What Does Imao Mean In Text? (Solution found)

IMAO stands for “in my arrogant opinion,” and, well, being arrogant means you have an exaggerated sense of self-importance and tend to make excessive or unjustified claims.

What does Imao stand for in slang?

  • What Does IMAO Mean? – The Full Answer. IMAO is a slang abbreviation that stands for In My Arrogant Opinion. It is used to confidently assert your opinion. By using imao, some people may consider you to be overbearing and self-important, while others might respect you for having a definite opinion and not being afraid to express it,

How do I use imao?

IMAO stands for “In My Arrogant Opinion”. It is used when you mean the opposite using irony. The original term was “in my humble opinion”, often abbreviated IMHO. I remember it appearing on the early Internet, especially in Usenet discussion groups.

Why do we use imao?

IMAO is an internet acronym for in my arrogant opinion and is usually used with a sense of irony or self-deprecation.

Is imao a rude word?

IMAO stands for ” in my arrogant opinion,” and, well, being arrogant means you have an exaggerated sense of self-importance and tend to make excessive or unjustified claims. You might also use IMNSHO (“in my not so humble opinion”) if you feel the need to be subtly arrogant.

What is Lamo?

Lamo is an occasional spelling of the insult lame-o, or “pathetic (person or thing).” It can also be used as an ironic take on the acronym LMAO (laughing my ass off).

What is IMO slang?

abbreviation for. text messaging in my opinion.

What is lmao in Whatsapp?

LMAO is one of many common words used in text messaging, instant messaging, chatting, and on Facebook and Twitter. At one time or another, you’ve probably seen this Internet slang. LMAO is an acronym that stands for Laughing My Ass Off. Many people say (or text) this acronym when they find something particularly funny.


Meme Center is a place where people may share memes. IMAO is a play on the words IMHO, or in my humble opinion. One of the first IMAOs originates from a Usenet conversation about the jam band The Grateful Dead that took place in May 1989. The user, identified as David Vinayak Wallace, opens a post with the following sentence: “All right, let me throw some kerosene on the fire.” IMAO, here is how I would rank” major times in the band’s career based on my personal opinion. Mr. Wallace then puts apostscriptat the end of his post saying thatIMAOmeans, in my arrogant view, to avoid receiving “30,000 messages” wondering what it stands for and what it represents in general.

On more than one occasion, a discussion participant completely dismissed an opposing opinion, with one participant even accusing the opponent of being homophobic.

By 1993, IMAO had become popular in Usenet communities, where it was once again utilized to discuss topical subjects.

— Razlan (@issoxwadey) on Twitter The 23rd of October, 2018 Although IMAO became more popular online in the 1990s and 2000s, it did not achieve the same level of popularity as its predecessor, according to some observers.

IMAO Meaning: What Does IMAO Mean? Useful Text Conversations

What exactly is IMAO stand for? It is a thought-provoking sentence. The next lesson explains the meaning and usage of this internet slang phrase, as well as providing an ESL infographic and valuable texting conversations in the English language.

IMAO Meaning

“IMAO” is an abbreviation for “in my arrogant opinion.” There are several variations of this phrase including, “IMO – in my opinion,” “IMHO– in my humble opinion,” and “IMNSHO – in my not so humble opinion,” among others. When someone shares their point of view, the phrases “IMO” and “IMHO” are commonly employed. Similar to the phrase “IMNHO,” the phrase “IMAO” implies that the user believes that their view is more right or has greater significance when compared to the opinions of others. This online slang phrase has been noticed as being susceptible to misunderstanding in some settings due to the capital “I” being mistaken for a lower case “l,” according to certain users.

These are the kind of situations where this term is most likely to be used: social media, group communications, and discussion forums.

Conversation Examples

Let’s have a look at how it’s put to use in practice.

The following is an example of how to use the term “example.”

  • User 1 on the forum: The workplace has grown far too tight. People need to learn how to unwind. User 2 on the forum: “I agree with you.” Forum user 3: I’m sorry, but I don’t agree. If the work is too difficult for you, you should look for another position.

A debate regarding attitudes at work is taking place here. User 1 expresses their point of view. User 2 concurs with the statement. Usage of the phrase “IMAO” by user 3 indicates the extent to which they disagree with users 1 and 2 by implying that they believe they know more about the subject matter than the other two users. Exemple No. 2:

  • Joey’s Sandwich Shop has the best meatball sub in the world, according to a social media post: IMAO

This circumstance involves a social media user who has posted a review of a restaurant on his or her page. The user puts the acronym IMAO at the beginning of the message to demonstrate that he is an authority on the issue and understands what he is discussing. The author of this piece, in contrast to the author of Example 1, is utilizing the acronym IMAO to demonstrate how strongly he believes in his or her own point of view. In comparison to the previous scenario, this one is less confronting.

Other Meanings

  • International Monkey Assassination Organization
  • In My Armed Opinion
  • I’ll Make An Opinion
  • I Am Also One
  • I Missed An Opportunity
  • I Must Ask Obama
  • In My Awesome Opinion
  • In My Anal Opinion
  • In My Amazing Opinion
  • Ignore Many Accusatory Objections
  • In My Angry Opinion
  • Internet Masking Actual Operation

IMAO Meaning Infographic

  • If I’m being honest with myself, I’ll state that.
  • I firmly believe that.
  • I’m willing to wager that.
  • I’m totally persuaded that.
  • I have no question that.
  • I’m certain that.
  • There is absolutely no question in my opinion that.
  • My initial opinion is that.
  • My own personal opinion on the matter is that.
  • It appears to me that.
  • In my opinion,.
  • I don’t know what other people think, but I can say.
  • My point of view / opinion / believe / impression / conviction is that.
  • I don’t know what other people think, but.
  • Personally, I believe.
  • Personally, I believe.
  • The point is that.
  • What I mean is that.
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IMAO Meaning: How to Use the Trendy Term “IMAO” Correctly?

What exactly is IMAO stand for? Have you ever heard of the acronym “IMAO” before? Throughout this lesson, you will learn about the term that the slangacronym “IMAO” is most likely abbreviated for, as well as additional definitions and conversation examples in English that will assist you in learning how to appropriately utilize the acronym.

IMAO Meaning

IMAO is an abbreviation for “In My Arrogant Opinion.” It is employed when you are attempting to convey the opposite message through irony. The word “in my humble opinion” was coined originally, and it is sometimes shortened as IMHO. I recall seeing that on the early Internet, particularly on Usenet discussion forums, when I was a kid. It was frequently employed in flame wars in an attempt to mitigate the influence of dogmatic viewpoints. However, it soon became apparent that those who were employing it were not acting in a modest manner, and the phrase “in my arrogant opinion” (IMAO) began to be used in the course of the reaction.

Other Meanings

  • IMAO is an abbreviation for I Missed An Opportunity
  • IMAO is an abbreviation for I Must Ask Obama
  • IMAO is an abbreviation for In My Awesome Opinion
  • IMAO is an abbreviation for In My Armed Opinion
  • IMAO is an abbreviation for I’ll Make An Opinion
  • IMAO is an abbreviation for I Am Also One
  • IMAO is an abbreviation for In My Amazing Opinion

Conversation Examples

A friendly discussion between two people.

  • Friend 1: Liam has been so busy lately, and we haven’t even been able to see her face
  • Friend 2:Well, it’s possible that she’s preoccupied with her new work. Friend 3: She isn’t good enough to join us in our games. She is currently preoccupied with work and will return shortly. Friend 2:IMAO, I disagree, she is currently preoccupied with work and will return shortly.

Other Ways to Say “IMAO”

  • As far as I can tell
  • It appears to me that
  • It appears to be the case
  • That is, as far as I am aware
  • Take this into consideration
  • You can see that
  • One may claim that, based on what I have witnessed
  • It is possible to hypothesize
  • According to my own experience

IMAO Meaning Infographic

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  1. Google has been punishing this website in its search rankings for years, and a Google employee lied to the search engine giant about the practice.
  2. More information may be found here.
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How common is this slang?

Don’t click the following.
I use it (33)
No longer use it (2)
Heard it but never used it (140)
Have never heard it (38)

How vulgar is this slang?

An average of 118 votes equals 35% of the total. (See the most obscene expressions.) None of the above is your opinion. (To cast your vote, click on the pepper.) Instead than judging the word on its vulgarity, voters should consider how harsh it is.

Where is this slang used?

Users that are logged in can add themselves to the map. Login, Register, and Login with Facebook in a matter of seconds.

Link to this slang definition

Insert the following code into a web page or blog post to link to this phrase. a href=”IMAO/a”> IMAO Insert the following into a wiki, such as Wikipedia, to create a connection to this word. Please note that some wikis use a different link format than others, so be careful to read the guidelines.

Urban Dictionary: Imao

Lmao, but you’re a complete and utter moron. Person 1: imaonice job description Person 2: I’m laughing my ass off at the expense of nicealtthereretard. Flag Day is March 12, 2021. You may use this mug to mock your brother Manafort. Imao,means According to my arrogantopopinion. Person1: You appear to be in a bad mood, Imao. Person2: Lolyeri is aware of this! byTelnven Flag Day is April 1st, 2006 For your brother Manley, get an Imao mug for your sister-in-law Sarah. When the term Lmao is censored, Roblox edgelords will use the word Imao instead.

  • Imaoget dunked onjajajajjajjajez noobget goodscrub ahjajajjajajjajjajjajjajjajjajjajjajjajjajjajjajjajjajjajjajjajjajjajjajjajjajjajjajjajjajjajjajjajjajjajjajjajjajjajjajjajjajjajjaj byPenisfuck69 Flag Day is March 29, 2021.
  • It entails I’m having a good time.
  • 2.IMAFO, I’m going to go pee.
  • IMAO, I’m laughing so hard.
  • Take care of your brother-in-law Manafort by getting him an Imao mug.
  • Some folks believe that you’re typinglmao.
  • Person 3 has just leaped off his balcony and has broken both of his legs in the process!

Person 3 is a complete moron.

Person 1: This isn’t humorous at all!

Person 2: I didn’t say it was humorous.

Get an aimao mug for your sister-in-law Riley.

The 31st of May, 2003 Flag Get an aimao mug for your bunkmate Jovana, or for yourself.

ImNSHO (In My Not-So-Humble Opinion) is another form of IMAO. Another variation of IMAO isIMAOI believe we should sell the firm. byTextpectation The 27th of May, 2008 cup for your grandma Nathalie that says “Get an aimao mug for me.” 123 Next Last » is the last position.

What does IMAO mean? – IMAO Definition – Meaning of IMAO – InternetSlang.com

This could be the only web page dedicated to explaining the meaning ofIMAO(IMAO acronym/abbreviation/slang word).Ever wondered whatIMAOmeans? Or any of the other 9309slang words, abbreviations and acronyms listed here atInternet Slang? Your resource for web acronyms, web abbreviations and netspeak.
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What is IMAO?

The definition of IMAO is “In My Arrogant Opinion”

The Meaning of IMAO

IMAO means “In My Arrogant Opinion”
So now you know – IMAO means “In My Arrogant Opinion” – don’t thank us. YW!What does IMAO mean? IMAO is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the IMAO definition is given.
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Other terms relating to ‘arrogant’:
�DIVA Talented, but arrogant, female performer
�IMMAO In My Most Arrogant Opinion
Other terms relating to ‘opinion’:
�ATMO According To My Opinion
�GASSED Have a high opinion of yourself
�IANAL I Am Not A Lawyer (this is an uninformed opinion)
�IMAHO In My Absolutely Honest Opinion
�IMBO In My Biased Opinion
�IMCO In My Considered Opinion
�IMEO In My Educated Opinion
�IMHO In My Humble Opinion
�IMMAO In My Most Arrogant Opinion
�IMNSHO In My Not So Humble Opinion
�IMO In My Opinion
�IMOO In My Own Opinion
�IMPO In My Personal Opinion
�IYO In Your Opinion
�JMHO Just My Humble Opinion
�JMO Just My Opinion
�MHO My Honest Opinion
�MOO Matter of Opinion My Own Opinion
�MPO My Personal Opinion
�NMO Not My Opinion
�TIMO that is my opinion
�TINALO This Is Not A Legal Opinion
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What Does IMAO Mean?

It is my arrogant view that IMAO stands for, according to the dictionary. Irony and/or self-deprecation are frequently included in the use of this internet acronym when it is utilized. This expression is a play on the slang term IMHO, which stands for in my humble opinion, and is a shortened version of it. It was during a conversation about the jam band The Grateful Dead on Usenet in May 1989 when the acronym IMAO was first recorded. “Let me throw some kerosene on the fire,” the user David Vinayak wrote in the comment section of the post.

  1. Despite the fact that this term gained popularity throughout the 1990s and 2000s, its use did not catch on as quickly as IMHO did, mostly because it is not a common expression in the English language.
  2. It’s possible that the user mistook the capital I for a lowercase L.
  3. Although the use of this internet slang word abbreviation is less common than it once was, the IMAO abbreviation may still be utilized to make a hilarious joke when appropriate.
  4. There are a myriad of different definitions for this acronym.
  5. You should use one of these alternate meanings in the same situation in which you would use IMAO to mean in my arrogant opinion, but be sure to offer the right context or use the complete form so that the listener is not confused by the usage of the alternate term.
  • The Islamitisch Maatschappelijk Activeringswerk Overijssel (Dutch: Overijssel Islamic Social Work Activation
  • Overijssel, Netherlands)
  • In My Awesome Opinion
  • Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors (Spanish: Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors)
  • In My Actual Opinion
  • In My Anal Opinion
  • In My Amazing Opinion
  • International Martial Arts Organization
  • International Maritime Arbitration Organization. The International Martial Arts Organization and the International Maritime Arbitr

What are synonyms for IMAO?

Many other words and phrases can be used for the statement “I am not afraid of anything.” Acronyms are not always acceptable for usage in diverse circumstances, such as formal or professional settings. It is always beneficial to have a variety of communication choices available to you. Learn to substitute words for one another to broaden your vocabulary and avoid repeating yourself in sentences and speeches. Power Thesaurus has given these synonyms for your convenience.

  • For myself
  • For myself
  • IMO
  • My personal opinion
  • From a personal perspective
  • For me
  • For myself, for myself
  • From my understanding
  • By my reckoning
  • According to me
  • In my viewpoint
  • In my understanding
  • As far as I am concerned
  • According to my way of thinking
  • As far as I can tell
  • As far as I am concerned with
  • As far as I am concerned with myself
  • As far as I am concerned with myself. IMNHO (variation of IMAO)
  • My guess
  • From where I sit
  • In my honest opinion
  • In my view
  • In my judgement
  • My own view
  • As far as I am concerned with myself. If you ask me, I believe
  • It appears to me that
  • It appears to

What are other internet slang terms?

According to Zip Whip, you may come across the following collection of internet acronyms and slang phrases that are commonly used.

  • I hope this has been of assistance
  • IFYP: I understand your suffering
  • F2F stands for face to face. MRW: This was my response when
  • WDYM: Excuse me, but what do you mean? I’m smirking and shaking my head
  • OOTD stands for outfit of the day. AMAA: You may pretty much ask me anything. YGTI: I’m sure you got the picture
  • YP: Please accept my request
  • In case you missed it, here’s what happened: For what it’s worth, here’s my two cents: BRB: I’ll be back in a minute. IRL stands for “in real life.” TTP: Straight to the point
  • PPL is an abbreviation for People
  • TBC: To be continued
  • To be determined. Yeet is a verb that means to toss something or to exclaim. B4N: Goodbye for the time being
  • Without
  • W/O: without
  • To be quite honest, I’m not sure what to say. SO stands for significant other. FOMO (fear of missing out) is an acronym that stands for “fear of missing out.” ISTG: I swear to you in the name of God
  • QAP stands for “as soon as possible.” OML: Oh my lord, please forgive me. PNL stands for Peace, Love, and Harmony. According to what I understand
  • IMO (in my opinion): I believe
  • NGL: I’m not going to lie
  • I’m joking, of course. DAE: Is there anything else? JIC stands for “just in case.” ROFL: I’m rolling around on the floor laughing
  • HIFW: What I’m thinking while
  • RN: At the moment
  • HBU: How are you doing? Another name for this is
  • Bae: First and foremost
  • Before anybody else
  • TTYL: I’ll get back to you later. TY: Thank you very much
  • CYT: See you later today
  • BBL: I’ll come back later. FTFY: I’ve taken care of it for you
  • I’ll let you know
  • TL
  • DR: It’s too lengthy, don’t/didn’t read
  • TYT: You have a lot of time
  • QOTD stands for Quote of the Day. MFW: The expression on my face at the time
  • FTW: For the win, of course
  • DIKY: Do I recognize you? HMU: Please contact me. WYWH: I wish you were here with us. Instagram is abbreviated as IG. Bestie: a term of affection or a phrase of fondness for a best buddy
  • IDK: I don’t know
  • OFC: Without a doubt
  • I think it’s nice to have
  • KMN: Let me know what you’re thinking
  • NVM: It’s all right
  • GR8: Excellent
  • DIY stands for “do it yourself.” TO BE ANNOUNCED: To be announced
  • BFFs are best buddies for life. CYA: See you later
  • Because
  • IIRC: If my recollection serves me right
  • BC or B/C: For your knowledge, I’m including this as an FYI. TBF: I’ll be completely honest with you
  • G2G: I’ve got to get out of here
  • THX: Thank you so much
  • MSG stands for message
  • OOO is for out of office. SRSLY: I mean it
  • Seriously
  • Gossip and drama are served with tea. Suspicious is a slang term for suspicious. Incredibly amusing
  • LOL: Laughing aloud
  • IKR: Incredibly amusing
  • TMI stands for “too much information.” IYKYK: If you know what you’re talking about
  • YMMV: Your mileage may vary
  • ASAP: as quickly as possible
  • YMMV: Your mileage may vary
  • JSYK: Just so you’re aware, YOLO (You Only Live Once) means “You Only Live Once.” TBD: To be determined or to be decided
  • To be determined ILY: I adore you
  • OTOH: On the other hand
  • DM: Direct message
  • OMW: I’m on my way
  • ILY: I adore you COB stands for “close of business.” AMA: Feel free to ask me anything
  • SFLR: Apologies for the delayed response
  • NBD: No big deal
  • NP: No problem
  • BDAY: Birthday
  • NP: No issue
  • NBD: No big deal TIA: Please accept my thanks in advance. It is planned that Finna will
  • IMHO: in my humble/honest view
  • BTW: as a side note, Finna will. OMG: Oh my God/Goddess
  • ATM: At the moment
  • OMG: Oh my God/Goddess
  • TIL: Today I learned
  • EOD: End of the day
  • TIL: Today I learnt IDC: I couldn’t care less
  • V: Extremely
  • POV is an abbreviation for point of view. Work from home (WFH) is an option. TFW: That sensation you get when
  • The phrase TGIF means “Thank goodness/thank God it’s Friday.” This isn’t my problem, then.

In my egotistical view, the abbreviation IMAO represents for the following things.

This online lingo, in my humble view, is a parody of the old chiche, which was initially employed by usenet discussion groups.


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IMAO Meaning – What Does IMAO Mean?

Many individuals in your immediate vicinity are fond of using the acronym IMAO in their texts and on social media, but you may not be entirely aware of what it means. However, don’t be concerned because this article may be of use to you. It contains all of the information you need to know about ” IMAO “, including the entire form, meaning, and origin, as well as examples of how to use it in various contexts. Furthermore, in this post, you will learn about numerous alternative alternatives for the term ” IMAO ” that express the same idea as the original phrase.

What is the meaning of the phrase “IMAO”

” IMAO ” is an abbreviation that stands for ” in my arrogant opinion “. This is an abbreviation for the Internet, and it is used when you exaggerate your complacency and make outlandish or stupid assertions on the internet. Social media, group communications, and online discussion forums are all places where this term is increasingly commonly heard and utilized. In addition, there’s the inflatedIMMAO (which stands for “in my most arrogant opinion”). If you want to be arrogant without being overt, you might use the phraseIMNSHO (which means “in my not so humble opinion”).

” LMAO ” is spelled out instead of the acronym ” IMAO,” which stands for “laughing my ass off.” This misunderstanding originates from the fact that lowercaseL (l) in sans-serif typefaces can be readily mistaken for uppercaseI.

IMAO: Where does it come from?

The acronym ” IMAO ” was first used on the Internet in May 1989, in a discussion about the jam band The Grateful Dead. It has since become widely accepted. “All right, let me throw some kerosene on the fire,” comments one Internet user. “This is how I would evaluate the movie IMAO.” In response to more than 30,000 questions about the meaning of “IMAO,” he adds a postscript at the end of his blog article, stating that it stands for “in my arrogant opinion.” Through 1989, individuals began to use the phrase ” in my arrogant view ” to signify ” in my arrogant opinion ” in Usenet forums, always in discussions and disputes.

By 1993, the term ” IMAO ” was commonly used in Usenet forums and in conversations about current events and topical topics.

Other meanings of “IMAO”

  • The following are my opinions: I’ll express my thoughts
  • I’ve missed an opportunity
  • In My Amazing Opinion
  • Ignore Many Accusatory Objections
  • In My Angry Opinion
  • The Internet is concealing the actual operation

Real-life Examples with “IMAO”

Example 1: A and B are discussing the test that they recently completed.

  • A:The test was entirely rigged against me. A perfect 10 was way too simple to obtain without exerting any effort
  • B:Imao, that’s exactly what I’m thinking

Example 2: A and B are speaking about their trip in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, which they took last year.

  • “A:Imao, I think Hanoi is the most wonderful location I’ve ever visited
  • ” “B:Imao, I think the holiday to Ho Chi Minh City will be excellent.” I’m looking forward to trying some excellent food, taking in some breathtaking sights, and participating in a range of entertaining activities.

Synonym lists for “IMAO”

The terms listed below have the same meaning as ” IMAO “.

IMO in my opinion
IMMAO in my most arrogant opinion
IMHO in my humble opinion
IMNSHO in my not so humble opinion
IMK in my knowledge
IM POV In my point of view

However, keep in mind that when someone expresses an opinion, they will use the terms ” IMO ” and ” IMHO ” to indicate their position. When contrasted to other people’s opinions, the terms ” IMAO ” and ” IMNHO ” are the same in that the user asserts that their viewpoint is more right or significant than the other person’s opinion (or vice versa).

What does imao mean in text?

The Significance of the Initials IMAO “In My Arrogant Opinion” is an abbreviation for “In My Arrogant Opinion.” So now that you know what IMAO stands for (which stands for “In My Arrogant Opinion”), please do not thank us. YW! What exactly is IMAO stand for? It is detailed above where the IMAO definition is provided, what IMAO stands for, and how to use it in a sentence or in a slang term. according to my conceited opinion In a similar vein, what does the text message abbreviation LMAO mean? LMAO is one of several often used words in texting, instant messaging, chatting, and on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Were you curious as to what it meant?

“Laughing My Ass Off” is an abbreviation that stands for “Laughing My Ass Off.” Similarly, one would wonder what the abbreviation imao means.

Prior to Anyone Else (Bae) is an abbreviation that stands for: Before Anyone Else.

There’s also a second, considerably less well-known connotation for the phrase.

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