What Does Xoxo Mean In Text? (Best solution)

It’s pretty common knowledge that XOXO means “hugs and kisses.” According to Dictionary.com, it’s generally thought of as a “lighthearted way of expressing affection, sincerity, or deep friendship.” The X represents a kiss, while the O represents a hug.

Why does ‘XOXO’ mean ‘hugs and kisses’?

  • Hugs and kisses or XOXO is a term used for expressing sincerity, faith, love, or good friendship at the end of a written letter, email or SMS text message.

What does it mean if a girl sends XOXO?

What does XOXO mean? “XOXO” in text language simply means “ hugs and kisses ” The “X” represents the “kisses” because they kind of look like puckered lips, and the “O” represents “hugs”. Most often, people send xoxo texts as a sign of affection, whether among friends or in a relationship.

What does XOXO mean 2021?

XOXO means hugs and kisses. Simple, right? The X means kiss and the O means hugs, so XOXO technically means kisses, hugs, kisses, hugs.

What is the difference between XO and XOXO?

As abbreviations the difference between xo and xoxo is that xo is (an abbreviation for hugs and kisses, usually placed at the end of a letter) while xoxo is an abbreviation for hugs and kisses, usually placed at the end of a letter.

Is XOX flirty?

Once upon a time, signing a missive with “xoxo” was kind of flirty, using the letters to signify a cheeky wink to more than just a “sincerely” or “best wishes.” But since then, we’ve seen the heart-shaped Halloween candies, clothing lines, and, of course, Gossip Girl, forever changing what those two little letters mean

Is XOXO a bad word?

It’s pretty common knowledge that XOXO means ” hugs and kisses.” According to Dictionary.com, it’s generally thought of as a “lighthearted way of expressing affection, sincerity, or deep friendship.”

How do you text a hug?

Method One: Ways to Send a Hug Through Cellphone Text

  1. Tap the emoji icon.
  2. Scroll down to the emoji.
  3. Tap the emoji to insert it in the text bar.
  4. Tap the send icon.

What does XO mean in texting from a guy?

XO is widely used in written and typed messages with the meaning ” Hugs & Kisses.” In this context, XO is typically used as an affectionate salutation at the end of a message between friends or family members.

What does PS mean?

PS stands for postscript. It comes from the Latin postscriptum, which literally means “written after.” A postscript is an additional thought added to letters (and sometimes other documents) that comes after it has been completed. Make your postscripts sharp. Grammarly can help. Try Grammarly.

What does 2 kisses mean in a text?

Usually, one x (one kiss) is used for friends, two xx (two kisses) for best friends or close friends, and three xxx or more (three kisses or more) for your partner or super close friends.

What to say when a guy wants to kiss you?

Ask him to kiss you. If you’re too afraid to move in for the kiss, ask him to do it. Say something like, “ Will you kiss me? ” You can also ask him if he’d like a kiss, by saying something like, “Can I kiss you?” or “I’d love to kiss you right now. Are you into it?”

XOXO Meaning: What Does XOXO Mean and Where Did It Originate?

See below for more information on the historical importance and meaning of the symbol XOXO, as well as some creative ideas to incorporate Xs and Os into your wedding day. XOXO. Many people have heard this expression used to indicate “hugs and kisses,” or, to put it more precisely, “hugs and kisses,” innumerable times. But what exactly does XOXO stand for, and why do the letters X and O translate to expressions of love and affection? Are there any innovative approaches that you can use to include the heartfelt symbols of love (such as XOXO) into your wedding?

When asked “Why does XO stand for hugs and kisses,” the quick response is that we don’t know the answer.

Instead, they were simply utilized in letter writing, says Denasi.

X is said to have originated in the Middle Ages, when individuals used to sign letters with an X at the beginning of each line.

A Christian sign, intended to depict the cross and used as a replacement for the word “Christ,” it was formed from a combination of two letters from the Greek alphabet that resembled the letter “Chi.” Based on the lengthy history of Christian kissing of Christ’s statues or kissing of the Bible, it is hypothesized that the X may have originally meant “seal it with a kiss.” Another hypothesis is that the X resembles two individuals kissing, and that this is how the word “kiss” came to be used to denote “kiss.” Regardless, by the mid-1800s, the meaning of the letter X had been established as “kiss.” Meanwhile, the O is thought to have originated from Jewish immigrants who, like the X, were unable to read or write when they arrived in North America and refused to sign papers with the X, which was connected with Christianity.

  1. Instead, they used the letter O to sign their name.
  2. Whatever the true meaning of XOXO has been throughout history, we are all familiar with the colloquial meaning today!
  3. When it comes to the history of kissing, Denasi, who researched the subject for his book, agrees that the x in XOXO has been used in letters since medieval times.
  4. Though the X was originally intended to represent the word “Christ,” somewhere along the line, it morphed into a manner of signing a document with a kiss.
  5. During that historical period, Denasi explains, “women desired to break away from the concept of being handed away in marriage.” ‘Women want the ability to influence their own fate and to effect change,’ says the author.
  6. After centuries of individuals adhering to tradition and signing and sealing their letters with an X, it gradually came to indicate they were sealing it with a kiss, possibly even kissing the scroll or paper once it was sealed, according to Denasi’s interpretation.

Hugs from O Means Hugs Consequently, because both the X and the O were easy to write, even for people who had not learned to read, and because Denasi points out that tic-tac-toe, a game that makes use of the X and O symbols, developed during the medieval period as well, these two symbols have been linked for a long period of time.

Regardless of how it came to be, the O can be seen as a graphic representation of an embrace.

We utilize a variety of variants and alternatives for XOXO, whether in a printed letter, an email, a text message, or a chat session.

  • Find out about the historical importance and meaning of the symbol XOXO, as well as some creative ideas to integrate Xs and Os into your wedding celebration. XOXO. Many people have heard this term used to indicate “hugs and kisses,” or, to put it more precisely, “hugs and kisses,” a lot of the time. Why are Xs and Os associated with expressions of love and devotion, and what does XOXO mean? Are there any innovative approaches that you can use to include the heartfelt symbols of love (such as XOXO) into your wedding ceremony? Is There Any Meaning to the Letters XOXO? It’s easy to say that we don’t know the answer to the question “What does XO stand for?” Denasi, professor of semiotics and linguistic anthropology at the University of Toronto and author of The History of the Kiss: The Birth of Popular Culture, claims that no one has ever written down why the symbols XOXO were used
  • They simply began using them in letter writing without thinking about it. Understanding What the Symbol XOXO Really Means Speaking about the Past Historically Once again, there is no clear-cut explanation or immediately traceable historical precedent for this situation. X is said to have originated in the Middle Ages, when individuals used to sign letters with an X at the beginning of each letter. Because many individuals were unable to read or write, an X was used in place of a signature. A Christian symbol, intended to represent the cross and used as a substitute for the word “Christ,” it was formed from a combination of two letters from the Greek alphabet that resembled the letter “X.” As a result of the lengthy history of Christians kissing images of Christ, such as statues of Christ or the Bible, one idea suggests that the X may have originally meant “seal with a kiss.” Yet another idea holds that the X resembles the lips of two individuals kissing, and that this is how the word “kiss” came to be used to refer to the action. As a result, by the mid-nineteenth century, the meaning of the letter X had been established as “kisse.” During this time, the O is said to have originated from Jewish immigrants who, like the X, came in North America and refused to sign papers with the Christian-associated X since they could not read or write. The O was substituted in their place. When the letter O was introduced, it quickly became synonymous with the word “hug,” merely because it was in opposition to the letter X, which had previously been synonymous with the word “kiss” According to the idea of appearances, the O also seems to be two people hugging from above, which is also acceptable. However, regardless of the origins of the phrase, we are all aware with its current slang interpretation! Kisses are represented by the letter X. XOXO has been used in letters since medieval times, according to Denasi, who wrote his book after researching the history of kissing. Nevertheless, what does X truly imply in practice? The X, which was originally intended to represent the word “Christ,” eventually evolved into a manner of signing with a kiss at some point along the line. Maybe this was a reflection of a societal shift in which people placed more emphasis on love and affection, adds Denasi. During that historical period, Denasi explains, “women desired to get away from the concept of being given away in marriage.” In order for women to be empowered and influence the world, they desired a voice in their own destiny. Accordingly, as the practice of falling in love before marriage became more popular, so did the practice of communicating that love through a written communication. After centuries of individuals adhering to tradition and signing and sealing their letters with an X, it gradually came to indicate they were sealing it with a kiss, possibly even kissing the scroll or paper once it was sealed, according to Denasi’s research. In modern times, people are more likely to associate the X with the way a person’s lips pucker when they kiss, or with what two people kissing seem like when viewed in the distance. Hugs from O Means. Consequently, because both the X and the O were easy to write, even for people who had not learned to read, and because Denasi points out that tic-tac-toe, a game that makes use of the X and O symbols, developed during the medieval period as well, these two symbols have been linked for a long, long time. Nonetheless, according to the Washington Post, there isn’t much proof that the letter O was employed to represent the embrace in writing until 1960. The letter O can be seen as a graphic representation of the embrace, regardless of how it came to be created. In Denasi’s words: “Stepping within a circle is essentially engulfing.” “When you embrace someone, you’re expressing something like, ‘I’m encompassing the aura and physical person you.’ Your arms form a circle around you, which is a good thing.” variations of the xoxo symbol ( (or Ways We Use XOXO) Since it is now so widely used, the meaning of XOXO has evolved to become more complicated. When we write a letter, email, text, or chat, we utilize a variety of variants and alternatives for the words “XOXO.”
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Even with all of the many methods to give kisses and embraces, the XOXO symbol remains constant. According to Denasi, “once particular customs become established and have significance for us, they are unlikely to be abandoned.” “Symbols such as XOXO and XOXO continue to exist. Those traits are handed on from one generation to the next. The likelihood of it being utilized indefinitely increases if repurposing it is simple. It is my view that symbols such as XOXO will never go away as long as we have that emotional connection with them.” Ideas for an XOXO Wedding What exactly is XOXO to us right now?

  • With its connotation of physical tenderness and its origins in married love, the XOXO symbol is a lovely theme to integrate into a wedding celebration.
  • A wedding, where the room is filled with unconditional love and support, is the most ideal setting in which to exchange XOXOs, and I cannot think of a more fitting setting “Jenny Orsini, owner and creative director of Jenny Orsini Events, explains how she came up with the idea.
  • XOXO Wedding Invitations are a sweet and simple way to say “I do.” You may send your visitors a love message by engraving or stamping invitations with the graphic design “XOXO” on them.
  • “If you have the financial means to engage a professional graphic designer, I strongly advise you to do so.
  • The XOXO sign may be used on other pieces of wedding stationery as well, such as the menu card, table cards, and escort cards, once you’ve created your own.
  • In addition, she explains, by employing Xs and Os, you’re telling your visitors to unwind, have fun, and perhaps even establish a little connection of their own.
  • Cocktail napkins can also be imprinted with the letters XOXO.

Wedding Cake with an XOXO message A wedding cake is the pièce de résistance of the wedding reception—and it’s the perfect location to include XOXO into your design.

If you prefer a more contemporary look, have your cake decorator construct an XOXO pattern in fondant icing and cover the cake with it, suggests Orsini.

XOXO Wedding DécorXOXO may be used throughout the reception as a decorative element for the event.

Just keep in mind that you don’t have to put an X and an O everywhere for guests to realize you’ve done so.

XOXO PhotosX and O balloons, as well as portable XOXO decorations, offer for adorable photo opportunities for your bridal party or for your guests during your wedding.

“Just make sure you stay on track with the overall image. Creating that coherent atmosphere gives your wedding its own own brand, and your guests will notice the attention to detail that you have put into it.”

15+ of the Best Ways to Respond to a Flirty XOXO Text

You’re messaging someone, and out of nowhere, he or she sends you a “XOXO” text message. You’ve never received a text like this before, and you’re not even sure what it means; you’re probably wondering how to answer to a xoxo SMS. We want you to be at ease, knowing that we have things under control. A xoxo text, whether it comes from a friend or an acquaintance, is nothing to be concerned about. Whatever the situation is, we have a solution for you, even if it involves someone with whom you have no emotional attachment.

  • We need discuss what xoxo means first, though, before proceeding any farther.
  • The context of the text and the identity of the person who is giving it to you will determine how you should receive the text in the most appropriate manner.
  • Xoxo messages from friends are often just nice greetings that mean nothing; thus, if you have a similar type of connection with your buddy, you can react in the same manner.
  • Examine how to reply to xoxo text messages in both of the following situations: 01“Oooo!” Take note that this response has simply the letter ‘o,’ which indicates that you are responding with hugs.
  • Image courtesy of Hian Oliveira via unsplash02.
  • Once your buddy hears this message, the likelihood is that he or she will refrain from expressing it again.
  • “Can you tell me when I’ll be able to see you?” Saying this to your closest friend, with whom you have a really close connection, is a wonderful thing to do.

04″You’re a good friend!” says the speaker.

It communicates to your friend your appreciation for him or her.

“Yuck!” says the author.

This response is not intended to be hurtful because it is only a jest.

However, what should you do if he or she sends you a xoxo SMS for the first time is a little confusing.

If you and your partner are living together, you may simply alter the phrase “come see me” to “come home soon.” By returning the same love energy that your spouse is sending to you, you are reciprocating his or her feelings for you.

The virtual hugs and kisses are insufficient.

While you are in a long-distance relationship or when your spouse is gone on a trip, it is beneficial to utilize this sort of response.

It communicates to your spouse that you are experiencing the same emotions as he or she is.

“I’m madly in love with you!” A xoxo text from a companion is yet another approach for him or her to express their feelings for you to you.

It may be a wonderful sensation to have a crush who sends you a xoxo text message.

In response to a xoxo SMS from your sweetheart, there are three options to consider: 10“XOXO!” To react to your crush’s SMS, you can use the same message because it signifies that you are sending him/her back hugs and kisses.

For as long as it takes to figure out exactly how he/she feels about you, it is beneficial to follow his/her instructions.

It’s likely that he or she may inquire as to why or make a comment on what you stated.

Photos taken by Allef Vinicius and published on Unsplash12.

Your crush, on the other hand, is completely unaware of this!

When you ask a question and he or she replies right, you offer him or her an opportunity to expound on his or her love for you.

A xoxo message might be difficult to receive, especially when you aren’t sure what to do with it; it’s likely that you don’t feel the same way in any manner as the person who sent it.

Here are four thoughtful ways to answer to a xoxo SMS from someone you don’t particularly care for: 13 “Thank you very much!

As a result of your involvement with someone else, there is no possibility of anything occurring between you and the sender of the message.

Tan Danh’s photo is available under a Creative Commons license from Pexels.

“I hope you understand what I’m saying!” Using this method, you will be more prepared for when someone has been heavily flirting with you and it is evident that the xoxo text was not intended in a pleasant manner, as seen in the example.

15″I appreciate free hugs, but please don’t give me any kisses!” This is an effective method of drawing a line when the sender attempts to pass his or her location and exert pressure on you.

Saying “no thanks” is far more kind than any of the hundreds of other ways you may reject him or her.

“I hope I didn’t give you the incorrect impression,” I say.

I If you are a warm and nice person, it may appear like you are interested in him or her, which is not the case at all.

By apologizing for giving conflicting signals, you are expressing your remorse if this was the situation.

There’s no need to stress, overthink, or even ghost the person who gave you the xoxo text message now that you’ve learned 15 alternative ways to reply to xoxo texts in four distinct circumstances. You know just what to say in order to get your desired outcome!

What does a girl mean when she texts xoxo?

I realize this is a silly question, and I understand that it refers to hugs and kisses, but in this context with this lady, we chat virtually every night now, and last night was the first time she sent goodnight xoxo. Previously, she had only texted goodnight. Is there anything she’s trying to say? The original postbyingerland89 may be found here. I realize this is a silly question, and I understand that it refers to physical affection such as hugs and kisses, but in this context with this lady, we text practically every night now, and last night was the first time she texted goodnight xoxo.

  • Is there anything she’s trying to say?
  • lol xoxo indicates that she wishes to rape and murder you.
  • .
  • She’s basically a carbon replica of the females from Gossip Girl, to be honest.
  • Dominico0806’s original post may be found here.
  • aw cmon, can you give me some serious answers please?
  • Guys that are overly analytical are the ones who do not attract female partners.

xoxo A gossip girl is someone who spreads rumors about other people.

xoxo ummm.

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There is a possibility that she is beginning to like you.

The only way to find out is to pull your wang out and stand there the next time you see her in person.

Knight, answer the summons of your majesty!

Completely drew!

Unless otherwise stated, it was always goodnight.

I believe she’s attempting to give you a signal that she’s developing affections for you at this point in time.

I realize this is a silly question, and I understand that it refers to physical affection such as hugs and kisses, but in this context with this lady, we text practically every night now, and last night was the first time she texted goodnight xoxo.

Is there anything she’s trying to say?

Please respond with xoxo.

kisses him on the cheek It was told to me by a young lady.

After that, I paid close attention. The X has the appearance of a man or woman with his or her hands and legs stretched apart. The letter o represents the person who is being embraced. Take a look at: XOXOXO But I’m still perplexed as to how it could possibly resemble a kiss in any way.

Urban Dictionary: xoxo

I’ve always used the Xs to signify HUGS and the Os to signify KISSES. Taking into consideration the fact that the Xs appear to me to be the way you may hug someone. As for the Os, they appear to me to be the way you would pucker your lips together before kissing someone. ” Xoxo, Cathleen” was how Cathleen signed off on her letter to Justin. 2.) Xoxo is also known as the “lazy man’s” way of writing hugs and kisses, as well as the “shorthand” way of writing them. 3.) If you want to be brief, sweet, and to the point when expressing your affection for someone, you can always use the symbol xoxo.

  • OXESTO YOU AS WELL, SWEETIE.” To give to your coworker Riley, make an axoxo mug for her.
  • The name of a rather pricey apparel brand for young to middle-aged girls that is mostly known for its handbags but is not restricted to only those; it is frequently seen in department shops such as Macys and Foley’s.
  • Larisa, give your mother an axoxo cup.
  • Make a pursed lip motion.
  • Make a complete fool of yourself.
  • It’s nothing more than a blown kiss.
  • Hugs and kisses, since that’s what everyone believes it means when they hear it.

A Guide to E-Mail Sign-Offs

Tim Lahan created the illustration. A guide to understanding e-mail sign-offs:”XOXO”: Contrary to common misconception, this does not imply “hugs and kisses.” “XOXO”: This does not mean “hugs and kisses.” To the contrary, it’s designed to express gentle affection, such as a pat on the buttocks from a loving aunt from Texas. You should not interpret it as anything more than that. “XOX”: This denotes a strong, throbbing urge for sexual activity. The individual who signs off in this manner is expecting that you would visualize her nude silhouette playing the saxophone in a misty environment.

  • “X”: This is a modest, courteous nod that indicates that everything is going perfectly well at the moment.
  • If you get an email from someone who signs off with “XX,” they are wishing you the worst in life, despise your mannerisms, and, if they had their way, they would send you a haunted music box at the workplace Christmas gift exchange.
  • “Best wishes”: When someone ends a sentence with this phrase, she really wishes the best for you.
  • “All the best”: This individual has entirely lost his or her mind.
  • Even if you happened to see her at home, she’d be grimacing as she bounced on an exercise ball while saying “All best, all best, all best, all best” and pondering whom to tell the phrase to next.
  • If you are signing off with “Best,” it is apparent that you are in the midst of a highly legitimate communication.
  • There is no one who understands what the hell this implies.
  • Take care while dealing with this individual.
  • You’re essentially trapped in a virtual reality maze, with question marks floating about in the air among weird fart sounds to keep you entertained.
  • Consider that for what it’s worth, but this is the way Abraham Lincoln usually signed off, so take it as a gesture of respect.

“Peace out!”: This individual most likely has an earring in the shape of a turtle and is attempting to grab everyone’s attention by saying “Peace out!” It goes without saying that this is a “Kramer vs. Kramer” match. “Love” means that this individual is in love with you.

What the actual Sh!t does “XO” mean?

A mystery, and each culture has its own interpretation of what it means. Okay, let’s be honest, we’ve all received a text message that contained either a “xx” or a “xo” and gotten a little excited about it at some point. However, there is a tinge of skepticism surrounding the exhilaration. Is it supposed to be flirtatious or friendly in nature? A colleague and I were in our office one day discussing the “xo” vs “xx” phenomenon, and much to my surprise, we had very different opinions on what each letter meant.

  1. After reading this, you’ll almost certainly find yourself questioning the very meaning of life itself, so proceed at your own peril.
  2. Obviously, the majority of us understand the difference between a hug and a kiss.
  3. That makes sense, doesn’t it?
  4. My colleague was under the impression that the ‘x’ represented a kiss and the ‘o’ represented a hug.
  5. Because I had never heard anything to the contrary, I was convinced my entire life.
  6. My entire history of texting people was put into question as a result of this.
  7. Was it possible that I was completely wrong the whole time?

Who knows what might have happened if I had made a different decision!

A number of people, including my friends, roommates, my parents, random strangers, and even a world-renowned Harvard professor (who has yet to respond) who also believed the ‘o’ represented the kiss agreed.

I took that as a cue to start asking around internationally, and the results have been shocking, to say the least.

I’m not going to lie, this was by far my favorite response because I admire people who are direct and to the point in their responses.

China has done an excellent job!

The “xo” and “xx” saga, he claimed, was completely unknown to him at the time.

In the end, the result is “:*,” which does have the appearance of a face kissing the side of the cheek.

No, not in the traditional sense.

According to popular belief, the letter ‘x’ represents a kiss and the letter ‘o’ represents a hug in Australia.

According to her, the greater her level of excitement, the greater the number of “x’s” she employs.

So, how do you feel about that?

In the end, the answer is ambiguous; I will never be able to determine whether the letters ‘x’ and ‘o’ stand for hug or kiss.

Rather than simplifying things, I’m sure I’ve made things even more complicated. Thank goodness for emojis these days. xoxo, The Pilgrim Who Is Pondering

What does XOX stand for?

XOX is a digital adoration messaging service that may be used online, in emails, and in SMS. A hug and kiss to the receiver may also be expressed in greeting cards and letters to express your affection for them.

Where did XOX come from?

XOX is a shortened version of the more often used XOXOacronym. In this case, the “X” stands for a “kiss,” while the “O” stands for a “hug.” The roots of the XOXO brand are unclear. Some believe that the significance of the letter “X” dates back to the Middle Ages, when the Christian cross symbol evolved into a kiss of vowed fidelity to Jesus, which was used to certify the validity of papers and envelopes. In addition, some historians trace the “O” back to Jewish immigrants who employed the “O” as a signature when they arrived in the United States.

How do I use XOX?

You may use the symbol XOX in any situation where you wish to express your admiration for someone fast, such as an email or a birthday greeting card. The affection may be seen as friendly or romantic in nature, and it is often determined by the nature of the relationship between the two individuals. Being widely known, you can utilize XOX with virtually anyone and have them comprehend what you’re saying. They may, however, be perplexed as to why you did not use the lengthier and more usual XOXO instead.

XOXO: You’ve Been Kissing the People You Should’ve Been Hugging. — Crushh – Texting Relationship Analyzer App

We all know what the letters XOXO stand for. We all have a habit of concluding our letters and goodbyes with a torrent of x’s and o’s to signify completion. Remember how Gossip Girl closed every blog post with the words “You know you adore me, XOXO Gossip Girl,” or something similar? But, let’s disassemble the acronym for a moment, shall we? You now understand that one letter represents hugs and the other represents kisses. But how do you tell which is which? According to what I’ve observed, the majority of people believe that “X” denotes hugs and “O” denotes kisses—75 percent, to be exact.

  • However, history shows that those individuals are incorrect.
  • Some of them didn’t know how to sign a paper with their own legal names, so they would just sign with a “X,” and their signature would be considered valid.
  • This resulted in the “X” signifying a kiss being created.
  • When Jewish immigrants first came in the United States, they refused to use the letter “X” because they believed it was a reference to Christian beliefs.
  • The upshot was that persons who were illiterate when they immigrated to the United States would sign their paperwork with a “O.” Over time, the letter “O” came to be associated with a hug.
  • I suppose that for the majority of individuals, switching makes more sense.

Simply make sure the person on the other end understands what you’re trying to say, or just do it in person.

Why ‘XOXO’ Means ‘Hugs and Kisses’

QDT gets commissions from qualifying purchases made through its Amazon Associates and Bookshop.org Affiliate programs. In addition, there is a religious theory. It has been used as a sign for Christ since the ancient Greeks, as it is the initial letter of the Greek name for Christ, “Christos,” which is pronounced “Christos.” (O) (O) (O) (O) (O) (O) (O) (O) (O) (O) And, as I discussed a few years back, this is one of the reasons why you shouldn’t get outraged when people mistakenly write “Christmas” for “Xmas.” The book “Kiss and Tell” explains that “during the days of early Christianity, when the majority of humanity were unable to write, individuals would sign important papers.

with an X instead of a signature.” The X served a dual purpose, signifying both the cross of Christ and the name of Jesus.

Even though, at least according to the OED, it appears that using the X to indicate a kiss is far more modern than early Christian times, I think it’s still a fascinating piece of history to know about anyway.

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Why is an O a hug?

The usage of an O to represent a hug is much more recent, at least according to the Oxford English Dictionary, which records the first instance in 1948. The O also appears to be used to represent a hug, but only in conjunction with an X rather than by itself. The explanations for why the letter O represents a hug appear to be even more fanciful than those for the letter X. Several people have said that it appears to be the shape of arms wrapping around something in an embrace. Alternatively, it is possible that Jewish immigrants used the O to sign papers in the same way as Christians did.

Because that game makes use of the letters X and O, the two symbols are often associated with one another in people’s imaginations.

Do all cultures kiss?

A fascinating fact I discovered when studying the XO-symbol is that kissing on the mouth is not universally accepted as a form of affection. It is not practiced by all civilizations. It was essentially a phenomenon associated with western civilisation, at least until modern times, when western civilization began extending its culture to the rest of the world. According to the book “History of the Kiss,” kissing didn’t even begin as a romantic gesture until the 19th century. There are absolutely cultures who see romantic kissing on the mouth as odd or even repulsive, and it is undeniably true that it began as more of a religious practice in the first place.

To demonstrate their reverence for and purity, Hindus kiss the ground under a temple, while Jews kiss the Western Wall of Jerusalem’s Holy Temple.” It’s what all the cool kids are doing!

Whatever you do on Valentine’s Day, whether you’re exchanging candy hearts with the letters X and O written on them or typing the letters XOXO in Facebook comments, you’ll have a better understanding of why those letters stand for hugs and kisses.


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How to Properly Use “Xoxo” in a Sentence and Other Writings

When it comes to absorbing fresh terms and phrases into its vocabulary, English is possibly the most open of any language in the world, perhaps more so than any other. However, there are cases in which non-English or unofficial terms are introduced into its phrases without formal approval, leaving people who are not familiar with the word or phrase confused of what to make of such foreign inclusions in the first place. “xoxo” or “XOXO” is a word, phrase, or expression that fits this description.

Knowing the definition of a word is really essential if you want to be certain that you’re using it with the appropriate person and in the appropriate phrase.

Continue reading to find out more about the deeply entrenched meaning of the term, its intriguing history, how you may combine the phrase into ordinary casual texts and also personal events, as well as some example sentences that include the phrase in them.

What Does the Word “xoxo” Mean?

The phrase “xoxo” can be translated as “hugs and kisses.” A kiss is represented by the letter “x,” and a hug is represented by the letter “o.” “Kiss, hug, kiss, hug” is the direct translation of the expression. When used at the conclusion or beginning of a sentence, it is known as the colon. “Xoxo” is not a term that is commonly seen in dictionaries. Those who disagree may even claim that it isn’t a word at all. It’s a simple, informal term that’s frequently used in text messages or casual text-based chats, and it’s especially common in text messages.


It should not be confused with the term “I love you.”

The History Behind “xoxo”

So, what is the significance of the letters “x” and “o” in the context of hugs and kisses? When it comes to expressing love, there is no historical proof or written record that outlines the reasoning for the use of the characters “x” and “o.” However, there has been an idea around for quite some time. Since the Middle Ages, the letter “x” has been used to signify a kiss, and it is still in use today. Only very lately has the letter “o” been included into the sentence. It is thought that individuals throughout the medieval period used the letter “x” to sign messages because the majority of people at the time could not read or write properly.

The letter “x” may also look to be two people kissing, according to another notion that has been circulating.

When Jewish immigrants who could neither read or write arrived in North America, they refused to sign their papers with the letter “x” since the alphabet had a Christian connotation.

As long as the theory linked with how things seem is taken into consideration, these supposed interpretations are perfectly acceptable.

Changing Times

Originally, the letter “x” represented the word “Christ.” After some time, it grew into being conceived as something more intimate, such as a kiss. The transition signified a societal change that placed a greater emphasis on love than it had previously. At the time, women desired to do rid of the idea that they were “given” over to a man when they entered into a married relationship. They wished to have a voice in their own marriage and in their own fate. As falling in love before to marriage has become increasingly common, so has the practice of expressing love through a letter as a result of this.

After the letter was sealed, several people went so far as to kiss the paper.

Because the letters “x” and “o” were relatively easy to write, even for people who had not learned to read, and because the game tic-tac-toe (which was developed during the medieval period as well) made use of the “x” and “o” signs, the two symbols or letters have long been associated with one another.

How to Properly Use “xoxo” in a Sentence

In recent years, the term “xoxo” has been so widely used that its meaning has evolved to include more nuanced connotations. Many other alternatives and variants are used for the term “xoxo,” regardless of whether the statement is used as the first or last word in a sentence or dialogue in an email, letter, or text message. The term or expression “xoxo” refers to the act of wrapping oneself around another person in embraces and kisses. In most cases, the term is used amongst romantically involved individuals.

It does not change the meaning of the term when it is chopped in half and reduced to just “xo.” It is simply a condensed version of the original sentence.

As previously noted, the letter “x” represents a kiss.

If you want to sign a letter to someone that you would normally kiss while meeting them in person, you can utilize this technique.

Incorporating “Xoxo” in Wedding Material

The term “xoxo” is used to indicate affection. It seems like a perfect choice for a wedding motif because of the physical tenderness thoughts it conveys as well as its marital love roots. In fact, outside of the digital world, there isn’t a place or occasion that is more fitting for the term to be used than a wedding reception. And there are a variety of approaches to take. In wedding invites, the phrase could be appropriate. Guests might get a love letter in the form of invites that have been stamped or engraved with the words “xoxo.” If you’re thinking about doing so, make sure the visual design is clear, readable, distinct, and conveys the intended message clearly and effectively.

  1. By using the letters “x” and “o” in your wedding invitation, you are establishing a friendly and pleasant atmosphere for the occasion to follow.
  2. The use of the letters “x” and “o” during a wedding cocktail reception would create a communal, but intimate atmosphere for the guests to enjoy.
  3. Cocktail napkins might also be imprinted with the lettering if desired.
  4. Alternatively, you may build the “xoxo” design using fondant icing and use it as a cake cover for a more contemporary look.

If you are having a dessert bar rather than a wedding cake, cupcakes with the letters “x” and “o” on them provide a decorative touch to the sweet treat. Wedding décor and photographs are additional areas where the words “xoxo” might be used.

Example Sentences with the Word “xoxo”

Here are a few examples of informal statements that include the word “xoxo.”

  • Mommy, I love you so much. Xoxo
  • I wanted to check in with you to see if you needed axoxo while she was away
  • I’ll see you tomorrow. I’m in love with you, Xoxo. I hope everything is going well for you! Xoxo
  • Thank you very much for your thoughtfulness! I know you can’t live without me, so I’ll send you some Xoxos. xoxo
  • Xoxo Brenda. “Can you tell me what he wrote in yours?” What’s the deal with the ” xoxo ” happy face thing? Yes
  • The card had the words ” xoxo ” on it, and I assumed it was from you
  • The individual who can give flowers anonymously, particularly yellow roses, as well as a card with the wordxoxo put on it, is wanted by us. Thank you very much. xoxo
  • No. ” xoxo ” is an abbreviation that signifies “get the heck out of here” in my lexicon. More power to you, and please know that I will be eternally thankful and indebted to you. xoxo
  • Martha, I really like the way you styled my lashes. xoxo
  • I’m glad I picked this dress for the wedding since it fits well. xoxo
  • I’m just checking to see if you’re aware of what I’m aware of. xoxo


Although the use of the term “xoxo” is a common technique to convey love and devotion, it is not the only option to give someone a virtual hug and kiss. sailors and soldiers used to sign their love letters with the SWAK abbreviation, which stood for “sealed with a kiss” during the medieval period. In this day and age of the Internet and cellphones, emojis such as the heart and kiss have mostly taken the role of the phrase “xoxo” in personal chats or text messages. However, despite the influx of “emojis,” the term “xoxo” isn’t going away anytime soon — it’s firmly embedded in certain established rituals and has a profoundly meaningful significance.

If the “xoxo” symbol or phrase is used during the appropriate talks and with the appropriate individuals, it will very surely survive and be passed down down the generations.

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