Breeze of Beautiful Beach Life

Breeze of Beautiful Beach Life

Breeze of Beautiful Beach Life

Sent by : Narendra Dini

Instagram : @narendradinni

Breeze of Beautiful Beach Life

The morning sun beam started my day

Open windows and settle the sun

With its brightness illuminating the coast

The sound of waves wheeling slowly began to sound

The white sand that was swept away by the waves

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                  In the morning day begins

                  Step by step

                  Toward the beautiful beaches charming

                  Leaving my little footprints

                  On the white sands of the sea because of the waves the sea

There is a sign of life on the beach

A peaceful and prosperous life

Birds start chirping welcoming morning

Snails who started walking foraging

For his life without fear of waves crashing

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                  Enjoy the evening breeze above the coconut tree

                  Leaves that sway like a dancer

                  With the sun’s spotlight drowning in the night

                  I jumped on the beach and left my little trail

                  While the gentle breeze that accompanied me back

                  Gratitude I always say to you my Lord

      That’s all the post of the nature poem about Breeze of Beautiful Beach Life which it has been sent by one of our friends. Hopefully the nature poem above can amuse us. (Also read other poem in Indonesian version at : Aku Dalam Pelukan Hujan)

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