What Does Gts Stand For In Text? (Best solution)

According to Cyber Definitions, the most popular definition of the acronym GTS is “go to sleep” or “going to sleep.” Both of these phrases are usually used to end a late night conversation that is taking place via text or on social media.

  • GTS means ‘Global Trading System (Pokemon),’ ‘Going Through Sh*t,’ ‘Good Times,’ ‘Google That Sh*t,’ ‘Go To Sleep’ and ‘Grim’s Toy Show (Wrestling).’. This page explains how GTS is used on messaging apps such as Snapchat, Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and Teams as well as in texts.


What does GTS mean in text messages?

” Go To Sleep ” is the most common definition for GTS on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. GTS. Definition: Go To Sleep.

What does GTS mean Snapchat?

GTS on Snapchat means ” Good Times ” and is often used to say that life is good or you’re having fun. It can also mean “Go To Sleep”. [

What does JSP stand for in texting?

Summary of Key Points ” Java Server Pages ” is the most common definition for JSP on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

Does OTP mean text?

OTP is an abbreviation meaning ” one true pair/pairing.”

What does GTS mean on TikTok?

Discover gts means text ‘s popular videos | TikTok.

What does GTG mean on Snapchat?

GTG is an acronym for got to go, going to go, or good to go.

What does GTS mean in business?

SAP Global Trade Services (GTS) is software that allows companies to support and define import and export trade processes in SAP ERP.

What does GTS mean in Pokemon?

Pokemon Home lets players trade Pokemon in a variety of ways, including through the GTS, or Global Trade System. The GTS lets you choose the Pokemon you want to receive and give away in each trade, but it doesn’t require you to know the other players that you’ll actually trade with.

What does a JP mean?

A JP is a Justice of the Peace.

What does DT mean on Snapchat?

“Shaking from alcohol withdrawl (from “delirium tremens”) ” is the most common definition for DT on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

What does WSP mean on Snapchat?

What does the acronym WSP stand for? According to Cyber Definitions, the full form of the acronym WSP is the slang term “ what’s up? ” This is used to ask someone what they are doing at the current moment or how they are doing emotionally. This is usually used as a greeting via text or social media.

What does ATP mean on Snapchat?

The intended meaning of GTS ATP on Snapchat is ” Answer The Phone.” This slang is generally used on SC for telling a person to pick up a Snap voice call or video call and join them on a conversation.

What does SMH mean in text?

SMH stands for ” shaking my head.”


A number of definitions for the abbreviation GTS are available, including “Global Trading System (Pokemon),” “Going Through Sh*t,” “Good Times,” “Google That Sh*t,” “Go To Sleep,” and “Grim’s Toy Show (Wrestling).” The abbreviation GTS is also used in the following phrases: For each of these GTS definitions, please see the following sections for further information.

Global Trading System

The Pokemon GTS (Global Trading System) is an online “Global Trading System” that allows players to trade characters between themselves. The GTS is only accessible to players that have a free or premium account, depending on their status.

Going Through Sh*t

GTS can also be used to refer to the state of being “Going Through Sh*t.” A person who is dealing with (or has dealt with) a large number of difficulties is referred to as being “stuck in the middle.” Earlier this year, the American rapper Machine Gun Kelly released a song named GTS. Kelly raps on the fact that he has been “Going Through Sh*t” over the course of the song.

Machine Gun Kelly – GTS (EXPLICIT)

When GTS is used to refer to “Good Times,” it is utilized to bring a conversation to a close by reminiscing about a past enjoyable event.

Google That Sh*t

“Good Times” is a phrase that is used to conclude a conversation in which the participants are remembering something pleasant that happened in the past.

Go To Sleep

It is most likely that GTS is most usually used in the context of “Go To Sleep.” In this context, it is generally used to bring an end to a late-night chat that has taken place. It translates as “I’m exhausted, please quit talking now.” GTS, on the other hand, is often used in professional wrestling to allude to the “Go To Sleep” maneuver, which is utilized by some wrestlers to “finish-off” their opponent. The GTS finishing technique was made popular by CM Punk during his time as a professional wrestler.

Eminem – Go To Sleep (UNCENSORED)

A wrestling show that airs on thesillySUPERPOP YouTube channel is referred to as GTS Wrestling. ‘Grim’ Hitchens is the owner and host of GTS, who also goes by the ring name of David Hitchens.

Video Summarizing Some of the Meanings of GTS

On thesillySUPERPOP YouTube channel, a wrestling show called GTS Wrestling is shown. Mr. David Hitchens, also known by his ring handle “Grim,” is the proprietor and host of GTS.

Summary of Key Points

The term “Global Trading System (Pokemon)” is commonly used to refer to the GTS.

Definition: Global Trading System (Pokemon)
Type: Abbreviation
Guessability: 4: Difficult to guess
Typical Users: Adults, Teenagers, and Under 13s

Second Definition for GTS

Another way to describe GTS is as “going through the wringer.”

Definition: Going Through Sh*t
Type: Abbreviation
Guessability: 4: Difficult to guess
Typical Users: Adults and Teenagers

Third Definition for GTS

“Good Times” is a term that is frequently used to describe GTS.

Definition: Good Times
Type: Abbreviation
Guessability: 4: Difficult to guess
Typical Users: Adults and Teenagers

Fourth Definition for GTS

“Google That Sh*t” is another term that is commonly used to describe GTS.

Definition: Google That Sh*t
Type: Abbreviation
Guessability: 3: Guessable
Typical Users: Adults and Teenagers

Fifth Definition for GTS

“Go to sleep” is the most often used definition for GTS on social media platforms like as Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Definition: Go To Sleep
Type: Abbreviation
Guessability: 3: Guessable
Typical Users: Adults, Teenagers, and Under 13s

Sixth Definition for GTS

GTS is also an abbreviation for “Grim’s Toy Show (Wrestling).”

Definition: “Grim’s Toy Show (Wrestling)
Type: Abbreviation
Guessability: 5: Extremely difficult to guess
Typical Users: Adults and Teenagers

Image for GTS

When I type GTS, I mean the following: “Global Trading System,” “Going Through Sh*t,” “Good Times,” “Go To Sleep,” and “Grim’s Toy Show” are all abbreviations for “Global Trading System.”

Example of GTS Used in a Text

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GIY is an abbreviation for “Giving It Your All” (Google it yourself) GIYF is an abbreviation for “Good Is Your Friendship” (Google is your friend) JGI (Joint Government Initiative) (just Google it) LMGTFY is an abbreviation for Long Term Growth and Transformation for Youth (LMGTFY) (let me Google that for you) LTG is an abbreviation for Long Term Growth (learn to Google) The acronym TGFG (Thank God for Google!) means “thank you, Google!” G2S is an abbreviation for Global Two-Sided (G2S) (go to sleep) G2G stands for “get to the other side” (got to go) G2G2B is an abbreviation for G2G2B.

(got to go to bed) CRAIC (Irish for “good times”) is an abbreviation for “good times.” GTHBA is an abbreviation for GTHBA (good times had by all) GTZ is an abbreviation for Global Technology Zone (good times)

What does GTS Stand For? 406 meanings of GTS by Acronymsandslang.com

All abbreviations (406) AirportsLocations(3) BusinessFinance(17) Common(9) GovernmentMilitary(29) Medicine Science(26) Chat Subcultures are subcultures inside a culture (11) Education Institutions of higher learning (8) Technology, information technology, and so on (31)

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Rank Abbreviation Meaning
***** GTS Go to SleepChat
**** GTS Good Times
** GTS Gone To Smoke
* GTS Goody Two Shoes
* GTS Ghost in the Shell
* GTS Google That Stuff
* GTS Google That Sh**
* GTS Galactic Trade Standard
* GTS Gary the Snail
* GTS God That Sucked
* GTS Ghost Town Streets

Urban Dictionary: GTS

“Go to sleep” is an abbreviation that means “go to sleep.” I bid you farewell with a sweet-natured nighttiding; as part of a text message: “I’m tired”,”ok, GTS,”” evening byslyy GTSmug for your girlfriend Riley, courtesy of Flag. August 30, 2012Flag GTSmotherfucker is the abbreviation for Go To Sleepsome dude. bysomehuy October 01, 2015FlagGet a GTSmug for your partner James to commemorate your engagement. It’s imperative that you Google That Sh*t if you need to know something about anything straight away.

  1. What?
  2. byBruinjedi The 11th of May, 2009FlagObtain a GTSmug for your barber Helena.
  3. is an abbreviation.
  4. “Can you tell me what happened on Dexter’s season finale?” ” I don’t know, GTS!” byw00t4Kit The 29th of March, 2012FlagObtain a GTSmug for your brother James.
  5. Utilized when you’re on the internet.
  6. How does snow interact with suede, Jim?
  7. Jim: I’m not suregtsBob: Oh, that’s a fantastic concept.
  8. grab a hold of that stuff They are a nice pair, and they are better GTS.
  9. Gym, tan, and Smush are all terms used to describe how to stay fresh till death.
  10. Laundry is required, although not on a daily basis.
  11. Gotta GTS every day son.

Snookii has gotten into the g and the t, do you want to join me in completing the three-person team? byar the ripper is a rapacious thief who preys on the weak. Flag Day is August 19, 2010. GTSmug for your sister Rihanna to show her much much you care. 12345. Next Last » is the last position.

What does GTS mean on Snapchat? Learn what slangs like GTS, GTG & LOL mean

The most recent update was made on:

What does GTS mean on Snapchat? Know all about Snapchat slang like GTS, GTGLOL and how to use them appropriately to up your text slang game!

Sharing Snaps on Snapchat has grown in importance as a way for friends to communicate and share their everyday activities with one another, according to the company. Users of this social networking app like taking and sending selfies that are enhanced by special filters that make them appear funny and charming. In recent years, the use of Bitmojis on Snapchat has become a popular trend, allowing users to make stickers that express their own personalities. Aside from that, numerous fascinating aspects of this app, such as Snap Map, 3D Bitmoji, games, and others, continue to captivate a global audience.

Users, on the other hand, prefer to use this app for talking since it includes a unique privacy protection technique that makes conversing straightforward.

Here is everything you need to know about what the letters GTS and GTG stand for, as well as what GTS means on Snapchat:

What does GTS mean on Snapchat?

Many individuals who are not familiar with Snapchat messaging slangs find it difficult to grasp abbreviated versions such as GTS, which stands for “Get The Story.” It might be tough to respond to texts such as GTS and others when you do not comprehend what they are saying. When people try to look up the meaning of GTS on Google, some of the results show “Go To Sleep,” which is not the meaning that is often used on Snapchat when talking, as many users use the phrase ‘Go 2 Sleep’ to express the same idea on the social media platform.

In most cases, this slang expression is used to conclude a conversation on a positive note, or simply to express that life is fine or that you are having a good time.

What Does GTG mean on Snapchat?

“Got To Go” is slang for “Got To Go” in Snapchat text messages. This slang term is often used to signify that a person is going offline because they need to finish some vital task before getting back online. Also Read More | How can I get my Snapchat streaks back? Here’s how to do it in simple steps:

What Does LOL mean on Snapchat?

On Snapchat, the acronym LOL stands for “Laughing Out Loud.” An individual who uses this expression expresses themselves by laughing at the top of their voice while conveying the message. It may also be used to express that a message is amusing or that they think the Snaps they have received amusing. However, LOL may also be used as a passive-aggressive short form to conclude a conversation on a negative note in particular situations. People also utilize LOL to prevent receiving SMS from a certain individual.

Also Read more about What does a ‘Red heart’ on Snapchat mean? Understand what it is trying to communicate. Also Read | What does the Snapchat symbol SU mean? Slang terms such as SU, BTW, and TBH are defined here! Published for the first time:

What Does GTS Mean in Text Message: Check What Does OTP Mean in Texting?

GTS is most usually used in the context of “Go To Sleep,” according to the dictionary. It is generally used in this context to bring an end to a discourse that is taking place late at night. It translates as “I’m exhausted; please stop talking now.” GTS, on the other hand, is most commonly associated with the “Go To Sleep” maneuver in professional wrestling, which is utilized by some wrestlers to “finish-off” their opponent. CM Punk made the GTS finishing move popular in the WWE by executing it.

What Does OTP Mean in Texting?

When GTS is used in this context, it most frequently means “Go To Sleep.” Typically, in this context, it is used to bring an end to a late-night debate that has begun. “I’m exhausted; please stop talking now,” it means. When it comes to professional wrestling, GTS is typically used to allude to the “Go To Sleep” maneuver, which is utilized by some wrestlers to “finish-off” their opponents. It was CM Punk who made CM Punk famous by using the GTS finishing move in the WWE.

What Does GTS Mean in Text Message – FAQ

1. What does the abbreviation GTS signify in a text message? The GTS is most commonly abbreviated as “Go To Sleep” on social media platforms such as Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Definition of GTS

Is it true that you are a true blue champion of these “blue” euphemisms? Despite the fact that we could chat about this quiz until we’re blue in the face about the color “blue,” we believe that you should take the quiz and find out whether or not you’re a wiz at these colorful terminology. What one of the following adjectives best depicts the color “sky blue”?

Words nearbyGTS

Gt. Br.,g.t.c.,gtd.,GTO,GTP,GTS,gtt.,GU,guac,guacamole,guacharoDictionary.com Gt. Br.,g.t.c.,gtd.,GTO,GTP,GTS,gtt.,GTO,GTP,GTS,gtt.,GTO,GTP,GTS,gtt. Unabridged Random House, Inc. 2022, based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, Random House, Inc.

What else doesGTSmean?​

GTScan is an abbreviation for Global Trading System in video games, which is a feature seen in games such asPokémon and the racing game Gran Turismo Sport. GTS is an abbreviation for forgo/get to sleeporgoogle that crap, which is commonly used on the internet. What is the correct way to pronounce GTS? What are the many types of GTS? gts What are some additional terms that are associated with GTS:

Where doesGTScome from?

Pokémon’s Generation IV series saw the introduction of the Global Trading System, or GTS, which was originally introduced in April 2007. TheGTSallows users to swap their Pokémon characters with other players all around the world, in a similar way to how players exchange playing cards in the game. Gran Turismo is a racing video game series that initially debuted on the Playstation in 1997. Gran Turismo Sport, sometimes known as GTS, is the company’s thirteenth game, which was published in 2017.

GTS was entered as a Google that shit (i.e., “check it up on Google”) on the Urban Dictionary in 2006, according to the dictionary. GTS was also used as an abbreviation for go to sleep in 2007.

How isGTSused in real life?

GTS can be used to convey a variety of sleep-related (or search engine-related) emotions on the internet. Why is everyone already gts?— Charytin (@charytinnn) on Twitter. The 17th of February, 2020 The letters GTS, when heard by avid gamers, may quickly conjure up images of Pokémon or the Playstation-exclusive game. Tourism franchise owned by the Gran Turismo Group. I’ve completed the trade for the Unova dex. Everything you see here is from GTS (with the exception of the absolutely authentic shiny Arceus).pic.twitter.com/RnC7NJ6tIc — Twenty-first Century Mink (@TheHemny_) is a schizophrenic.

More examples of GTS include: At the moment, the GTS—online Pokémon’s system that allows players all over the world to exchange monsters with one another—is a complete disaster.

What does GTS mean? – GTS Definition – Meaning of GTS – InternetSlang.com

This could be the only web page dedicated to explaining the meaning ofGTS(GTS acronym/abbreviation/slang word).Ever wondered whatGTSmeans? Or any of the other 9309slang words, abbreviations and acronyms listed here atInternet Slang? Your resource for web acronyms, web abbreviations and netspeak.
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What is GTS?

GTS means “Good Times”
So now you know – GTS means “Good Times” – don’t thank us. YW!What does GTS mean? GTS is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the GTS definition is given.
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Other terms relating to ‘good’:
�2G Too Good
�2G2BT Too Good To Be True
�AIGF All In Good Fun
�ALV Asta La Vista, goodbye
�BAD Good
�BALLIN Playing basketball Living the good life
�BEAST Person/thing that is good, awesome
�BEASTLY Being good at something, cool
�BIDDIE Good looking girl
�BIG Great, really good
�BOMB Something really bad Something really good
�BOOMTING Good looking girl
�BUFF Good Looking
�BUTTER FACE Girl who is good looking except for her face
�CHAMPION Good, great
�CHAO Goodbye (Spanish)
�CHEERIO Goodbye
�CHIO Sexy, good looking, girl
�CHONG Good looking, attractive, cute
�CHOONG Good looking, buff
�CHUNG Good looking, buff
�CRAIC Good times/gossip/music/drinking (Irish)
�CUSHTI Good, great
�DANK Very potent marijuana Incredibly good, awesome
�DECENT Good, awesome
�DUCES Goodbye
�FIG JAM – Click To View
�FIRME Cool, good, nice
�FIT Good lokking, hot, sexy
�FMCG Fast Moving Consumer Goods
�FRESH Very good, cool
�G’DAY Good Day, hello
�G1 Good One Gone
�G2K Good To Know
�G4U Good For You
�G9 Good Night
�GBFN Goodbye for Now
�GBML Good Bye My Love
�GC Good Contition
�GCF Good Clean Fun
�GDGD Good Good
�GE Good Evening
�GEWD Good
�GFP Good For Pics
�GFU Good For You
�GFY Good For You
�GG Good Game
�GGA Good Game All
�GGBB Good Game Bye Bye
�GGG Good, Giving, and Game (in bed)
�GGNORE Good Game No Rematch
�GGS Good Games
�GGWP Good Game, Well Played
�GHD Good Hair Day
�GJ Good Job
�GK Good Kid
�GL Good Luck Good Looking
�GL HF Good Luck, Have Fun
�GLA Good Luck All
�GLD Good Life Decision
�GLHF Good luck, have fun. Used inCSmatches
�GLIRL Good Luck In Real Life
�GLOTR Good Luck On The Rebuild
�GLTA Good Luck to All
�GLTY Good Luck To You
�GLUCK Good Luck
�GLWS Good Luck With Sale
�GLWT Good Luck With That
�GMA Good Morning, America
�GMY Good Man Yourself
�GN Good Night
�GN8 Good Night
�GNE Good Night and Everything
�GNFB Good Night Facebook
�GNITE Good Night
�GNSD Good Night, Sweet Dreams
�GNSTDLTBBB Good Night Sleep Tight Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite
�GOD SPEED Good luck
�GOU Good On You
�GPWM Good Point Well Made
�GSOH Good Sense Of Humor
�GTBB Good To Be Back
�GTHBA Good Times Had By All
�GTK Good To Know
�GTSY Good To See You
�GTZ Good Times
�GUCCI Good, awesome, high quality
�GUD Good
�GUUD Good
�GV Good Vibes
�GVO Good Vibes Only
�GW Good Work
�HAGD Have A Good Day
�HAGE Have A Good Evening
�HAGL Have A Good Life
�HAGN Have A Good Night
�HAGO Have A Good One
�HEAVY Awesome, good Serious, intense
�HECTIC Cool, good
�HFGL Have Fun, Good Luck
�HGV Heavy Goods Vehicle
�HOOROO Goodbye
�HOOT Good time Funny person
�HOT Very good looking, sexy
�HYNA Good looking girl (Hispanic)
�HYUK Lose, despite having a good lead
�IAG It’s All Good
�IDFG I Don’t Feel Good
�IM FLY im good
�IRIE Feeling good, alright
�KILLA Good quality weed
�KUTGW Keep Up The Good Work
�LATERS See you later, goodbye
�LATERZ See you later, goodbye
�LGFB Looks Good From Behind
�LGTM Looks Good To Me
�LOUD Good quality marijuana
�MUNG Mash Until No Good
�NAGL Not A Good Look
�NANG Cool, wicked, good
�NATTY Natural Light beer Smart, good, cool
�NBG Nasty But Good
�NG No Good
�NITE Good Night
�NOMMY Good, delicious
�ONE One Love, goodbye
�PDG Pretty Damn Good
�PEACE Goodbye
�PEACE OUT Goodbye
�PENG Good looking person
�PGP Pretty Good Privacy (encryption)
�POOL SHARK Good pool player
�PRAWN Girl who is good looking except for her face
�PRO BONO For (public) good (Latin)
�SAFE Something or someone good
�SAYONARA Goodbye (Japanese)
�SFSG So Far So Good
�SG2M Sounds Good To Me
�SGTM Sounds Good To Me
�SKUX A guy who’s good with women
�SLAN Goodbye
�SO SO Neither good nor bad, average
�SOUND Cool, awesome, good
�STUNNER Good looking person
�SWOLE Muscular, in good shape
�TAGL There’s a good lad
�TASTY Good looking Cool, awesome
�TATA Goodbye
�TDG Too Damn Good Three Days Grace (band)
�TG Thank God Transgender Too Good
�TGTBT Too Good To Be True
�TIDY Cool, good
�TOODLE Goodbye, toodle-pip
�TOOTLES See you later, goodbye
�TOUCHE Said when admitting opponent has made a good point
�VG Video Game Very Good
�VGC Very Good Condition
�VGG Very Good Game
�VGL Very Good Looking
�WENG Good looking
�YRG You Are Good!
�YUM Said when something tastes good or is attractive
Other terms relating to ‘times’:
�AAT And Another Thing At All Times
�CRAIC Good times/gossip/music/drinking (Irish)
�FTSE Financial Times and the London Stock Exchang
�GTHBA Good Times Had By All
�GTZ Good Times
�ITTET In These Tough Economic Times
�NTWF Neopian Times Writers Forum
�NYT Not Your Type New York Times

What does GTS mean? GTS Definition. Meaning of GTS. OnlineSlangDictionary.com

Google has been punishing this website in its search rankings for years, and a Google employee lied to the search engine giant about the practice. Because they have come close to bringing this site to its knees, I will begin revealing specifics of my chat with the Google employee who informed me of the penalty in secret beginning on Monday, August 17. This will culminate in the production of an MBOX file that contains all of the header information. More information may be found here. 2021-03-21: Screw it, I’m not going to do it.

  1. Google has been punishing this website in its search rankings for years, and a Google employee lied to the search engine giant about the practice.
  2. More information may be found here.
  3. On Monday, August 17, I will begin revealing specifics of my interaction with the Google employee who informed me of the penalty in private, which took place on August 16.
  4. Google has been punishing this website in its search rankings for years, and a Google employee lied to the search engine giant about the practice.
  5. More information may be found here.
  6. My communication with the Google employee who informed me of the penalty will be published on August 17, according to the company.

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Other terms relating to ‘ Internet, texting, SMS, email, chat acronyms (list of) ‘:
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Definitions include: an unattractive female or one with a bad reputation.
Definitions include: to search the ground for already-smoked yet salvageable cigarette butts. Note: usually performed by homeless.
Definitions include: talent in using the Google search engine.

Slang terms with the same root words

Definitions include: acronym for “Google is your friend”.
Definitions include: to do an internet search on someone or something.
Definitions include: on the web, for many sites to link to a particular website using a particular phrase, such that the particular website is the first result when searching for the phrase.
Definitions include: talent in using the Google search engine.
Definitions include: a metaphorical substance that improves a website’s position, and the position of specific web pages on that website, when pages from that website appears in Google search results.
Definitions include: to use a search engine to get information about a current or past love interest.
Definitions include: GTS if you want the answer to that GTS itGoogle that shit
Definitions include: a Google query consisting of two words that returns a single search result.
Definitions include: Surfing the webwith a smartphone while on the toilet
Other terms relating to ‘shit’:
Definitions include: Seeact like (one’s) shit doesn’t stink.
Definitions include: used to emphasize the preceding statement.
Definitions include: foul-smelling loose stools experienced the day after heavy drinking.
Definitions include: to be present in large numbers.
Definitions include: to make a person extremely bored.
Definitions include: superior, as good as it gets.
Definitions include: interjection of encouragement.
Definitions include: interjection of encouragement.
Definitions include: to do something bad to someone that takes care of one.
Definitions include: British expression meaning that the speaker doesn’t want to do something.
Definitions include: it means to ignore, let go or pay him/her no attention.
Definitions include: to change what one says about something.

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GTs Global Telesystems(Europe)
GTs Global Technology Solutions(various organizations)
GTs Going to Sleep
GTs Goody Two Shoes
GTs Guaranteed Time Slot(networking protocol)
GTs Geographic Text Search(MetaCarta, Inc.)
GTs Green Thumb Sunday(gardening)
GTs Greywater Treatment System(Australia)
GTs Google That Stuff
GTs GPS Tracking System
GTs Government Technology Services
GTs Gas Turbine Services(Wood Group division)
GTs Global Technical Systems(Barrie, Ontario, Canada)
GTs Giga Texel Shader(nVidia)
GTs Grand Touring Sport(Pontiac)
GTs Global Telecommunications Service
GTs Gas Turbine Ship
GTs Graduate Tuition Scholarship(various schools)
GTs Glenview Transfer Station(Solid Waste Agency of Northern Cook County; Glenview, IL)
GTs Gold Technical Support(Dell Computer Company)
GTs Grand Touring Sedan
GTs Great Trigonometrical Survey
GTs Guaranteed Tremendous Safety(Curb Your Enthusiasm)
GTs Gas Turbine Starter
GTs Grid Trade Server
GTs Ground Transportation Service (s)
GTs Garantiert Traditionelle Spezialität(German: Traditional Speciality Guaranteed)
GTs Generic Threat Simulator(Royal Australian Navy)
GTs Global Tri-State
GTs Guam Tracking Station(AFSCN)
GTs God That Sucked
GTs Global Telecommunications Society
GTs Global Telecommunications Solutions
GTs Global Technology Services LLC(Emirates National Oil Company; United Arab Emirates)
GTs Generalized Traffic Shaping(Cisco)
GTs Gary the Snail(Spongebob Squarepants)
GTs Government Transportation System
GTs Global Tire Standard
GTs Ground Test Set
GTs Gauge Tracking System
GTs Ground Test System
GTs Government Telecommunications System
GTs Guidance Test Set
GTs Ghost Town Streets
GTs Geostationary Tether Satellite
GTs Geo. T. Schmidt, Inc.(machine tool manufacturer since 1895; Niles, IL)
GTs Gadsden Transportation Services
GTs Ground Tracking Station
GTs Galaxy Tool Supply Inc(Chicago, IL)
GTs Graphics Terminal Subsystem
GTs Galactic Trade Standard(MMORPG Vendetta online gaming)
GTs Ground Test Station
GTs Generic Test Station
GTs Gone To Smoke
GTs Go To Sync
GTs Generation, TransmissionSwitch Gear(electrical engineering)
GTs Government Telephone Service
GTs Global Test Sequence
GTs Groupe Technique de Sûreté(French: Security Technical Group)

GTS » What does GTS mean?

A common abbreviation for the phrase “Go to Sleep,” which may be seen in internet chat rooms.

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A slang phrase used to describe someone who is unpredictable or jumpy. The word is used to describe to crack cocaine users who display worrisome behavior on a regular basis.


So what’s the deal?


Husband and wife for the rest of their lives


Driving with one tire off the ground is a dangerous situation.

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GTS Meaning in Snapchat, Use Cases, Similar Terms, and More

It was long before the emergence of social media platforms that abbreviations such as GTS, GTG, TTYL, and LOL were commonplace in our everyday discussions. Despite the fact that they are still thriving, they have been somewhat acceptable in today’s society. Many of these acronyms are likely to have appeared throughout the top four social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, scattered across various sorts of material in an organic manner. As a result, there is no doubting the importance of getting to know them at this moment in life.

So, here is a list of all of the GTS meanings and acronyms that you will find useful in your future discussions.

What does GTS mean in Snapchat?

While GTS is not as well-known as some of the other acronym heavyweights, it does appear from time to time, and the acronym may be used in a variety of settings depending on which form of it is being used. GTS can refer to any of the following things on Snapchat:

Good Times

It is reasonable to believe that the S in the acronym GTS is intended to pluralize the word ‘Times’ in the phrase “Good Times.” In the event that you encounter a scenic or a situational Snap, you may conclude that the allusion is most likely to Good Times if the term GTS is used in the post title.

You may structure your response in this manner if you receive a Snap or an SMS that says GTS (Good Times).

What does GTS mean in Text speak?

Although it’s been a hot minute since people made the move to social media platforms, the acronym tale actually began with the invention of the conventional keyboard and the practice of text messaging. When you had a keyboard like this, it became necessary to establish acronyms for phrases that would otherwise take an interminable amount of time to type: Now that we have touch screens, the only thing that remains from the olden days are acronyms, which have continued to expand and improve through time, to the point that our dictionaries recognize them as legitimate.

GTS may refer to any of the following things in text talk.

Go To Sleep

As far as old-schoolers who have been using cell phones are concerned, Go To Sleep is the original GTS. It was and continues to be utilized in text chats in the past and present. When someone types GTS, they are either requesting that the other person finish the discussion and retire to their bed, or they are referring to themselves in action and using it as a verb to refer to themselves.

Goodnight, Take Care, Sweet Dreams

It is possible that this will be converted into an abbreviation that will go something like: GN, TC, and SD, or if one is not in the mood, GTS, depending on who you are messaging. Without a doubt, the connotation of the words Go To Sleep and the GTS in this allusion more or less imply the same thing, namely that the individual want to conclude the conversation and retire for the day. They might be abbreviating GTS as a shorthand for GN, TC, and SD, depending on who is on the other end of the phone line, such as your mother or lover.

Google That Sh*t

This particular rendering of the acronym has grown in popularity over time, and you will be able to tell by the context of the statement or content that the user is referring to GTS in the Google That Sh*t context. It is customary for someone to state that they have to ‘GTS’ something in order to grasp, know, or confirm it. This particular variant of the term has absolutely nothing to do with sleep or rest.

Use Cases of GTS

It is a Snapchat feature called Good Times that provides a nice effect to any image you choose to submit. There are a number of different Good Times lenses available, and you can use them to produce some very unique Snaps. You may also send GTS on Snapchat messages to other Snapchat users in plain text format if you like. When used to implyGo To Sleepas an action, on the other hand, you may utilize it in text form by entering it on your image or emailing it to someone in text form. Here are several instances of the acronym being used in a number of ways on Twitter and Instagram, taken from the social media platforms.

Good Times examples

Occasionally, you will come across an article that has a GTS reference that has nothing to do with the acronyms themselves.

The following are examples of what it may indicate or allude to in such situations:

GTS cars

This specific phenomena is well-known on the social media platform Instagram. There are thousands of blogs on different GT vehicles that you may come across on the internet, and they are all a source of pride for many people. Do not mix the GTS in this context with the other acronym, which refers to sports automobiles.

Machine Gun Kelly’s GTS

The term for this song stands for ‘Going Through Sh*T,’ and it is yet another acronym that is frequently used on the internet. It is important to understand that when you read a post about Machine Gun Kelly that includes the GTS acronym, it is referring to the song, not any of the other abbreviations described above.

Guess That Song

It is common for popular programs and quizzes to employ the Guess That Song as a literal Call To Action, and this is no exception. In order to determine whether GTS is representing Guess The Music, look for a song playing in the background when there is a question mark or hint in the text of the page.

GTS in Pokémon

The Global Trading System, sometimes known as GTS, was a popular trading network in the Generation IV version of the game, where players could exchange Pokémon with other players. This specific allusion is unlikely to be recognized by those who are not avid fans of the Pokémon video game franchise (Pokémon).

Grims Toy Show

If you are a fan of illySUPERPOP on YouTube, you should be aware that GTS is also an acronym for the entertaining wrestling show that airs on the platform called Grims Toy Show. Once again, this abbreviation is not well known; nonetheless, if you are a subscriber to this channel, it is possible that you will come across this acronym in connection with the show’s plot. We’ve moved on to the next task, but we hope you found this post useful. Please let us know if you have any questions in the comments section.

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