How To Like A Text On Iphone? (Best solution)

How to like or react to a text on iPhone

  1. Open the Messages app from your iPhone’s homescreen.
  2. Tap the conversation thread with the text you want to send a reaction or expression to.
  3. Double-tap or press and hold the message you’d like to send a reaction to.
  4. In the pop-up, select which reaction you’d like you send.


How can you like a text message?

A fun feature available in chat is adding reactions to messages. Just long- press on a message until a bubble shows up, presenting you with a few different options, including like, love, laughter or anger.

How do you text like and laugh on iPhone?

How to Like a Text Message

  1. Open the message from a friend.
  2. Long press the message bubble with the text you want to react to.
  3. Available reactions include a heart, haha, question mark, thumbs up, and thumbs down.
  4. Tap the reaction you want to use.
  5. Your reaction will appear on the corner of the message bubble.

How do I send an iMessage reaction?

How do you react with a Tapback in an iMessage?

  1. Touch and hold (long press), or double-tap on an iMessage sent your way.
  2. Tap the Tapback you want to send: Heart, thumbs up, thumbs down, Ha ha,!!, or?.

What does liked mean in a text message?

In iMessage (texting app for Apple iPhones and iPads) and some non-default Android texting applications, users have the option of “liking” texts, which will send recipients using Android Messages or Republic Anywhere a separate text message informing them that this action has been taken.

What words on iPhone have effects?

iMessage screen effect codewords

  • ‘Pew pew’ – laser light show.
  • ‘Happy birthday’ – balloons.
  • ‘Congratulations’ – confetti.
  • ‘Happy New Year’ – fireworks.
  • ‘Happy Chinese New Year’ – red explosion.
  • ‘Selamat’ – confetti.

How do you text thumbs up?

To use an emoji reaction, just tap and hold the message you want to react to and a short list of cute animated emoji will pop up that you can pick from.

How do I send a message with effects?

To manually add effects to your iMessage, open the Messages app and type your text. Then “long-press” (press and hold for a second or so) on the blue arrow that you usually tap to send a message. This brings up your special effect options. These are divided into two categories: bubble and screen effects.

What do bubbles mean on iPhone text?

Have you ever wondered what’s up with those iPhone texting bubbles? Signifying that your conversation partner has seen and is responding to your message, typing indicator bubbles can be helpful or frustrating, with texters never truly knowing how long of a reply, if any, they’ll receive from the other person.

How do you make a reaction on iPhone?

Follow these steps:

  1. Open Messages and tap the Compose button to create a new message.
  2. Tap the Camera button.
  3. Tap the Effects button, then select one of the effects, like Memoji* or an iMessage app.
  4. After you select the effect that you want to use, tap Done.
  5. Tap the Send button or tap Done to add a personal message.

How do you reply liked to a text message?

You can react to a message someone sends you by long pressing on it. Currently, there are seven animated emoji to choose from: like, love, laughter, surprise, sadness, anger and dislike.

What do the reactions on iMessage mean?

Instead of replying to a text message, a “reaction” allows you to add a heart, thumbs up, thumbs down, laugh, exclamation point or question mark directly to a text someone sends you.

Use message effects with iMessage on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Memoji sticker effects, bubble effects, full-screen animations, camera effects, and other special effects may make your Messages even more expressive and memorable. Sending message effects requires the use of iMessage, which is an Apple function. Learn the distinctions between iMessages and SMS/MMS messages in this article. When you send SMS/MMS messages, you may be charged a messaging fee by your mobile carrier. If you send or receive an iMessage while Wi-Fi is unavailable, cellular data charges may be charged.

Send a message with effects

Memoji sticker effects, bubble effects, full-screen animations, camera effects, and other special effects may make your Messages even more expressive. In order to transmit message effects, you must use iMessage, which is an Apple function. Learn the distinctions between iMessages and SMS/MMS messages in this tutorial. The cost of sending SMS/MMS messages varies depending on your mobile carrier’s policy. Cellular data fees may be applied if you send an iMessage while Wi-Fi is unavailable.

Send a message with Camera Effects

With Tapback, you may rapidly respond to messages with emoticons such as a thumbs-up or a heart-shaped heart. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. In the Messages app, start a chat. You may react by double-tapping the message bubble or photo you wish to respond to. Choose the Tapback that you wish to send
  2. Then click Send.

Tapback can also be used in group chats if the recipient requests it. To find out who responded with a Tapback, simply tap it.

Send a handwritten message

Date of Publication: The maximum number of characters is 250. Thank you for taking the time to provide comments.

12 texting tricks you didn’t know the iPhone could do

“Hey, do you mind if I call you?” I’m willing to guess that millions of people send this SMS message every day. It’s just proper decorum. You send out a text initially to see if anyone is available. If you get a “Sure,” “Y,” or “K,” you can call the individual who gave you the answer. The usage of text messages used to be a convenience; today they are an intrinsic part of our daily life. We communicate entirely through text messages. We have no trouble exchanging GIFs, emoticons, and videos. Are you unsure about the type of butter to purchase?

You could find it difficult to wait for someone’s answer, especially if you aren’t certain that they have received your text.

To find out if the person who received your text messages has read it, go to this page.

Reply directly from a notification

In the event that you own an iPhone 6S (or later model), you’re undoubtedly already familiar with 3D Touch, even if you don’t use it very frequently. This function allows you to access more choices by pressing your screen with varied degrees of finger pressure. This is similar to hovering over an icon with your mouse, but far more effective. Once you start using 3D Touch, you’ll understand what I’m talking about. For example, you don’t have to launch the Messages app in order to respond to a message while using 3D Touch.

To respond, simply press and hold the lock-screen text notice for a lengthy period of time. In a rush, this function will save you time, however it will take some getting used to. 3D Touch is not for everyone. More: 3D touch is a new feature on the iPhone 6s.

Use 3D Touch for quick replies

When you long hard press on a text inside the Messages app, you can send short fun reactions such as the “like,” “love,” “dislike,” “laughing,” and question mark icons. You can also use 3D Touch to send a long hard press on a text from the Photos app. This will save you the time and effort of having to go through the whole catalog of emojis in search of the perfect one.Related: Unsure what your teenager is texting about? For a list of improper emoticons, please see this link. Some of them are NSFW (not suitable for work).

Know how to copy and forward

You can also use 3D Touch to do a long hard press on a text within the Messages app to send short fun reactions like as the “like,” “love,” “unlike,” “laughing,” and question mark icons, as well as to send a long hard press on a text. As a result, you will not have to spend time searching through the whole emoji library for the perfect one. Related: Unsure what your adolescent is texting about? Here’s what to look for. Here’s a list of emojis that aren’t acceptable. Some of these are NSFW (not suitable for children).

Share your location with a tap

You might wonder why you would want to disclose your location with anyone using the Messages app. For starters, there are parties. You may quickly send a large number of people to a remote place, such as a cabin at the end of a winding gravel road in the middle of the night, with relative ease. In principle, it may also be used in an emergency situation. (Because of privacy concerns, you probably don’t want this function enabled all of the time. However, in the event that you require it, you may quickly share your location with anybody using the Messages application).

To transmit your current position (along with a map) to a specific contact, select Send My Current Location from the menu bar.

Go to Contacts on your child’s phone and choose your name from the list.

Depending on your preference, you can share for an hour, share till the end of the day, or share forever.

Save data with this quick fix

You might wonder why you would want to reveal your location with anyone using the Messages app. To name a few examples, there are parties. Many individuals may be readily directed to a remote site, such as a cabin at the end of a winding gravel road in the middle of nowhere, if you plan ahead of time. It might theoretically possibly be used in an emergency situation. (You probably don’t want this functionality enabled all of the time for privacy concerns.) You may, however, readily disclose your whereabouts with anybody via the Messages app if you feel the need to.

If you want to transmit your current location (along with a map) to a specific contact, select Send My Current Location from the Location menu.

Access Contacts on their phone and enter your child’s name. Share My Location may be found at the bottom of your own contact page if you scroll down a little bit. Optionally, select from one of three sharing periods: one hour, one day, or an unlimited amount of time.

Stop the irritating alerts

Fortunately, iPhones will send you two text notifications when you get a message, along with the optional accompanying noises, if you have a compatible device. You will receive two notifications within a two-minute period if you leave the default setting as it now is. While this is appropriate for the majority of situations, I found it to be unnecessary in my opinion. If you want your iPhone to only send single text notifications, follow these steps: Navigate to NotificationsMessages in the Settings menu.

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More:How to turn off your phone’s blaring, persistent notifications

Silence maddening group messages

We frequently participate in a group messaging session, receive the information we require, and then conclude, “All right, I’m done.” There’s no need for any more SMS.” But the warnings continue to ping, ping, and ping away, and they may quickly become overpowering. Fortunately, you can turn off these group message notifications on your iPhone. To do so, swipe left on the group message and then hit Hide Alerts on the bottom of the screen. A moon icon will appear on the left-hand side of the group to signify that it is muted after this point.

Here’s what you should do.

Make it harder to respond to the wrong message

In certain cases, even experienced texters might become perplexed as to which chat they are replying to, especially if there are numerous group texting sessions taking place at the same time. You may manage your group texts by labeling them individually to avoid awkward miscommunications. This will help you avoid uncomfortable situations. To name a group, just open the chat thread, press the I button in the upper right corner, and then tap, Enter a Group Name (or something similar). ‘How could I have missed this?’ says the author.

Know who texts without looking at your phone

Just like you can choose individual ringtones for your particular someone, you can designate specific text tones for specific contacts as well. This is particularly useful for determining who has recently texted you. To customize a text tone on your iPhone, first choose the individual Contact (either in the Contacts app or the Phone app), then hit “Edit” in the top right corner to proceed. Change the “Text Tone” setting from “Default” to something different in the “Text Tone” section. Changing the vibration alert for a specific contact may also be done from this area.

Block and silence the annoying ones

Do you have any friends or family members that are always texting you? On the iPhone, you may simply block that person and turn off your phone. This is how you go about it: During a text discussion, press the I symbol in the top-right corner, then tap the name or number that appears at the bottom of the screen.

Make the selection Block this Caller, then Block Contact to confirm your decision. Don’t be concerned; you always have the option of unblocking the contact at a later time. iPhone calculator + secret backspace function = Internet nerds, to say the least

Hide embarrassing notification previews

Text notification previews are a useful way to get notifications. You may see the first few words of a text message before unlocking your phone, allowing you to evaluate whether or not a response is required immediately. The disadvantage is that anyone who has access to your lock screen may read your texts. Keep your text previews hidden on the lock screen to avoid humiliation. To do so, open SettingsNotificationsMessages, then scroll down to Show Previews and choose When Unlocked or Never from the drop-down options.

What you can do to make sexting a safer activity

Start using this alternative to long texts

  • Not enough time to type a lengthy note to one of your friends? No problem. It’s not an issue. You may record a voice message and send it to a friend via Messages, who will then receive an audio clip. When sending long messages, it saves you time while still providing them with the personal touch of hearing your voice. Open the Messages app on your iPhone or iPad and start typing. To send a voice note to someone, start a new discussion with them by tapping on their name in the chat list. To talk into your phone’s microphone, press and hold the microphone button for several seconds. The rapid transmit button is reached by swiping upwards (looks like a message bubble with an arrow in it). To cancel a voice message that has been recorded incorrectly, swipe your finger to the left instead of upwards in step 4 (instead of upwards). To restart the recording, simply press and hold the record button once again. How about you? Do you have any questions? My national radio program may be reached by calling and clicking here to find out where it can be heard on your local radio station. Your phone, tablet, or computer may all be used to listen to the Kim Komando Show. Click here to listen to my free podcasts, which cover anything from shopping tips to digital life difficulties.

Bring your messages to life with some emoji and tapbacks

Not enough time to type out a lengthy note to one of your friends? No problem! Nothing to be concerned about! By utilizing Messages, you may record a voice note and send it to a friend, who will then receive an audio clip of your recording. While it saves you time when sending lengthy messages, it provides recipients the added benefit of hearing your voice. – Using your iPhone or iPad, open the Messages app. To send a voice message to someone, start a new chat with them by tapping on their name.

  1. The rapid transmit button is accessible by swiping upwards (looks like a message bubble with an arrow in it).
  2. To restart the recording, simply press and hold the screen again.
  3. If you want to listen to my national radio program, you may call my number or go here to find out where it is broadcasting.
  4. Subscribe to my free podcasts for anything from purchasing tips to digital life concerns.

How do you get emoji recommendations in Messages?

It is possible to use emoji on Apple’s predictive QuickType keyboard in addition to, you know, ordinary text. As mentioned above, the predictive keyboard must be enabled in Settings before it can be used, so consult ourQuickType keyboardguide first if you need assistance getting it set up properly.

  1. In the Messages text section, begin entering your message. Any emoji predictions that appear in the prediction bar should be selected. If numerous forecasts appear, select the one you like from the list. To send a message, use theSendbutton. (It appears to be an upward arrow.) More information may be found at iMore.

When you input something that has an emoji associated with it, emoji predictions will appear on your screen. “I’m glad,” for example, will predict the emoji “.” “My vehicle,” on the other hand, will recommend the emoji “.” Pro-tip: If you don’t want the emoji to take the place of the word but rather appear beside it, add a space between the word and the emoji before tapping on it.

How do you replace words with emoji in Messages?

This “emojification” process works in a similar way as emoji suggestions, and it will operate in both iMessages and normal SMS texts, according to the developer.

  1. In a similar vein to emoji suggestions, this “emojification” process will function in both iMessages and conventional SMS texts.

In a similar vein to emoji suggestions, this “emojification” procedure will function in both iMessages and conventional SMS texts.

How do you react with a Tapback in an iMessage?

Emojis aren’t simply for responding; they may also be used to express emotion.

Apple refers to these as Tapbacks. They work in a similar fashion to Slack or Facebook emoji reactions, and they may be dropped directly onto any iMessage bubble that is delivered to you.

  1. AniMessages sent your way can be touched and held (long press), or double-tapped. To send a tapback, select the one you wish to send: Heart, thumbs up, thumbs down, Ha ha,!, or what? More information may be found at iMore.

There is no need to press the Send button because the Tapback reaction takes effect instantly.

What do the different Tapback reactions mean?

Theoretically, the meaning of these Tapback replies may be interpreted in any way you desire. Context is everything, and a thumbs up Tapback to your mother may imply something quite different from a thumbs up Tapback to your closest friend. An overview of all of the Tapback reactions that are currently accessible, as well as an explanation of what they may signify.

  • Heart: Also known as like, love, or favorite. The thumbs up sign indicates that you are pleased, approve, or agree. Thumbs down indicate sadness, disapproval, or disagreement. Laughing hysterically: laugh, either joyfully or cynically
  • Exclaim emphatically
  • Question
  • !: exclaim emphatically

How do you change the Tapback reaction on an iMessage?

Even if you respond with the incorrect Tapback or later decide you want a different Tapback, you may easily make the necessary adjustments.

  1. Double-tap aniMessage with the Tapback you wish to alter and hold it for a long time (long press). Alternatively, you may tap theTapback you wish to convert to: heart, thumbs up, thumbs down
  2. Ha ha,! or? More information may be found at iMore.

In its place will be the new Tapback, which will be a replacement for the previous one.

How do you delete a Tapback reaction on an iMessage?

You may also undo a Tapback if you sent it by mistake or if you changed your mind about sending it in the first place.

  1. Activate the Tapback that you want to delete
  2. Press theTapback that you wish to delete (for example, if you want to remove Heart, tap Heart. )
  3. And More information may be found at iMore.

The Tapback will be removed from both your and the recipient’s screens.

Emote away

The use of emojis has never been simpler, and Tapbacks have somehow managed to make things even more straightforward. You may now send as many of these bright and cheery pictograms as you want to as many people as you want. Here’s to having lively and entertaining discussions with only a few touches on your phone. November 20, 2021: This page has been updated. This version has been updated to work with iOS 15. Streaming television

Netflix will begin streaming 20 Russian TV channels to appease watchdog

Netflix will begin streaming 20 Russian state television stations in March, a step that will be compulsory for any streaming services with more than 100,000 daily users, according to a press release. After Roskomnadzor, the country’s media authority, categorized Netflix as a “audiovisual service” just a few days earlier, the government took action.

iOS 13 texting tips and tricks you’ll wish you knew sooner

Texting is one of the most convenient modern technological comforts available. Instead of fumbling around with a phone call, you can simply create your messages and send them whenever you want, wherever you are. You may make them as short and sweet as you want or as long and powerful as you want. You may also include images, GIFs, emoticons, animojis, and videos to make them more interesting. You aren’t even required to read a text message immediately after receiving it. You just save it for later and read and respond when you have the time; this is one of the reasons why so many people prefer texting.

You can become a texting ninja with a few simple techniques.

To find out how, tap or click here.

Here are some iPhone messaging tips and tactics you’ll wish you’d known sooner rather than later:

1. Turn your finger into a mouse

When compared to the size of our hands, our iPhone screens are rather little. Even with bigger smartphones, it might be difficult to tap in the correct location inside a message. Instead of becoming frustrated while attempting to tap on the correct phrase, simply use this easy tip to transform your finger into a mouse to save time.

To go to a specific section of a text message when messaging someone, hit and hold the space bar while dragging your finger up, down, left or right to position the cursor precisely where you want it.

Tech news that matters to you, daily

Privacy, security, the newest trends, and the information you need to live your best digital life are all important considerations.

2. React to messages

Do you enjoy the many types of reactions that social networking platforms provide? Giving your sentiments expressions via the use of the heart or the thumbs up is simple and convenient. Additionally, you may now respond to text messages on your phone as well. All you have to do is press down on the message and select your preferred response.

3. Quick copy and forward

If you despise group messages but have something you’d like to share with a large number of people, here’s a quick and easy solution. A few clicks can send a message to several recipients instead than manually copying and pasting the same message over and over. Messages may be forwarded by long pressing them, selecting More., selecting which one(s) to forward, and then selecting the arrow in the bottom right corner to forward it. The content of the old message will be copied into a new message, and all that is left to do is pick the recipient(s) and send the message.

4. Share your location

If you’re planning on meeting up with somebody, or if you want to inform someone of your current position while traveling, you may quickly share your location with them using the Google Maps app. This function may also be great for keeping track of your children, and it can even come in handy during an emergency. Open Messages and choose the conversation thread in which you are now engaged with the person to whom you wish to convey your location. Tap on their name, followed by the information button.

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From here, select Send My Current Location from the drop-down menu.

The option to share for one hour, till the end of the day, or indefinitely is available to you.

5. Save data with lower quality images

Using text messages to send photographs might be a data-intensive endeavor. Furthermore, if you have a mobile data cap, you will be able to use it in no time. Sending low-quality images might help you save on internet use. To accomplish this, navigate to SettingsMessages and then scroll all the way down to the Low Quality Image Mode toggle switch. You might also be interested in: Find any photo on your phone using this simple approach.

6. Single text alerts only

By default, iPhones will send you two text alerts every two minutes at a two-minute interval. While this is useful for those of us who have forgotten that we have received a text, it may be considered unnecessary by others. To have your iPhone deliver single SMS notifications, follow these steps: Navigate to NotificationsMessages in the Settings menu. Scroll down to the Repeat Alert section and change the setting to Never. You may also select to get up to 10 notifications at two-minute intervals from this page.

7. Mute group message alerts

A texting group may be quite distracting, especially if you are constantly receiving alerts. Fortunately, you have the option of turning off these group alerts on your iPhone. To access the group chat, open it and hit the group symbol at the top of the screen. Select the information option and then scroll down to the Hide Alerts section.

It’s as simple as turning it on or off. A moon icon will appear to the left of your messages as you are scrolling through your messages. This indicates that all group conversations with concealed notifications are present.

8. Label your groups

Here’s another useful piece of advice. If you have many group messaging threads, you can easily identify them by naming them so that you can discover them at a glance. Please keep in mind that this is just an option for iMessage groups. Simple as opening the discussion thread, tapping on the names, then clicking on the details icon and selecting Enter a Group Name.

9. Assign individual special message tones

Interested in being able to see who is messaging you without having to glance at your phone? Customize SMS tones for particular contacts by entering their names and phone numbers. Open the Contacts app and choose the individual whose appearance you wish to change. To change the text tone, select EditText Tone. Choose the timbre that you prefer. IN CONNECTION WITH:9 top websites for free ringtone downloads

10. Block people

Do you have any connections with whom you don’t wish to communicate any longer? Perhaps they constantly send you useless and inconvenient texts, or perhaps they just refuse to heed your wishes to leave you alone. To prohibit them from sending you communications, you must prevent them from contacting you at all. Here’s how it’s done: Search for the person you wish to block in your Contacts folder. Scroll down to the bottom of their details page and choose Block this Caller from the drop-down menu.

If you change your mind later, you may unblock them by seeking them up in the Contacts app once more and scrolling down to the Unblock this Caller section to choose it.

11. Hide notification previews

Although text notification previews are helpful, anyone with access to your phone’s lock screen can read your messages. Text previews can be hidden by going to SettingsNotificationsMessage, then scrolling down until you see the option for Show Previews. You may select whether or not to get previews when your account is unlocked.

12. Record and send a voice message

Want to send a lengthy message but don’t have the time? It’s not an issue. Messages allows you to save time by recording a voice note. Please keep in mind that you may only do this for other iMessage users. Start a chat by launching the Messages application. When you’re through recording, tap and hold the microphone button for a few seconds before releasing it. After that, simply submit it by using the up arrow button. Now that you’ve learned all of the texting secrets, it’s time to show them off to your friends and family.

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How to send lasers and other cool effects to your friends on iMessage

  • 10:06 a.m. ET, April 14, 2020
  • Updated at 8:18 a.m. ET, October 8, 2021

On the iPhone, there’s a clever method that allows you to send bizarre animations to your friends. All you have to do to activate each effect – which includes a laser light display – is communicate a secret codeword to someone else via iMessage or text. 4 With the use of hidden codewords, you may create entertaining screen effects in iMessage. Credit: Contributor – Getty Images Although the function has been accessible on the iPhone for some time, Apple enthusiasts began talking about it on social media again this week, indicating that it is still popular.

If you send someone a “happy new year” greeting in January, fireworks will burst over the message when the new year arrives.

We’ve compiled a collection of the most impressive effects for you to enjoy. 4 Sending the phrase ‘pew pew’ to a friend over iMessage will cause this effect to be activated. Image courtesy of The Sun

How to send an iMessage screen effect

To send someone a humorous animation, simply put one of the codewords listed below into their iMessage. In order for the effect to be seen, the receiver must be in possession of an iPhone. If you’d prefer not to use a codeword, you may always press and hold the blue send button once you’ve finished typing your message out. A list of effects will be shown to you, from which you may select one to apply to any message of your choosing. 4 Send balloons to someone’s birthday by typing ‘happy birthday’.

iMessage screen effect codewords

  • ‘Pew pew’ is a laser light show that takes place. ‘Happy birthday’ balloons are shown. ‘Congratulations’ confetti is thrown
  • ‘Happy New Year’ – a display of fireworks
  • ‘Happy Chinese New Year’ is represented by a crimson explosion
  • ‘Selamat’ is represented by confetti.

4Sending a ‘happy new year’ message to someone will result in a fireworks show.

Other iMessage screen effects

After you’ve finished typing your message, you may press and hold the blue send button to attach any of the following attachments.

  • Eco – Displays a series of message bubbles on the screen
  • Spotlight – This feature draws attention to your message. Balloons – Balloons appear at the bottom of the screen and rise up
  • Confetti – Confetti is strewn across the ground
  • Heartfelt greetings – A large heart bulges from your message
  • A laser light display is a type of laser show. Fireworks – A display of fireworks appears on your screen
  • Shooting star – A shooting star appears on the screen and moves across it. A crimson fireworks display appears to mark the occasion.

iPhone tricks to try today

Eco – Displays a series of message bubbles on the screen. It highlights your message and draws attention to it. balloons – Balloons appear at the bottom of your screen and soar upwards. A shower of Confetti – Confetti showers down on us. Heartfelt greetings – A large heart protrudes from your message; Lighting using lasers – Laser-based light display; On your screen, fireworks burst in a dazzling display of color. One or more shooting stars will appear on the screen at various intervals. A crimson firework display appears to mark the occasion.

  • Typing cursor– While typing, hold down the space bar to transform your keyboard into a touchpad, allowing you to more quickly move between words and phrases. Shut all Safari tabs at once– To do so in a single motion, just hold the overlapping squares in the lower right-hand corner while pressing the close all tabs button. Delete a large number of photographs in a short period of time– Hold down on a photo and then drag your finger diagonally across the screen in Photos to choose a large number of photos at once, then tap delete
  • Make a fast currency conversion by swiping down from the top of your Home screen (or slide left to right on an iPhone X), then tapping on the bar and typing a currency (such as $200), and it will instantly convert to your local currency. Check to see whether you’re due for a battery replacement– Over time, the batteries in cellphones decrease in performance. All you have to do is navigate to SettingsBatteryBattery Health and look at the Maximum Capacity value. Generally speaking, a battery is deemed worn when it has lost more than 80% of its capacity. If you fall into this category, you may purchase an Apple battery swap. Increase the speed with which you move applications– Hold one app until it begins to wiggle, then (while still holding) tap additional apps, forcing them to stack so that you may move them around more easily

Keep the space bar pressed down as you type to transform your keyboard into a touchpad, which allows you to navigate around words and sentences more effortlessly. In order to shut all Safari tabs at once, simply hold down the overlapping squares in the bottom right-hand corner while pressing close all tabs. Delete a large number of photographs in a short period of time– Hold down on a photo and then drag your finger diagonally across the screen in Shots to choose a large number of photos at once, then tap the delete button.

Find out if you need to replace your battery.

Check the Maximum Capacity reading by going to SettingsBatteryBattery Health in your phone’s settings.

If you fall into this category, Apple offers a battery exchange.

Switch texting from iMessage to Messages

Typing cursor– While typing, hold down the space bar to transform your keyboard into a touchpad, allowing you to more quickly move between words and phrases; In order to shut all Safari tabs at once, simply hold down the overlapping squares in the bottom right-hand corner while pressing close all tabs; Delete a large number of photographs in a short period of time– Hold down on a photo and then drag your finger diagonally across the screen in Photos to choose a large number of images at once, then tap delete; Convert money quickly– Swipe down from the top of your Home screen (or swipe left to right on an iPhone X), then press on the bar and input a currency (such as $200), and it will instantly convert to your local currency; Check to see whether you’re due for a new battery– Over time, the batteries in cellphones deteriorate.

It’s as simple as going to SettingsBatteryBattery Health and looking at the Maximum Capacity value.

If you fall into this category, you may purchase a battery change from Apple.

Before you remove the SIM card from your iPhone

Prior to removing the SIM card from your iPhone, make sure that iMessage has been turned off. Otherwise, your SMS/MMS messages may continue to be delivered to your old iPhone rather than to your new phone, resulting in frustration.

Turn off iMessage

  1. On your iPhone, navigate to Settings > Messages > iMessages > Turn iMessage off.

Restart group chats

If you’re in any group conversations with pals who have iPhones, open a separate group chat to ensure that you continue to get their messages. Your pals can also initiate a new group chat session.

Already removed the SIM card from your iPhone

Start a new group chat if you’re in any group conversations with pals who have iPhones and want to ensure that you continue to get their messages. Members of your group can also initiate a new group chat session.

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  • Transfer your data, applications, and photographs from your iPhone to another device. It is not possible to move data to the new Pixel phone. Obtain app-related material from Google Play
  • Make use of your phone to go about
  • Investigate your phone

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Your Android phone now properly displays iMessage reactions — if you use Google Messages

Teams from the blue bubble and the green bubble are working together to close the gap created by the Messages beta. Even though Google Messages received iMessage-like replies for RCS chats in 2020, it’s an inadequate answer for anybody who routinely communicates with iPhone-wielding friends and family. When responding to standard SMS messages with emoji and likes, users can do so using iMessage; however, such responses will only be shown correctly for recipients who are also using iMessage. The rest of us will receive excessively detailed automated text messages such as “liked” and similar phrases, which will soon pollute otherwise clean group conversations and inundate you with individual notifications for each reply.

  • An app breakdown of the most recent Messages beta (version 10.7) initially suggested that Google was working on a feature that would allow iMessage reactions to be correctly displayed.
  • The functionality of the feature is demonstrated through screenshots.
  • None of the standard “loved your message” messages will appear in your chat history, and Google’s approach even takes into account iPhone users who move from one reply to another, which is very amazing in and of itself.
  • The text “Liked” on an SMS message can be shown as a like on the text it was sent to instead of the SMS itself.
  • The string “ios reactions mapping” is found in the app’s source code, and it is responsible for accurately transliterating messages.
  • In a similar vein, the laugh reaction is replaced with an emoji of a laughing face.
  • I’d much rather Apple simply deploy RCS on iPhones, which would provide Android and iOS users with a global, internet-based standard to interact over, rather than depending on the antiquated SMS protocol, as opposed to delaying the implementation of RCS.
  • The ability to send iMessage replies is beginning to roll out to the current beta version of Google Messages, although it doesn’t appear to be available to everyone at the same time.

Still, if you want to be in with a chance of receiving the functionality in the near future, be sure to sign up for the Messages beta program on the Play Store or download the APK from APK Mirror.

UPDATE: 2021/11/22 12:08 EST BY MANUEL VONAU

The Google Messages beta has begun to receive iMessage responses, which have begun to flow out to users. We’ve made the necessary changes to our coverage. If you’re seeking for a larger screen, TCL offers a 98-inch display available for purchase. Everything should be made larger. Continue reading this article About the AuthorManuel Vonau is a writer who lives in France (1559 Articles Published) Manuel is a Berlin-based computer enthusiast and Android fanatic who enjoys playing games on his phone.

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Manuel Vonau has more to say.

Texting and Messaging with your iPhone and iPad

Do you ever get frustrated because your children or grandkids never call? Many parents and grandparents believe that texting with their children and grandkids is more successful than calling them. We also frequently begin phone calls in my family by sending a brief text message that asks, “Do you have time to talk?” Aside from that, we’ve discovered that leaving voicemails is a complete waste of time. A text message is a more effective method of leaving a message. Another incentive to be proficient in texting is that, in addition to simple communication, you will increasingly see text messages used for alerts and transactions by a wide range of commercial services.

Texting is an essential skill to have on your iPhone, and you should learn it quickly.

The Messages App

Access to the world of messaging and iMessages is provided through the Messages applications on your iPhone or iPad. It may be seen on both iPhones and iPads, and it is frequently found on the Home screen Dock, which is located at the bottom of every Home screen. There are four unread messages in the Messages App. There will be two different text message techniques supported by the Messaging app: iMessages and SMS Text messages. iPhone users may communicate via iMessages and text messages, which are two alternative communications systems that exist side by side on the device.

  • Consider the distinctions and explain why they are significant in the following sections.
  • iMessage (on the left) (blue) Text Message (on the right) (green) iMessage– iMessages are text messages that may be delivered between iPhones and other Apple devices.
  • When traveling overseas, the usage of WiFi might be beneficial for sending and receiving free messages.
  • IMessages are blue in color, and the text box where you input your message is designated with the word “iMessage” in capital letters.
  • Send and receive text messages from non-Apple devices.
  • These messages adhere to a standard that is adopted by all cellular service providers.
  • The quantity of SMS that you may send is usually restricted by the data package that you have purchased.

Text messages sent in the traditional manner are shown in green, and the text box into which you put your message is titled “Text Message.” The Messages app on your iPhone will decide when to send an iMessage or a text message without you having to do anything.

Smart Tip: iMessage versus Text Message

With the exception of two areas, the distinction between message kinds is not significant. When using a mobile phone plan that charges for text messages, this is a consideration. You should keep in mind that there is no text messaging fee for iMessages, or 2) if you want to take use of the unique message features given by Apple, you need upgrade to iOS 10. These specific message additions are addressed in further detail in a different recipe.

Receive text or message

New messages are announced with a banner alert and a badge on the app icon, which is displayed on the home screen. In addition, unless your phone is silenced, you will receive a sound notice. The amount of unread messages is shown by a red badge on the icon’s background. There are 4 unread messages in the Messages App. When you receive a message notice, simply hit the “now” button on the alert banner to be taken directly to the message content. To access the Messages app, simply touch on the icon located on the Home screen.

Unread messages are shown by a blue dot next to the message’s subject line.

If you wish to respond to the message, input a replay (see [6 below) and then hit the Send button (See [10 below)

Save a picture you receive

The photo that you get from a friend or family member may be saved to your Photo Library if you so want. It will appear beside the photograph you have taken, and you will be able to show it, print it, or email it to another person. The following are the three actions to take in order to save a photo that you have received by email: How to Save a Picture You Have Received in Three Easy Steps 1Press the picture that you have got on the screen. The image will appear on its own in a separate window on the screen.

To save an image, swipe left and then right to go down the bottom row of Shareactions until you find Save Image.

The photo may then be seen by selecting it from the Photosapp icon on your home screen.

Send a text or message

Opening Messages is as simple as pressing on the Messages app icon on the home screen. 2Tapto creates a new message in the inbox. 3Write your message in the following format: The most important steps in the process are identified by numbers on the screen and explanations below. 4To: Enter the name or phone number of a contact. If this is a person whose information is already stored in your iPhone’s contacts, it will make use of the information from your contacts app. If you wish to send your message to more than one individual, you may do so by tapping the to add another name or phone number to the message.

  • 6Message: To send a message, tap the text area and input your message.
  • Some people like to use their thumbs, while others prefer to use their pointer finger.
  • Take a photo and then tap the Send arrow to get it sent to someone.
  • Selecting the Photos icon from the App bar is the next step.
  • The Photos icon will appear in the app bar after this point.
  • Using a Text Message, you may send an existing photograph.
  • To add a smiley face or an Emoji to your message, simply press the Smiley Face/Emoji symbol on the keyboard.
  • To return to the regular keyboard, press the ABCon key on the lower left.
  • After that, you may deliver your message.

When you’re finished, click Done. 12Send: When you’re finished, press the send button. To add special effects to a message, press and hold the send symbol for a few seconds. This is described in Recipe403: Sending TextsiMessages with Special Effects, which is available for download.

Smart Tip:Distracted Driving is Dangerous

Texting and driving is extremely hazardous, and it is also against the law in the majority of states. Don’t even bother thinking about it!

Using Siri

When using Siri, the Messages app performs admirably. Remember to activate Siri by pushing and holding down the Home button, or on the iPhone X, by pressing and holding the side button, until the voice assistant appears. If the “hello Siri” feature is enabled on your device, you may also call Siri by just saying “hey Siri.” The following are the two most important Siri commands: “Take a look at the texts.” “Text Done” is an abbreviation for “Text Done.” “Do you want to go out for coffee today?” the question mark says.

  • Siri will show the message and prompt you with the question “Are you ready to send it?” You have the option of sending, canceling, reviewing, or changing it.

The recipe Recipe012: Getting to Know Siri has more commands for utilizing Siri for texting.

Texting is Key to Staying Connected

For more than two decades, the only option to communicate a written message to someone was to write them a letter. We have come a long way, and now, text messages are a crucial part of staying in touch with friends and family. Continue to practice and to share your findings.

Check for Understanding

If you need to read or study this recipe, ask yourself the following questions to help you decide. It’s possible that you already have some knowledge of this subject. Following your study, respond to the same questions to ensure that you have a thorough comprehension of the concepts covered in this session.

  1. Could you please explain why some text messages are blue in color and others are green in color
  2. Describe how to attach an image to a text message
  3. Describe how to dictate a text message
  4. And describe how to send a text message.

Fill in the blanks with your question or remark and hit the SUBMIT COMMENT button.

How to Not Show When Text Is Read on an iPhone

If you receive a text message over the iMessage service, all text messages you read will be marked as read along with the time you read the message. When a sender uses this function, it might be frustrating for the recipient. For example, if the recipient reads a message and does not answer, the sender may grow unhappy. It is possible to switch off this function at any moment so that the iMessage sender will not be aware that you have read his message. Turning off this feature only affects newly sent iMessages; previously sent iMessages will continue to show a read receipt even if the function is turned off.

To access the Messages window, select the “Messages” row from the left-hand side of the Settings page, about halfway down the screen.

Select “iMessage” from the drop-down menu, and the slider will change color from green to colorless, indicating that you have disabled the iMessage feature.

Regular text messages cannot be read receipted on the iPhone since the iPhone does not offer this feature. If you want to turn either option back on, simply press the slider again until it changes to green. ReferencesResourcesTips

  • The steps to disable read receipts on the iPad and iPod Touch are the same as they are for the iPhone.
  • Everything in this post applies to iOS 7, and it is possible that certain stages and information will alter somewhat or dramatically in other iOS versions.

Biography of the Author With regard to video games, Joshua Phillips has done it all – from writing strategy guides to previewing and reviewing titles, conducting in-depth interviews with creators, and conducting substantial public relations work. He has written for a variety of websites, including Hardcore Gaming 101 and MyInsideGamer, among others.

Messages by Google – A simple, helpful text messaging app

Chat functions are offered in the following countries on a worldwide scale: ** The availability of a service is dependent on your device and service provider. Transmit high-quality media files without having to pay extra costs, text over Wi-Fi, see what your friends are typing, and have a more enjoyable experience in group chats. **Only available in supported conversations with chatfeatures enabled. It is possible that data rates will apply. Examine the locations where chat functions are offered.

  1. You may text anyone at any moment from your phone or computer.
  2. Dark mode will provide you with a nighttime appearance that is less taxing on the eyes.
  3. Soon to be released Messages is always beneficial, and it enables you to get more done.
  4. Only available in the United States.
  5. All from the convenience of your Messages app, you can access essential information from companies and do additional tasks.
  6. Already have the app?
  7. Messages for the internet

Hey iPhone users: Stop ‘Liking’ everything

Internationally, the following nations have chat services available: ** The availability of your device and service provider is dependent on your location and network. Transmit high-quality media files without having to pay extra costs, text over Wi-Fi, see what your friends are typing, and experience more productive group chats. **Available in supported conversations with chatfeatures enabled. It is possible to incur data charges. Investigate the locations where live chat options are offered.

Anyone may be texted at any moment from a mobile device or a PC.

It’s easier for the eyes to see in the dark, thus Dark Mode is a good option.

Soon will be available.

Including things like locating and sharing items quickly, answering with a single tap, and even transferring payments – all from within a chat* session.

When you need more than simply words, Messages has the ideal GIF or sticker for you.

All from the convenience of your Messages app, you can get essential information from businesses and do additional tasks. Limited to enterprises that are sponsored. Already have the app? Download it from Google Play. The web-based communication

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