What Does Hbd Mean In Text? (Solution)

HBD is an acronym for Happy Birthday. It’s often seen as a lazy way of messaging someone on their birthday. It’s also occasionally used to mean here be dragons, referring to unexplored or dangerous territory ahead.

What does HBD mean in texting?

  • Answers. It depends on the subject. If someone wanted to say happy birthday they’d occasionally put ‘hbd‘. Also when texting somebody like saying what’s up or how are you they would say ‘hbu’ meaning how bout you.


What does HBD mean on social media?

According to The Free Dictionary and Dictionary, the initialism HBD stands for “ happy birthday.” This is used as a casual way of messaging someone on their birthday, usually via SMS text message or on social media.

Is it rude to say HBD?

Some people see no need to abbreviate “thank you” to “ty” or “no problem” to “np”—doing so comes off as rude. And if you turn “happy birthday” into “hbd,” we all know you don’t really mean it. If they make your life more efficient, abbreviate away.

What does KMD mean in text?

Knock Me Down. KMD. Kausing Much Damage (hip hop) KMD.

What does TMWR mean in text?

TMRW means ” Tomorrow.” TMRW is one of many abbreviations that mean “Tomorrow.” Others include: 2M.

What does Hgd mean on Snapchat?

Definition. HGD. Have a Good Day. HGD. Huntingdon (Amtrak station code; Huntingdon, PA)

Whats HPD stand for?

Psychiatric Disorders / Personality Disorders / Histrionic Personality Disorder (HPD)

Should I message her happy birthday?

It’s really a bad idea to text them on their birthday. If you a history together, it doesn’t mean that you should go back and to be with them. You should never give the satisfaction that you can’t go days without texting them. Remove those people from your heart who doesn’t deserve you.

Should I call her on birthday?

You should have known her for a considerable amount of time and there should be no problem in making some good wishes to a person you know. But just be aware that your wish message or call should not get extended. Just wish her, and if you like, make some normal conversation.

What does it mean if a guy says happy birthday?

It might mean that he is offering his good wishes for the celebration of another year of aging, and that it gives him a fond reflection to the simpler times of childhood, when birthdays were really super important. Or it might mean that he wants to get into your pants.

What is tomorrow short?

There are two common abbreviations of tomorrow: tmw. and tmrw.

What does HBD Stand For? 93 meanings of HBD by Acronymsandslang.com

Saying “HBD” is a clumsy and mildly unpleasant manner of wishing someone a happy birthday that is intended to be used sparingly. — Did you wish him a happy birthday on his special day? — Well, sort of: I texted him a Happy Birthday message and that was the end of it.

HBDStands For:

To wish someone a happy birthday by saying “HBD” is a purposely lazi and mildly unpleasant manner of conveying the sentiment. — Did you send him a birthday greeting? — I texted him a Happy Birthday message and that was the end of it.

Rank Abbreviation Meaning
***** HBD Here Be Dragons
***** HBD Has Been DrinkingCommon MedicalPoliceMedical Slang
**** HBD Happy BirthdaySocial Networking SitesDays
*** HBD Haters Better Duck
* HBD Honored By Death
* HBD Hot Bus Driver

HBD Meaning: What Does the Popular Acronym “HBD” Mean?

What does the abbreviation HBD stand for? Learn the definition of this online slang phrase, as well as how and when to use it, with an ESL image and some intriguing texting exchanges in English.

What Does HBD Mean?

“HBD” is an abbreviation that appears to be one of the most well-known in the world. Using three letters rather of two words might be considered an insult by some people, however this is mainly a concept that arises to elderly individuals who don’t utilize shorthand on a regular basis. In this day and age of texting and instant messaging, it seems acceptable to simply type a three-letter abbreviation to wish someone a happy birthday rather than taking the extra three seconds to predictively text the entire word.

Main Meaning of “HBD”

“HBD” is an abbreviation for “Happy Birthday.” There’s absolutely no need to go into any further detail about what this term means. Regardless of your feelings about technology and shorthand, you understand what it means to wish someone a happy birthday. It’s something you’ve heard every year since you were conceived. It is the day on which you commemorate the date on which you were born. When you turn one year old, you are considered to be one year older. Unless you’re a female beyond the age of 35, in which case your age is reset to a lower amount and remains there, or steadily increases.

Simply put, it’s those of us who refuse to face the fact that we’re getting older.

Other Meanings

There are a few of different interpretations for the term “HBD,” albeit these will be used far less frequently than the first. If, on the other hand, it’s not your birthday and someone writes you “HBD,” maybe you’ll recognize that it refers to one of the following things instead.

  • Have you been drinking? Human biodiversity
  • Heartbreak illness
  • Have you been drinking? When you’re having a horrible day
  • What’s the deal with that? Hoes bend their heads

Similar Slang Terms

  • “HBTU” is an abbreviation for “Happy Birthday To You”
  • “HBTY” is an abbreviation for “Happy Birthday To You”
  • “HBB” is an abbreviation for “Happy Belated Birthday”
  • “HBBD” is an abbreviation for “Happy Being Born Day.” “HLBD” stands for “Happy Late Birthday,” whereas “HEBR” stands for “Happy Early Birthday.”

Conversation Examples Using “HBD”

HBTY is an abbreviation for “Happy Birthday To You,” “HBTU” is an abbreviation for “Happy Birthday To You,” “HBB” is an abbreviation for “Happy Belated Birthday,” “HBBD” is an abbreviation for “Happy Being Born Day,” and “HBTU is an abbreviation for “Happy Birthday To You.” It stands for “Happy Late Birthday,” “Happy Early Birthday,” and other variations of these phrases.

  • Annie:HBDchicka! I’m madly in love with you
  • Bonnie:Ty boo, that’s all I have. Ily2
  • Annie is making plans, while Bonnie is going to her parents’ house for her birthday supper. After that, idhac
  • Annie:hmu. Come on, let’s go have some drinks
  • Bonnie:bet

Analysis You can see in this example that Bonnie recognized what Annie was referring to when she said “HBD.” With the way things are going, I’m sure she’s already received 100 “HBD” on Facebook. During the course of the chat, the subject of birthday plans comes up, and it is agreed that they would meet later for birthday drinks. Because it was Bonnie’s birthday, there was no need for Annie to clarify what she was getting at; nor did Bonnie have to spend any time thinking about what she was getting at.

Bonnie, on the other hand, might have need further contextual information if it had not been her birthday to assist her discern the right meaning of “HBD.”

  • “TY” stands for “Thank You,” while “ILY2” stands for “I Love You Too.” “IDHAC” is an abbreviation for “I Don’t Have a Clue.” “HMU” is an abbreviation for “Hit Me Up.”
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HBD Meaning Infographic

It is written as TY (thank you); ILY2 (I love you too); and TY (thank you). AKA “I Don’t Have a Clue” or “IDHAC” in the slang sense. Hit Me Up (HMU) is an abbreviation for Hit Me Up.

  • Human Biodiversity, Heat Balance Diagram (thermal power), Hadron Bling Detector, Here Be Dragons, and Has Been Drinking (police communications). Hypophosphatemic Bone Disease
  • Hot Box Detector
  • Hadron Blind Detector
  • Holden by Design (car enhancement company in Australia)
  • Hidden Button Down (shirt type)
  • Hydrogen Bond Donor
  • Hydraulic Bottom Detector
  • Hierarchical Block Design
  • Highest Benefit Density
  • Handheld Business Device
  • Here by Demand (various organizations)
  • Hypophosphatemic Bone Disease
  • Hold Chauffeur de bus
  • Half-board (financing for business)

Is the abbreviation HBD casual or formal?

Although the slang word HBD is highly informal, it is recommended that it only be used in informal situations. This piece of online slang should only be used in casual situations such as SMS text messages, social media posts, or other casual situations. It is more suitable to use the full version of the statement in more official circumstances. In official emails, letters, or other contexts, it is generally preferable to use a more professional variant of “happy birthday.” In the case below, the acronym HBD would be improper for the situation.

  • In this example, Ralph is sending a birthday greeting to his boss in the form of a card that he will put on her desk.
  • It’s been a fantastic year working with you, and here’s to many more!
  • Greetings and best wishes for your birthday!
  • Let’s hope for many more wonderful birthdays in the future!
  • If he was messaging a buddy, HBD would be OK, but in a formal card or letter, he should use the full form of the phrasal verbs.

What are synonyms for the abbreviation HBD?

A happy birthday wish may be expressed in a variety of different ways, according to the 7 E S LandESL Buzz website. Some of them are also acronyms that should be used in informal environments, while others are fine for use in formal contexts as well, depending on the occasion.

  • HBTU – Happy Birthday To You
  • HBTY – Happy Birthday To You
  • HBTU – Happy Birthday To You
  • HBB is for Happy Belated Birthday
  • HLBD stands for Happy Late Birthday
  • And HEBR stands for Happy Early Birthday. HBBD is an abbreviation for Happy Being Born Day. I wish you many many joyful returns
  • Wishing you the very best on your wonderful day
  • I hope you have a wonderful day and many more to come in the future. I want to wish you a very happy birthday
  • Have a wonderful day
  • I think it’s time to have a party
  • Greetings and best wishes for a wonderful birthday. I wish you many more candles to light up your life
  • Greetings on your birthday, and best wishes for the future. Greetings and best wishes for the day
  • Wishing you a wonderful birthday
  • Best wishes
  • My birthday wishes are more cheerful than those of your friends and family. I wish you nothing but happiness on your special day
  • It is my wish that you have a wonderful day and an even better year ahead of you
  • As amazing as you are, I wish you a day that is just as memorable.

How can HBD be used in a sentence?

It is possible to utilize the acronym HBD in a variety of different interactions, whether they take place via text message or on social networking platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or Snapchat. Here are a few instances of how HBD may be employed in a variety of situations. In this first example, Mary Elizabeth wishes her cousin Ella Mae a happy birthday by posting a message on her Facebook wall. Ella Mae! shouts Mary Elizabeth. I wish you a very happy birthday! I really miss you, Sm, and I can’t wait to see you at Christmas.

  1. In the following example, Jennica sends a text message to her work buddy Penny about some possible arrangements.
  2. Are you interested in accompanying me to this karaoke bar on Friday?
  3. Penny: OMG, thank you so much for inviting me!
  4. I’d want to go back there at some point in the future.
  5. I can’t believe I was completely unaware that it was your birthday!
  6. Overall, the popular slang term HBD is an abbreviation for “happy birthday.” This is an extremely informal shorthand that should only be used in informal circumstances such as SMS text messages or social media posts, among other things.

The full version of the phrase should be used when wishing someone a happy birthday in a formal setting.


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Urban Dictionary: HBD

HBd is an improper abbreviation for “Happy Birthday,” whereas HBd is the right acronym for “Happy Birthday.” 2.The abbreviation “Has Been Drinking,” which is most commonly used in the emergency medical services in the Toronto, Ontario, region after someone has been drinking. When employed grammatically, this phrase is considered to be an adjective; it is considered to be an abbreviation for “drunk.” “Today is December 25, HBdJesus,” says number one. 2.” The patient is a 22-year-old guy with Hepatitis B.” “The patient is a female, 17 years old, and has severe HBD.” “My HBDpatient is a tad agitated.” Rihanna, get an HBD mug for your cat Zora.

Differential characteristics include, but are not limited to, personality qualities, athletic ability, IQ, height, physical attractiveness, and overall health.

What Does HBD Mean?

You may have come across the abbreviation HBD in a text message or on social media and wondered what it stood for. Then you’ve arrived to the correct location. We’ll go into the definition and history of the abbreviation HBD in detail.

What Does the Acronym HBD Mean?

HBD is an abbreviation that stands for “happy birthday.” You may see this abbreviation used in text messages or on social media when individuals wish other people a happy birthday. An acronym is a word or a sequence of words that is formed only from the initial letter of each word. Acronyms have been around since the Roman era. People frequently utilized acronyms to save time and space by condensing the length of a word or group of words. In the era of technology and texting, individuals commonly use acronyms or abbreviations to compress communications to fit within a tiny textbox portion.

This is also not a spoken phrase; rather, it is a piece of online jargon that is quite common for sending an SMS text message, posting on Facebook, or posting on Instagram on someone’s birthday on the occasion of their birthday.

A Description of the Acronym

Happy birthday (HBD) is a greeting that marks the anniversary of your birth day. The sensation of excitement that you experience while you are celebrating a great occasion is known as happiness. The phrase “happy birthday” was first used in a song composed by sisters Patty and Mildred Hill in 1893, as part of the chorus. It has been identified as one of the most popular songs in history. Europe was the first place where the custom of celebrating birthdays originated many years ago.

A History of the Phrase

A popular myth held that evil spirits would seek out people on the day of their birth gave rise to the phrase “happy birthday” (abbreviated HBD). Friends and relatives would come together in support and best wishes for the individual in order to protect them. Later on, the tradition of presenting gifts became a part of it as well. In the belief of the ancients, this act of charity would assist in the efforts to fend off evil spirits. This practice dates back to a time when only royalty could afford to commemorate their birthdays on a grand scale.

As the years passed, birthday parties became a regular occurrence among people of many ethnicities and geographical locations.

Birthday cakes were originally a part of the German tradition of celebrating birthdays.

These days, we make a wish and then blow out the candles, hoping that our desire would come true.

Examples of How to Use It

HBD may be used in a variety of scenarios, including text messages and social media sites such as Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, to indicate where you are. Some examples of how HBD may be utilized are shown below.

  1. Hello there, Joyful Birthday and many more happy returns of the day
  2. BTW – Thank you for the invitation, but we wish my mother a happy birthday on Saturday. TTYL
  3. Once again, it’s time to let free and party the night away, so have a great time and Happy Birthday
  4. On your birthday, gorge yourself on food and drink. Wow, Frank, congrats on your HBD! My my, I can’t believe I forgot it was your birthday yesterday! OFC, we’re going to hang out over the weekend
  5. I’ll be thinking of you on your birthday! Cwtsy
  6. BWL, I wish you the most magnificent and happiest of B’days! It’s your BD man on the line! I wish you many many joyful returns
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Other Things the Acronym Can Stand For

While the most popular interpretation of HBD is to celebrate someone’s birthday, there are other possible interpretations. These are described in further detail below. Due to the widespread recognition of the notions of “happy birthday,” it is recommended that the abbreviation be used sparingly. Because the majority of people believe this abbreviation means for “happy birthday,” it is important to ensure that the context is apparent before utilizing an alternative explanation for this acronym.

  • Certain police departments use the term “Had Been Drinking” to identify someone who has been drinking. Glycosylated Hemoglobin (used to assess diabetes control)
  • HDB – Housing Development Board
  • HBD is a word used by some police departments to denote someone who has been drinking. If the report recounts an accident in which the individual was at fault, there will frequently be a reference to the ability to determine whether or not the motorist was under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. Keep in mind that the motorist may be capable of running the car safely despite having had one or two alcoholic beverages earlier in the evening.

Alternatives Ways to Abbreviate the Same Thing

H-BDAY – Happy BirthdayHPYBDY – Happy BirthdayHB – Happy BirthdayHBD – Happy BirthdayH-BDAY – Happy BirthdayH-BDAY – Happy Birthday


In general, the meaning of the abbreviation HBD is “happy birthday,” which is short for “happy birthday.” It is a colloquial abbreviation that is frequently used in text messages. If you want to wish someone a happy birthday, a phone call might be a better alternative than sending them a card with birthday greetings. By referring to the SMS HBD acronym without providing any context, you run the risk of misinterpretating its meaning. Grammarly provided proofreading services for this content. It’s completely free to try it out!

It also keeps track of how many words you’ve used and checks for grammatical errors.

HBD Meaning – What Does HBD Mean?

Those who have spent time online or gotten text messages with the phrase “HBD” in them should not be surprised. “HBD” is a well-known acronym that is frequently used in online and text chat conversations. In online forums and private chat, acronyms such as HBD and other shortened terminologies are becoming increasingly popular since they save time while simultaneously conveying an emotional reaction that may be difficult to communicate with words alone. As a result, this article will provide you with all of the knowledge you could possibly want concerning this online acronym.

Additionally, you will see “HBD” correctly used in sample chats and discover various ways to correctly used in sample chats and discover various ways to correctly used in sample chats and discover various ways to correctly used in sample chats and discover different ways to use it while communicating the same message.


The acronym “HBD” appears to be one of the most well-known of all. Utilizing three letters rather than two words is considered an insult by certain individuals. The majority of older individuals who do not often use shorthand, on the other hand, believe this to be the case. Younger individuals, on the other hand, have become accustomed to texting and internet messaging. The use of a three-letter abbreviation instead of the full phrase to express “Happy Birthday” appears to be more natural as a result of this phenomenon.

The primary meaning of the abbreviation “HBD”

There is no need to go into any further detail about this abbreviation at this point. Regardless of how you feel about technology and shorthand, you can easily determine what this abbreviation stands for and what it signifies. When individuals want to wish someone a happy birthday, they use this phrase. Everyone has said it every year since your birth, and it’s something you’re used to hearing. The day on which you honor the day on which you were born is known as your birthday. If you are not a female above the age of 35, your age will either be reduced to a lower figure and remain there, or it will gradually increase.

This acronym is formed by using the initial letter of a word or a sequence of words to construct the term.

A common practice among people living in the technology and text messaging era is to utilize acronyms or abbreviations to abbreviate communications in order to fit them within a limited textbox area.

This is also not a spoken phrase; rather, it is a component of online lingo that is commonly used when sending an SMS text message, posting on Facebook, or posting on Instagram on someone’s birthday to wish them happy birthday.

Origin of the acronym “HBD”

A traditional idea that malevolent spirits may seek out people at their birth gave rise to the meaning of the phrase “HBD,” which means “good birthday” in English. Friends and relatives would assemble in support of the individual and just wish that the individual would protect them. Following then, the practice of presenting gifts became a part of the custom as well. This act of kindness was thought to be effective in warding off evil spirits. During the early years of this practice, only the wealthiest and most powerful kings could afford to celebrate their birthdays.

Birthday celebrations have become increasingly popular in most cultures and places as time has progressed.

In the beginning, birthday cakes were a German ritual in which Germans baked money into the cake, with the expectation that whomever received the coin would be rewarded with riches and wealth for the rest of their life.


  • It’s Jack’s birthday today, after all. The notice appears on the sidebar of my Facebook profile. I’ll just say hello and wish you a happy birthday
  • Hello, Anna! Happy Birthday to you! It is my desire that all of your wishes will come true.

Related slang Terms

  • It’s Jack’s birthday today, after all! In the sidebar of my Facebook, I can see that I have received a notice. I’ll simply say hello and wish you a happy birthday
  • Hello there, Anna. Wishing you a happy birthday. It is my prayer that all of your dreams come true.

Other Interpretations of the abbreviation “HBD”

There are various interpretations for the abbreviation “HBD,” however they will be used much less frequently in the future. If it’s not your birthday and you receive a text that reads “HBD,” maybe you’ll realize that it’s a gift from one of these items instead of the one you expected.

  • HBD stands for Have Been Drinking
  • HBD stands for Homebrew Digest. HBD: Hamburg Blue Devils (Hamburg, Germany)
  • HBD stands for “Hard Bit Decision.” HBD: Hot Box Detector (railway engineering)
  • HBD: Hidden Button Down (shirt kind)
  • HBD is an abbreviation for Hydrogen Bond Donor. HBD is an abbreviation for Human Biodiversity. HBD stands for Here Be Dragons. HBD: Heat Balance Diagram (thermal power)

What does HBD mean? – HBD Definition – Meaning of HBD – InternetSlang.com

This could be the only web page dedicated to explaining the meaning ofHBD(HBD acronym/abbreviation/slang word).Ever wondered whatHBDmeans? Or any of the other 9309slang words, abbreviations and acronyms listed here atInternet Slang? Your resource for web acronyms, web abbreviations and netspeak.
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What is HBD?

HBD means “Happy Birthday”
So now you know – HBD means “Happy Birthday” – don’t thank us. YW!What does HBD mean? HBD is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the HBD definition is given.
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Other terms relating to ‘happy’:
�3 Evil but happy Hate (opposite of3)
�(: Happy
�/O/ Happy, arms in the air
�:) Happy
�:D Happy
�:DD Very happy
�:] Happy
�:{) Happy with a moustache
�=) Happy
�=] Happy
�BH Be Happy Bloody Hell Big Head
�C: Very happy
�DWBH Don’t Worry, Be Happy
�HBTU Happy Birthday To You
�HBTY Happy Birthday To You
�HE Happy Ending High Explosives
�HGL Happy Go Lucky
�HNY Happy New Year
�HVD Happy Valentine’s Day
�JUICED Happy, excited
�MHR Many Happy Returns
�OBHWF One Big Happy Weasely Family
�STOKED Very happy, excited
�UWU Happy Anime Face
�X) Happy, mischevious
�X] Happy
�YEHET Yes In Sehun’s Happy Mode
�O/ Happy, arms in the air
�^.^ Happy
�^W^ Happy
�^^ Happy
Other terms relating to ‘birthday’:
�B-DAY Birthday
�BDAY Birthday
�BIMB Because it’s my Birthday
�HBTU Happy Birthday To You
�HBTY Happy Birthday To You
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What Does HBD Mean In Slang?

However, what does HBD signify in slang is not clear. It is commonly used in texting and on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, among other places.

Most Common HBD Meaning

HBD is an abbreviation for “Happy Birthday.”

Using HBD

HBD is a greeting that is used to wish someone a happy birthday.|


When you want to wish someone a happy birthday, you say HBD.

Alternative HBD Meanings

Dragons Have Arrived. Someone has been drinking.

What Does HBD Mean?

Wishing you a happy birthday. “Slang is a language that pulls up its sleeves, spits on its hands, and gets down to business,” says the author. Carl Sandburg is credited with coining the phrase (author and poet).

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Acronym Definition
HBD Happy Birthday
HBD Homebrew Digest
HBD Hamburg Blue Devils(Hamburg, Germany)
HBD Hard Bit Decision
HBD Hot Box Detector(railway engineering)
HBD Hidden Button Down(shirt type)
HBD Hydrogen Bond Donor
HBD Human Biodiversity
HBD Here Be Dragons
HBD Heat Balance Diagram(thermal power)
HBD Has Been Drinking(police communications)
HBD Holden by Design(car enhancement company; Australia)
HBD Hadron Blind Detector
HBD Hypophosphatemic Bone Disease
HBD Hemoglobin-Delta Locus
HBD Heartbreaking Dawns(est. 2008; Rosendale, NY)
HBD Hot Bearing Detector(trains)
HBD Honored By Death(gaming clan, Battlefield 2)
HBD Honored By Death(gaming clan)
HBD Haters Better Duck(band)
HBD Hybrid Booster Drive(Electric Vehicle Institute)
HBD Half Board
HBD Hydraulic Bottom Detector
HBD Hierarchical Block Design
HBD Highest Benefit Density
HBD Handheld Business Device
HBD Here by Demand(various organizations)
HBD Hot Bus Driver

What does HBD mean? – HBD Definitions

Are you seeking for the definitions of HBD in the dictionary? On the following graphic, you can see some of the most important definitions for HBD. If you wish, you can also save the picture file to print it or share it with a friend via social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, and so on. Please scroll down to view all of the possible meanings of HBD. The whole list of definitions is provided in the table below, which is organized alphabetically.

Major Meanings of HBD

Trying to figure out the meanings of the acronym HBD? The primary definitions of HBD are shown in the following graphic. Additionally, you may save the picture file to print or share it with a friend via social media sites like as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and other similar platforms. Please scroll down to view all the possible meanings of HBD. An alphabetical listing of all of the definitions is provided in the table below.

All Definitions of HBD

As previously stated, the following table contains all of the possible definitions of the term HBD. Please keep in mind that all of the definitions are provided in the following order: alphabetical. You may view further information about each word by clicking on the links to the right, which provide definitions in both English and your native language.

Acronym Definition
HBD Hadron Blind Detector
HBD Half Board
HBD Hamburg Blue Devils
HBD Handheld Business Device
HBD Happy Birthday
HBD Has Been Drinking
HBD Haters Better Duck
HBD Heartbreaking Dawns
HBD Heat Balance Diagram
HBD Hemoglobin-Delta Locus
HBD Here Be Dragons
HBD Here by Demand
HBD Hierarchical Block Design
HBD Highest Benefit Density
HBD Holden by Design
HBD Homebrew Digest
HBD Honored By Death
HBD Hot Bearing Detector
HBD Hot Bus Driver
HBD Human Biodiversity
HBD Hybrid Booster Drive
HBD Hydraulic Bottom Detector
HBD Hydrogen Bond Donor
HBD Hypophosphatemic Bone Disease

What does HBD stand for in text

In summary, HBD is an acronym or abbreviation that can be explained in plain English. This website demonstrates how HBD may be utilized in message and chat forums, as well as social networking software such as VK, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Snapchat, among other applications. You can see all of the several definitions of HBD in the table above: some are educational words, some are medical terms, and even some computer phrases are included. If you know of another definition for HBD, please let us know so that we can include it.

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101 Social Media Acronyms and Abbreviations (And What They Mean!)

It’s happened to all of us. After a few minutes of scrolling through your Twitter or Instagram feed, reading the latest updates from the people you follow, you come across an acronym you’ve never heard of before. “What the hell is a ‘POIDH’?” you might wonder. Well,as it happens, POIDH stands for “Pictures, Or It Didn’t Happen”—one of thousands of acronyms that have popped up as the digital era compels individuals to embrace brevity—be it 140 character or fewer—in their effort to communicate.

For example, did you know that CNRHKYITF stands for “Chuck Norris Roundhouse Kick You In The Face” is an abbreviation for “Chuck Norris Roundhouse Kick You In The Face”?


Heck, if you’ve used G-chat, AIM, or SMS messaging at any time in the previous decade, none of them should raise any red flags for you.

BF:Boyfriend BRB: I’ll get back to you.

I’m kidding, of courseKK:Cool, okay (Kewl Kewl)LMK:Let Me KnowLOL: Laughing Out Loud MYOB (Mind Your Own Business) is an acronym that stands for “Mind Your Own Business.” NBD: It’s not a big deal.

PlsorPlz:Please QorQQ is an abbreviation for Question or Quick Question.

EXCELLENT FOR DAILY USE With anything from business slang to witty rejoinders, these are fantastic words to incorporate into your everyday speaking, tweeting, and text-ing routine.

FTFY: I’ve taken care of this for you.

GTI stands for Going Through It.

OR IT DIDN’T HAPPEN: PICTURES OR IT DIDN’T HAPPEN You Only Live Once (YOLO) is a popular saying.

OPINIONSREACTIONS We are all aware that half of your internet time is spent reacting to things and/or expressing your opinion about them.

AFAIK: As Far As I Am AwareDGYF: Damn Girl You’re Doing Fine For what it’s worth, here’s what I think:IDC:I Don’t CareIDK:I Don’t Know If my recollection serves me correctly, IIRC IMHO: This is my sincere opinion IMO (In My Opinion): In My Opinion JellorJellz is a jealous person.

LMAO: I’m laughing so hard I’m crying.

NOTE TO SELFROFL:Rolling Around On The Floor LaughingNote to Self Laughing Out Loud: Rolling Around on the Floor I’m giggling my a$$ off.

To Tell the Truth: To Be Honest TL;DR: It was too long; I didn’t read it.

THE NAUGHTIES are a group of people that want to have a good time.

Here are 13 tasty treats that you can start including into your tweets right away with gusto.

BAMF stands for “Bad Ass Mother.” F—erFFS:For the Love of F— My Life — FML:F — First and foremost, I would want to express my gratitude to you for your time and consideration.

HYFR: Hell Yeah F—ing Right!

SHUT THE F— UP: Shut the F— Up WTF: What The F—TF: The F—WTF: What The F—TIMELY TOPICS Acronyms and abbreviations are all about saving time, so here are some excellent ones to keep on hand for when you’re out and about.

RN: Right Now is the time to call.

What does the abbreviation “CC” truly stand for?

CC:Carbon Copy CX:Correction DM stands for Direct Message.

FF:Friday Follow-Up The acronym HTorH/T stands for Hat Tip (a means of giving credit or attribution to someone else for anything you’re sharing).

RT:Retweet SOorS/O:Say Something!

AWOL: Absent Without Leave While on the Internet BFF: Best Friend Forever is a phrase that means “best friend forever.” NSFW (Not Safe for Work): Not Safe for Work OG:Original Gangster (informal). PSA stands for Public Service Announcement. PDA stands for Public Display of Affection.

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