, but because it is the last minute, there are no hard feelings if things don’t work out.

2. Something In Common, Let’s Go

If you discover that you have something in common — absolutely anything — take advantage of it. You studied the same subject, have the same passion, and want to watch the same movie — just do it! When you’re chatting to someone, it’s tempting to hold out for the right opportunity to ask them out.

You believe that there will be some clear indication, everything will click, and you’ll be able to ask them out at the perfect time. However, there are moments when you must create your own luck – as well as your own timing. So take advantage of commonality when you come across them.

3. The Open Feeler

If you’re looking for the most fundamental of all the fundamentals, this is it. Simply invite them out for a drink. Though not very catchy or funny, you may be assured that no one will be startled or even slightly confused by it. It’s important to remember that the person you’re speaking with (most certainly) wants your conversation to lead to a real-life meeting with them. It’s not going to catch them completely by surprise – after all, you’re talking to someone who may be a future love interest.

It is 100 % anticipated of someone to say anything like this in this scenario, thus it is the safest bet to make.

4. I’m Just Jumping In (With Something Low Pressure)

It’s perfectly acceptable if the prospect of a drink seems too scary at first. Making the suggestion of a cup of coffee is a great way to ease yourself into the situation. Similar like going out for a drink, but with less pressure because it is easy to go away from if things aren’t going well. This way, you may spend less time and yet have it come to a logical conclusion. Additionally, being invited out for coffee rather than a drink is less daunting – if the person you’re chatting to is likewise a little hesitant, this may be a welcome offer.

5. Netflix And Chill

You know, there are instances when you don’t want to go on a date. Sometimes all you want is a simple hookup. My preference is to meet in a public location rather than at home with someone I don’t already know. For those who have already gone out with them or done whatever makes them feel comfortable, and then decide they want to be laid, an abinge-watching marathon is essentially code for the horizontal mambo (which is awkward nerd code for hooking up). It goes without saying that you should avoid suggesting a show that you genuinely want to watch and pay attention to since you can end up resenting the interruption.

6. Something Completely Random

Maybe you don’t have much in common with them so far, but they seem like they’d make for interesting discussion, so you want to get together. Take a cue from anything they’ve said and recommend you do it as a group. Although a touch corny, it does the trick of getting things started. As a general rule, people recognize that the transition from messaging to actually dating is difficult, and they will not be critical of your efforts if it appears to be somewhat forced. Their appreciation for you performing some of the heavy labor for them will most likely be limited.

7. The Follow Up

You may ask someone out more than once, which is a fun thing to know about asking people out. If you had a wonderful time on your first date and you believe they did as well, offer that you see one other again. Are they unsure whether or not they want to go on a second date with you? They’re probably wondering the same thing about you, to be honest with you. So take a risk and put yourself out there. Make direct reference to any goofy, amusing things that happened on the first date and simply say it.

A billion people have said no to me, and I’ve had a million of them say yes.

But it’s better to put yourself out there and risk getting a pie in your face every now and then—because you’ll receive a lot of other great stuff in exchange for the odd pie as well as the occasional pie.

Aside from that, even if they say no, you may be happy and self-assured that you attempted something. Photographs courtesy of Gorica Poturak/E+/Getty Images The original version of this story was published on January 12, 2016. The most recent revision was made on August 12, 2019.

How to Ask a Guy Out over Text

Documentation Download Documentation Download Documentation When you have a strong attraction to a man, texting him is a terrific technique to ask him out since it is low-pressure for you both. If you decide to text a guy to ask him out, there are several excellent and awful methods to go about it. It’s a good idea to text with him for a bit before approaching him about going together. The substance you provide in the message is also crucial, so take the time to craft a well-written message.

  1. 1 Send a text message of greeting. Before you ask him out on a date, try to break the ice. Send him a short hello in order to get the discussion rolling. You should tell him who you are and how you came to meet him if you haven’t already done so. Assume you’ve been looking forward to speaking with him again. If you’ve spoken with him previously, simply welcome him in the same manner that you would at any other time.
  • People can’t always answer to texts right away, so if your first text is a request for him to go out with you, you’ll start to panic if he doesn’t respond within a short period of time. Making him chat for a bit first ensures that he is paying attention to his phone
  • If you have him talking already, there is a greater likelihood that he will reply favorably to your invitation. In the case of an unexpected invitation, he may be taken off guard and decline
  • For example, text him, “Hey Josh, this is Pete. How are you today?” Last weekend’s celebration was just insane. Thanks for arranging for us to meet.” Even though it’s basic, it’s far more successful than simply texting, “Hey, what’s up?”
  • 2 Pay close attention to whether he is participating in the conversation. For a time, you can text back and forth with him to see how the discussion develops. If he regularly delivers brief answers or spends a long time between responses, it is possible that he is not interested in you at all. Without knowing whether or not he would accept your invitation, you don’t want to proceed to the next step of asking him out.
  • Find a happy medium between asking him out right away and waiting so long that the discussion dwindles to nothingness. It’s a good indicator if he replies positively to four or five messages back and forth that you should go ahead and ask him out
  • You should not be afraid to approach him and ask him out even if he does not appear to be interested. Simply be prepared for the possibility of rejection.
  • 3 Flirt with him and observe how he reacts. As you are texting, start sending texts that are a little more flirty than your regular conversational tone. A flirty response from him is a positive indication that he may be interested in getting out with you. If he appears to be ignoring your flirting or responds adversely, refrain from asking him out on a date.
  • For example, you may send him something like, “It’s a pity that I’m stuck at home alone.” “I’d much prefer be curled up close to you,” says the author. If he responds, “I think we could make it happen,” it’s likely that he likes you.
  • 4 If he appears to be interested in you, ask him out on a date. If everything is going well in your chat and he is responding positively to your flirting, it is time to move forward with your mission. Don’t be overly concerned about what he will say next. Type out the text, double-check it, then submit it without a second’s hesitation
  • “Dylan, I’m a fan of yours.” “Do you want to go on a date with me this weekend?”
  1. 1 Keep your wording as concise as possible. When you have a strong attraction to someone, it is easy to overthink what you are going to say to him next. If you send a long message and then ask him out in the middle of it, he may not notice that you asked him out. Remember to keep your message brief and to the point. Send him a text message that contains solely your invitation to get out
  • Instead of stating anything like “I’ve been thinking about what I could do this weekend because I’m getting bored staying at home all the time,” keep it short and sweet. Would you be interested in going out? I realize there isn’t much to do, but I figured we might have a good time together nonetheless. “Anyway, I’m not even sure.”, says the author.
  • You might want to consider asking a man from school out on a date. A brief text message is more likely to elicit a response from a teenage boy than one in which you ramble on and on. “Would you be interested in going out this weekend?” you may text him back.
  • If you want to ask a coworker out, you may say something like, “We don’t get a lot of one-on-one time at work. “Would you want to go out for a drink when we finish tomorrow?”
  • 2 Directly approach him and ask him out. You could be tempted to avoid the subject entirely, or to suggest going out in a vague manner that he might overlook. Tell him you want to go out with him and ask him if he would be interested in going out with you in your text message to him. It is critical that he understands that you are asking him out.
  • Never say something like, “I haven’t dated much recently, and it appears that you haven’t either.” Possibly, we could come up with something to do together. “That has the potential to be really fantastic.” “Are you interested in going on a date with me?” you might ask. The importance of this is magnified when you are asking a guy out who you are already acquainted with. It’s critical that they be aware that you wish to go on a romantic date with them. “I know we spend a lot of time together, but would you be interested in going to Orion’s party with me as my date?”
  • 3 Invite him out on a date to do something particular. “Do you want to go out sometime?” is not a very effective way to ask someone out when you’re trying to impress them. There is no set timetable or activity associated with this. Think of something fun you and your friend might do together and ask him to help you with it. Also, please provide a couple of times that would be convenient for you.
  • For example, you may inform him about a party you’re attending to this weekend and ask if he’d want to accompany you. Inquire whether he would be interested in trying out the new Italian restaurant near your home on Wednesday
  • The options are infinite, and he may decline to do everything you offer. A particular request is still preferable than a generic invitation
  • This is especially true when you are inviting a person you have just met out on the town. Inviting them to make particular arrangements can allow you to learn more about what they enjoy doing on a date. “I’m a fairly big hockey fan, and I’ve got tickets to the game this weekend,” you may say. “Would you like to go on a date with me?”
  • 4 Make use of correct language and whole phrases. The use of abbreviations and lingo that is difficult to grasp is popular even among those who use cellphones. It is important to use clear and understandable words when asking a guy out on a date. When you encounter anything that appears to be confused nonsense, it is a turnoff.
  • “Ay, thought we could hang out tmrw,” for example, is not acceptable texting language. “What are you planning on doing?” “I was thinking that we may go out tomorrow,” you write. “Do you think you’d be available?”
  • Before you press the submit button, double-check your content to be sure you haven’t made a grammatical or spelling error. If you don’t double-check your message before sending it, auto-correct might make it difficult to understand.
  1. 1 Give him enough time to respond. Texting does not necessarily adhere to a fixed time schedule, which may be both beneficial and detrimental. Wait for him to respond to your text after you have asked him out. Whether you find yourself about to send another text apologizing or asking him if he is thinking about it, stop yourself. Be patient and give him some time to consider his response before sending it to you.
  • 1, provide enough time for him to reply There is no set time for texting, which may be both beneficial and detrimental depending on your perspective on it. Wait for him to text you back after you’ve asked him out. Continue to refrain from sending him another text in which you apologize or inquire as to his thoughts. Continue to be patient and allow him enough time to consider his response and send it to you.
  • 2 Keep yourself occupied while you wait to hear back from him. Don’t get too worked up if he doesn’t react straight away to your invitation to go out with him. Find something to occupy your time while you wait. You will go insane if you spend your entire day staring at your phone or checking it every two minutes. Set the phone to ring and find something to keep your mind occupied
  • Take a walk, take a shower, put on Netflix, read a book, or engage in a recreational activity. As long as you can find something to occupy your time and keep your mind occupied, you’ll be OK.
  • 3 If you haven’t heard from him in a while, follow up with him. Sometimes people do not respond to texts, or phones malfunction, resulting in texts not reaching their intended recipients. Even if you have been waiting a long time, it is OK to double-check to see if he received your message.
  • No specific time has been set for when you should contact him again. A SMS to check in with him is usually OK if you haven’t heard back from him within a day or two
  • Otherwise, you should call.
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  • Is it OK to ask a guy out through text message? A dating coach at NYC Wingwoman LLC, a relationship counseling firm based in New York City, Imad Jbara has over ten years of experience. Matchmaking, wingwoman services, 1-on-1 coaching, and intense weekend bootcamps are all available through ‘NYC Wingwoman.’ Imad works with a large number of clients, both men and women, to help them better their dating life via real communication. He graduated with honors from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Support wiki for dating coaches and experts How? By gaining access to this expert response. The answer might be yes if you’re confident in your abilities and you simply can’t bring yourself to ask them out in person. In the vast majority of cases, doing it in person is preferable. This will provide you with the opportunity to measure their reaction and allow the discussion to evolve organically from there. The thrill and spontaneity that comes with asking someone out through text message, I believe, is gone
  • Question How can one know whether he has received the message but has not responded? Is that a yes or a no? There’s a chance he noticed it and just didn’t have time to respond, but the likelihood is that if it’s been a while and he hasn’t responded, he isn’t interested
  • Question What is the best way to ask a guy out through text message if he is in another country? Even if you don’t want to ask him out, long distance relationships are difficult and cause a lot of stress. If you truly care about this gentleman and believe you can work things out, go ahead. If I’m concerned he’ll embarrass me and make a big issue out of it, what should I do? First and foremost, determine whether this is really love or only attraction. The same should be expected in return if you are truly in love with him
  • Question What should I do if I don’t want his friends to find out about my relationship with him? You might ask him whether he would mind if your talk remained between the two of you only. Question What if he humiliates me in front of his mother or other family members? If you believe he is someone who would disgrace you, then you should avoid going out with him at all costs. Before you make a move, make certain that the person you’re interested in is trustworthy and nice. Question When I text someone, how can I ask them out if I’m worried of getting a negative response? Everyone is terrified of being rejected. Just remember to make things light and fun. If they say yes, see if they want to get together sometime. In the event that they agree, make preparations for a certain time and location. If they’re not interested, they’ll most likely just say something like, “Oh, I’m extremely busy,” or anything along those lines, and you’ll be able to move on with your life. Rejection isn’t all that horrible, and it’s something that everyone has to deal with at some point in their lives. You’re going to be alright
  • Question Was it possible for me to ask him out on a date even if he is a friend, but I was afraid he would say no and that we would no longer want to be friends? Simply ask him out to lunch or dinner without mentioning that it is a date and see his reaction
  • What if he doesn’t say yes? What should I say to make it appear as though I didn’t say anything at all? Simply maintain your composure and inquire as to if you can continue to be friends, or simply change the subject and begin chatting about something completely else
  • Question Despite the fact that we are attracted to each other, we can only interact via text and phone because he lives 7 hours away from me. Is it still OK for me to ask him out? Keeping long-distance relationships alive may be extremely difficult, particularly for people who have greater emotional maturity and control over their own schedules. If you are considering pursuing a connection with someone you will only be able to see on a limited basis, think about if it is worthwhile.

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Get professional assistance with messaging this man. Click here to start a live online conversation with someone right now. So you’ve got a crush on someone – and you’ve acquired their phone number – what do you do now? Asking a guy out by text might be a little weird, but it’s a terrific option for anyone who is a little uncomfortable approaching him in person. It provides you with the opportunity to properly contemplate how you want to frame your offer, and it provides them with the opportunity to thoroughly examine your offer before responding.

It includes 12 sample texts that you can customize to suit your needs.

1. Ease into it.

Play it calm when you’re finally asking out that person you’ve had a crush on for a long time or when you’re messaging someone for the first time. Introduce yourself into a light-hearted chat and engage in some light-hearted banter before posing the big question. If you know someone well or have spent some time with them in person, this is an excellent opportunity to re-establish how well you get along in real life. For example, you may chat about the last time you met them or about friends you have in common.

While it’s true that some individuals like to go for it right away, the odds are that if you’re texting someone to ask them out, you’re probably feeling a little hesitant and want to take things gently.

2. Be friendly, flirty, and fun.

Have fun with it — getting to know someone you are interested in is the most enjoyable part of dating! Don’t be afraid to be a little silly or sarcastic; throw a bunch of emojis in there and have some fun with it.After all, you’re asking them out on a date, and you want the invitation to sound as exciting as the date itself will be.If you received a dull text asking you out, you might not be overjoyed about it at all. A playful, flirtatious text, on the other hand? You’d say yes in a heartbeat if I asked you!

Keep things light and airy – avoid being too emotional, even if you’re really attracted to them.

We’re not suggesting that you alter anything about yourself; rather, we’re suggesting that you be a little more cautious about what you divulge to them in the beginning. Try to avoid placing too much pressure on them, since this may come across as needy or aggressive.

3. Gauge their interest.

Allow them the freedom to SMS you and respond at their own convenience! Only after you’ve met them and both of you have decided whether or not you want to pursue things further can you begin to establish expectations about how long it will take them to respond to your messages, and so on. For the time being, you’re only concerned with planning a first date, so take things slowly and enjoy yourself. You’ll also be able to get a better sense of how interested they are in you if you keep your mouth shut a little bit.

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That isn’t an issue; it’s simply something to be aware of in case something happens.

It’s possible that they aren’t all that excited to meet together, or that they are simply not in the same frame of mind as you.

4. Make it genuine.

Be true to yourself! As previously said, being nice and funny may go a long way in terms of getting to know someone in the first stages of a relationship. Even though you shuddered when you read that piece, keep it more authentic to yourself and remain easygoing about the situation. If you aren’t a naturally outgoing extrovert, don’t pretend to be one. If you want to maintain your charming individuality, you may do so in your own unique style. Take a look at our examples of text below. Maintain the authenticity of the discourse as well.

  1. However, there is no benefit in doing so.
  2. It’ll all come out in the end, and they’ll be left scratching their heads as to why you lied.
  3. When you’re madly in love with someone, it’s easy to fall into the habit of telling them over and over again how gorgeous they are or how much you like their sense of style, for instance.
  4. Introduce yourself with a few of pleasant sentences every now and again, but avoid scaring them away before you’ve even had a chance to get to know them.

5. Have a plan in mind.

You are not have to have planned out every minute of the date, but having a general concept of what you want to do is a good idea. Alternatively, you may recommend that they go to a bar that you know they enjoy, or you could do some research and discover a fun local gig or pub quiz, for example. Having someone request a date is good, but having someone organize something special for you is much better! Inform them that you wish to take them out on a date, and plan an activity that you believe they would love.

If they are interested in art, take them to a gallery date.

Prove to them that you are interested in their well-being and that you want them to enjoy their time with you by planning something enjoyable to share with them. He’ll appreciate the fact that you’ve put some effort into it and will feel quite special.

12 Sample Texts To Make Your Own

You have the luxury of being a little bolder and more informal. Hey, it was nice seeing you earlier – do you want to get together for a drink this week? 2. Hello there, stranger! It’s been a long time since we last spoke! Is it possible to have a cup of coffee and catch up soon? 3. I’m yearning for the burger we had last month — would you want to come with me for one tonight?

For a dating app date:

If this is the first time you’ll be meeting for a date, be prepared to feel nervous. Hey, I’m having a great time getting to know you — do you want to get a cup of coffee sometime soon? 2. You’re a delight to converse with, and I’d love to meet you in person! Are you available to meet up for a drink this week? 3. It would be wonderful to meet in person and see whether we get along as well in person. When do you have available this week?

If you want to gauge the vibe:

Keep the lines of communication open and provide a general strategy rather than a specific time and date. 1. Would you be available for a drink anytime this week? 2. I was wondering whether you’d be interested in seeing a movie at some point? I’ll go out and grab some popcorn. 3. I’d love to go out with you anytime — you choose the time, and I’ll choose the location!

For the bold ones:

Wear your heart on your sleeve, and go for it with everything you’ve got. 1. Would love to meet up with you for a drink later on if that’s something you’re interested in. DateNight32. I’m looking for a companion for a romantic supper this weekend — are you interested? 3. Do you mind if I take you out for a drink on Friday? The first round is all on me.

What next?

So you’ve planned your strategy and written a draft of your content. Now what? Be patient once you’ve pressed the “send” button. If you don’t receive a response right away, it might be quite tempting to communicate again – but resist the temptation! They may have needed time to consider whether or not to go on a date, it may have taken them off guard (especially if you’ve known them for a long time, they may be startled! ), or they may just have been distracted and not looking at their phone at the very moment you texted them.

If you receive a second text that says something like “Or not, entirely up to you, no worries if you’re not feeling it, I fully understand, no stress at all, just let me know!” don’t send it.

Wait for it to pass, don’t glance at your phone, and see what occurs.

So, they say yes…

Get pumped up because you’ve been invited on a date with a man you truly adore! Continue to spread positive energy by speaking and having a wonderful time with them, and send them a note a day or two before the date to express how much you are looking forward to seeing them.

You shouldn’t put them under undue strain by texting them repeatedly to confirm their decision or to ensure that they haven’t altered their mind. Allow yourself to accept the fact that they have said yes and that you will have a wonderful time together.

So, they say no…

It’s quite OK if they decide they don’t want to go on a date. It aches, and it’s likely that you feel a little weird, but everything will be alright. It might be for a variety of reasons — they could be seeing someone else, the time could be inconvenient, or they could just not be feeling the same way as you do. That you put yourself out there and gave it your best shot is what matters. Don’t be unjust and respond with a passive-aggressive text message, either! In the event of being rejected, we may lash out a little and perhaps become a little harsh.

  • Respond by expressing your understanding and appreciation for their forthrightness.
  • It may seem ridiculous, but it demonstrates how mature and sweet you are, and they will remember you as a mature and nice person rather than as someone who sends threatening SMS after they are rejected!
  • Are you still unsure of what to say in your texts to this individual?
  • To start a conversation, simply click here.
  • There are 11 tried-and-true methods for telling someone you like them without making things awkward. When to Text After a First Date and What to Text
  • This book is titled The Socially Awkward Person’s Dating Guide. What To Look For In A Guy: What To Look For In A Guy: 20 Positive Characteristics You’ll Want in a Man
  • How To Flirt With A Guy: 15 No-Bullsh*t Tips
  • How To Flirt With A Guy: 15 No-Bullsh*t Tips
  • 13 Telltale Signs That You Really Like A Guy: How to Be Confident in Your Emotions
  • Listed below are nine signs that a guy is interested in you but is afraid to admit it. When a guy calls you ‘beautiful’ or ‘cute,’ there are a variety of meanings he might be referring to. After meeting someone online, here are 18 important first date tips to remember.

How to Ask a Guy Out: 30 Cool Texts That Can Make It Easy

It’s simple to fall in love with a person; it’s more difficult to figure out how to ask him out on a date. The fear of being rejected, the worry of coming out as desperate, or just not knowing what to say are the primary reasons why most of us avoid asking males out in the first instance. How about being provided with some creative methods to ask him out so that you don’t have to put much effort into it? Listed below are 30 amazing messages about how to ask a guy out that you may use in person without either of you feeling self-conscious: We’ve all sent and erased texts to a person we’re interested in because we didn’t think they were good enough to keep his attention.

  1. Here’s how to approach a guy about going out with you.
  2. Would you be interested in joining us for a drink?
  3. It’s easy to dismiss the fact that you’re in his neighborhood as a coincidence.
  4. Furthermore, because there will be other people there, the event will not appear to be too intimate, increasing the likelihood that he will accept the invitation.
  5. 02 Are you interested in going out with me this weekend?
  6. Your assertiveness will be appreciated by him, and you will not have to worry about the situation being awkward for either of you.
  7. 03 Let’s continue our discussion over a cup of coffee, shall we?

For him, this will appear reasonable, and thus the invitation will not be awkward in the least.

How do you feel about tonight?

It is straightforward and to the point, and it does not appear to be accompanied by any conditions.

05 I’ll be in town the following day.

It is most appropriate for people who have been conversing over long distances to use this type of text.

06 I’m feeling lonely and would appreciate some company.

‘Spot’ can refer to anything, from the location where you first met to a place you both enjoy visiting or even an inside joke between friends.

07 I discovered this really cool establishment that plays some really good music.

This can work because it isn’t really a question, but rather a statement rather than a question.

Photo courtesy of Sarthak Navjivan via Unsplash.

When it comes to this type of text message, it can’t stand on its own.

For example, you could volunteer at a pet shelter in the afternoons or go for a walk in the park after work each evening.

09 On this day, I turn thirty-one.

Regardless of whether or not you two are acquainted, who is going to turn you down on your birthday?

You can even invite him to share in the celebration by cutting your cake together!

Are you free?

Unlike dinner, lunch is just lunch and doesn’t require either of you to dress up or go somewhere fancy.

11Am I horrible if I say my desk is the most boring place in the world?

You should come along.

After all, it might be impossible for him to go bowling on a Tuesday night, so a coffee break is only logical.

If you are new to the area, a great way to get a guy to go out with you is asking them where something is.

13Sorry, I’m the worst texter ever.

If you both busy and take a very long time to reply to each other, it can kind of kill the vibe.

If he realizes it too, he will jump at this opportunity.

Meet me at my apartment in 15 minutes so we can continue our conversation in person.

It can also come off as pushy if he isn’t interested in coming over.

For students, a study session is probably the easiest way to get a guy to go out with you, especially if you can help each other with assignments.

Here is how to ask a guy out through texts that can also work in face to face conversations 16 I love baseball too!

It is very common for sports fans to watch games together and talk about them.

Photo by NeONBRAND under Unsplash 17There’s a new coffee shop that opened around the corner.

Asking someone to join you at a new place that just opened is completely ordinary.

If you happen to run into him at work or school, you can also use this text to get him to go out with you.

You should come.

This will be a guaranteed yes!

Plus, you can use this text in real life.

How about over dinner?

If he is interested in you, you may expect a yes.

This way, you can get him all to yourself.

Just so you know, I’m free this weekend.

Text this to him, or tell it to his face.

Are you available?

Hikes burn some calories, refresh your mind and body and helps you to have an easy flow of discussion.

FYI, I’m a decent cook This technique is more of a follow up to anything in your chat.

23 Since it looks you may not be asking me out anytime soon, might I ask you out instead?

Here’s why: Since it’s over, he’ll finally be able to take a deep breath of relief, and since he likes you, he’ll be thrilled to know that you like him enough to take the first step toward a relationship with him!

Do you want to come with me?

In fact, it’s encouraged.

Gaddafi Rusli’s photograph is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

I just wanted to let you know that I will be available tonight.

For those of you who have been wanting to ask that special someone out for a long but haven’t been able to find the time, this is a great method to do it.

26I have a spare ticket to give away.

When used correctly, this is a classic yet powerful statement, especially when you know he appreciates the artist.

Would you be available for a drink?

If he is as exhausted and worn out as you are, he will leap at the chance to join you.

Photo by Chris F used with permission from pexels.

Let’s get together someplace to celebrate on Friday night.

It will only work if he drinks, and it will only work if you change the word “drink” to something more appropriate, such as tacos or frozen yogurt, when you ask him on a date using this chance.

I’ve heard there’s a very good restaurant downtown that we should check out once in a while.

It may be Chinese, Mexican, Caribbean, or whatever else you choose!

30 Recently, we’ve been blessed with beautiful weather.

Do you want to get together in the park on Sunday?

If it’s chilly outside, you could also exchange the nice weather for terrible weather and invite him over for some hot chocolate and smores when the weather is good.

The fact that it is merely a polite invitation and that it makes sense will ensure that it is not embarrassing.

If you are intrigued, you may take the initiative and make the first move, since sometimes it is necessary to take the initiative! After all, you now have 30 different options for asking him out, so what are you waiting for? Take a chance!

How to ask a guy out over text

You can use these examples and lines to inspire yourself. Oh, thank you very much for asking this question! You understand what it means to me, don’t you? It demonstrates that you are a total badass! Welcome to the fraternity! Let me make a guess. Your goal is to approach him about a date without being refused. That’s understandable, but on the contrary, I challenge you to be turned down. I understand why you’re hesitant, and I understand why. But, other from the fact that you feel like a piece of sh*t, there’s nothing wrong with getting rejected.

  • Fear’s function is to protect you from potential threats, which is why it has formed in humans.
  • What does it matter if you are rejected?
  • There are a variety of scenarios in which he may be at work, at school, heck, even in a dance class or a club; the list goes on and on.
  • However, that is not the point!
  • Because I’m feeling charitable today, I’ll demonstrate my point by providing instances.
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BEFOREyou ask him out – Things to practice and understand

Yes, I understand the thrill, and yes, I understand the difficulty. How about we take a deep breath and think about a few things together for a while? Are you ready to start dating? Are you ready to start dating? This is a question you should ask yourself and answer yourself. After a cup of coffee, the next thing you know, it’s been ten months since you started seeing him and you’re still not sure how you feel about him. You’re confused and don’t know what to do, and you’re worried that it’s too late to back out since he’s already thinking about marrying you?

  • Consider having a healthy thought-type discussion with your own thoughts and feelings.
  • Whether you’re overjoyed, depressed, and certain that you have nothing to lose, or delirious, or ecstatic to the point of bursting with joy, whatever you’re experiencing is perfectly acceptable to us.
  • Strong emotions might result in acts that are not well thought through, so you may want to take a deep breath and relax.
  • Be brutally honest with yourself, and I don’t mean in a good way.
  • Have another honest talk with yourself to determine whether or not he is the one on whom you should put your objectives.
  • In the event that he is the confident kind that is flirtatious with women and doesn’t seem to care whether or not she is the boss or a coworker, you may want to keep a close check on him before asking him out.
  • I’m not saying you shouldn’t try; I’m just saying think about it again and determine whether or not he’s worth it in the end.
  • My goal is to examine his personality or type, as well as his conduct, to determine if he is the kind who would wait for a lady to ask him out or the sort who would initiate the conversation himself.

I’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments section, so please feel free to do so. So, here’s the main question: “How do you ask a guy out through text messaging?” So buckle up, because this time we’re going for it with both barrels! Texting him and flirting with him would be simple.

What better than doing something you both like?

Because it is a rhetorical question, you are under no obligation to respond! You may find something you and your partner like in common – it might be a movie from a genre you both enjoy, music, cuisine, activities such as hiking, surfing, skating, painting, or dancing, or anything else you and your partner enjoy. “Hey, I’m going to be trekking on Saturday, and since you mentioned that you enjoy hiking as well, I thought I’d extend the invitation to you. Please let me know if you are interested!” So you’re asking him in a nonchalant manner, without appearing desperate or in need of his assistance.

Find something he’s good at (so that he can teach you later on)

What if you needed something last-minute, like an additional ticket to something: a basketball game, a concert, a planetarium, a festival, or any number of other possibilities? Yes, my darling! “As a result, I have an additional ticket for you. If you’re interested in viewing it on Friday, you’re welcome to accompany me!” This is how you ask him a sweet question in a charming way. You understand that you’re in great shape and that you’re gorgeous and cute, and you just so happened to have that one extra ticket.

It provides him the opportunity to respond and demonstrates whether he genuinely loves you but is too nervous to ask you out on a date.

  1. If he is available at that time and is interested in seeing you, he will say yes
  2. Alternatively, if he is not available on that day and/or time, he will propose a different day and/or time that is available (he doesn’t want to lose out on spending quality time with you!)

Cut the bullsh*t and just be direct

This works best with men who are self-assured, you know, the ones that don’t play games and are forthright in their communication. “Hey, would you want to join me for coffee/beers/wine this Friday?” says the host. It’s a basic line: you’re inviting him to hang out, you don’t mince words, you’re forthright, and you’re on your way to f*cking go! Seriously, I’m incredibly proud of you.

Something unique

Something that is a little different from the norm, something that is particular to him, something that is tied to him. “Hi! I couldn’t help but tell you how fantastic I found your website, and if you have the time, I’d love to hear about the journey you went through to get to where you are going tomorrow.” This is something to which you may add a little something to let him know that it is not only for professional purposes. “Oh, and I think you’re rather lovely, so I’d want to know more about you as well!” says the speaker.

So, what are you waiting for?

Be specific

Men can’t f*cking read between the lines, so you’ll want to be as explicit as possible when you’re communicating with them. Whatever method you use to approach him in an indirect manner will fail because his brain is not wired that way. He will not pick up on your hints. Oh, and I find it amazing that you can do this, and I’d be interested in learning more about you as a person as a result. “Do you want to go out for a beer this Wednesday?” Yes, there is a method to ask him out without seeming needy or making him feel uncomfortable.

In this scenario, the example I provided you with above might be more of a text message that you send him after you’ve started a text chat with him about anything. You may just eliminate the “Oh, by the way,” if you are not engaged in a discussion, and you will be OK.

Be confident about it

You should just f*cking own it, you know. In all seriousness, he’s a human being as well, and he is not a deity, a demigod, a judge, or anything else other than a human being first and foremost. And, at the end of the day, confidence has nothing to do with his physical appearance or mannerisms. It’s all about being comfortable, knowing your own value, and understanding that things come and go, things happen, and you’ve got yourself no matter what. “Hey, I think you’re quite intriguing, so I’d like to invite you to a wine/beer/coffee reception at 6 p.m.

“Does it sound okay to you?” You’re confident and forthright in your approach, and you’re quietly asking him out.

He isn’t the last man in the planet, and no matter what his response will be, you are amazing.

He either likes you and says yes, or he doesn’t like you (which is not the end of the world) and says no (which is also not the end of the world).

Don’t go off of your ways just to ‘satisfy’ him

It is not necessary to compromise if you do not feel comfortable watching a football game. I’m not pushing you to stay in your comfort zone or to avoid taking risks and trying new things; I’m simply stating that you shouldn’t stray from your routine only to ‘please’ him, especially on a first date. You, who is not in a good financial situation, and you who are borrowing money merely to buy those basketball game tickets, which you would not be able to attend if it weren’t for him, are two examples of what I mean.

DOS AND DON’TS– Tips (yes, the useful ones) on asking him out through text

DO Start a conversation first so that you can get a sense of the atmosphere, the energy, and so on. Use your imagination to make anything out of it. If it’s a part of your personality, don’t be afraid to be playful and/or witty. Consider making your request as straightforward as possible so that he understands what you’re asking for (given that males cannot read between the lines). Please recognize and accept that you are not desperate; you are doing this for your own enjoyment and curiosity.

  • Why not double-check the grammar before you transmit the content to someone?
  • Be conceited (it is different from confidence).
  • Keeping your fingers crossed for him to text you isn’t going to get you anywhere.
  • Overthinking will cause you to miss out on texting him, so just go ahead and do it!

REASONS– Why you should ask him out through text

Oh my God! The reasons behind this include.

  1. You have more space and time to consider your replies while communicating by text, notably (since it is simpler to get out of a sticky position).

Say he doesn’t give you a complete response that shows whether he says yes or no.

You will have time to think about what you want to say next and what you can do to elicit a more specific answer from him later on. Alternatively, if he answers no, you will have time to consider nice responses rather than being stuck in person.

  1. You can control your emotions and expressions when you text him to ask him out because you can regulate your emotions and expressions no matter what his response will be

In the event that he says yes (or no), you can jump up and down with enthusiasm, break out in a cold sweat, and scream with shame (despite the fact that I’ve been assuring you the entire time that there’s nothing wrong with getting rejected). Cry till your eyes are bleeding, and so forth. You know, the usual suspects.

  1. You have more possibilities and can express yourself more freely since you have more options.

If you’re the timid sort who expresses herself more fully while she’s behind a screen, texting him to ask him out could be the best option for you. However, you will meet him in person and will have to discuss your opinions and concerns with him in person. If you’re the creative kind, you may also use things like photos to express yourself if you’re the humorous type. Alternatively, if he doesn’t know where you’re talking about, email him a picture/link of what the area looks like, and so on.

AFTERasking him out through text – Things you must conside

He responded affirmatively! He responded affirmatively! We’re ecstatic to be here! Everything about us makes us giddy with excitement. But, young girl, we’re also taking certain things into consideration! It is true that you have taken the first step; nevertheless, this does not imply that you are the one who must continue to carry the load. You took the initial step; now it is up to him to follow suit. Don’t make it a habit of investing more in him than you are able to or than he is willing to.

  • I’m not suggesting that you shouldn’t donate or that you shouldn’t nourish where you can.
  • Instead of coming from a piedestal, this comes from someone who believed that giving was the only way forward, who ended up forgetting about “the self,” and who was exhausted by the time the relationship came to an end.
  • If everything is going well, you’re having a good time, and the vibrations are being returned, you’re Gucci.
  • You have no obligation to him!
  • What I mean by that is that you may offer him the opportunity to ask questions and direct the conversation toward areas that interest him.

IF HE SAYS NO– Facing rejection

“No,” “I’m not ready,” “I’ll let you know,” “I’ll let you know,” “I’ll let you know,” “I’ll let you know,” or anything else that isn’t a clear yes. When he likes you back, when his interest in you is reciprocated, the answer will be yes. If he is unable to attend, he will AT LEAST provide an alternate choice that is acceptable to him. If he says he’s too busy, or that he won’t be able to make it for any reason, and he doesn’t offer you another opportunity, he’s probably not interested in the relationship.

Sorry about that, but that is the harsh reality. It will freeze your face off, but it is preferable to accept it and go on to a more comfortable environment. Girl, it’s time to move on! Don’t be insistent, don’t be pushy; simply go on.

BEFORE YOU GO…Cases in which asking him is not the best idea:

When he’s displaying symptoms of disinterest, send him a text message. He’s not interested, so don’t bother him with it and let it go. Another man, another activity, a full life of amazing things awaits you out there, and you should take advantage of them all. It’s when you don’t sense a connection, but you’re doing it because you’re lonely and think you’d benefit from some male companionship. I don’t care if you bring a guy buddy with whom you can have a fantastic time or if you choose to remain alone till you are comfortable with being alone.

When you’ve recently ended your relationship with someone else.

To state it bluntly for you, a man is not what you require at this point in time.

FAQ– Asking him out through text

Of sure, a woman can approach a man and ask him out. There’s nothing wrong with a human approaching another human and asking them to go out together.

“Should I ask a guy out over text?”

The notion of texting a guy is an excellent one, for a variety of reasons. Among them are the following: you have time to consider your reaction to his response, and you may reply in person as you choose without his knowing. Learn how to maintain a conversation with a guy through text.

“Do guys like it when you ask them out?”

The thought of texting a guy is an excellent one because of the numerous benefits it provides. For example, you have time to consider your response before responding, and you may react in person whatever you want without his noticing you doing so. You’ll learn how to maintain a conversation with a guy through texting.

“Why shouldn’t you ask a guy out?”

There aren’t many reasons why you shouldn’t ask a guy out on a date, but there are few. Unless, of course, you’re not doing it for legitimate reasons, or you’re doing it because you’re lonely, or because you’ve recently ended a relationship and want to try something new, or whatever the case may be. Put another way, if you aren’t sincere in asking him out, don’t bother asking him out at all.

“Is it ok to ask someone over text?”

Yes, it is perfectly acceptable to communicate with someone by text message. What matters most is that you understand how to accomplish it.

“Is it bad to ask a guy over text?”

No, honey, it’s not a horrible idea to text a guy and ask him a question. This is true unless you can plainly tell that he isn’t interested, or unless you aren’t interested in him but have other motives for approaching him. Yours, Callisto

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