Simplicity of Love

Simplicity of Love

Simplicity of Love

Simplicity of Love

Sent by : Via Amanda

Instagram : @viaamandaarka

I will pass the longitude east to the west longitude

I will find the northern latitudes to the south latitude

From the highlands to the lowlands I will ride

But it’s just love that I can’t deny so far

Dark isn’t bright

Light is not dark

But I believe that the light will disappear with darkness

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Love does not need its own pleasure

Love does not need selfishness that never stops

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Love Ties My Heart

Love Ties My Heart

Love Ties My Heart

Love Ties My Heart

Send by : Nur Laila Cahyawati

Before I tie my heart

Just for myself

But you came with love

Makes me search for this flavor

You make me ask about this flavor

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And you have made me realize the love you give

I think you are my first and last love

Now you’re in my heart

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You are the who wiped away all tears and loneliness

And now the love you give has adorned my days

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Restore Beautiful Memory

Restore Beautiful Memory

Restore Beautiful Memory

Restore Beautiful Memory

Sent by : Nur Afifah Fauziah

At that moment

I miss you

I miss your smile

I miss learning with you

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The night breeze blows hard

There I feel calm

Restore a beautiful memory

Remember all the memories with you

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All miss you be with me

Who always looks smile of your man

Every day pray for you

To be calm in the nature of your grave

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Difficult To Understand Love

Difficult To Understand Love

Difficult To Understand Love

Sent by : Ana Kusnul

Instagram : @aaksnl

Difficult To Understand Love


God-revealed substance for its creature that is human ..

Beautiful substance ..

Substances that can penetrate the human heart ..

All human beings will experience it

Experiencing something invisible

But it has a lot of meaning …


Sometimes hard to understand ..

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Difficult to understand..

Many people say that

Love is painful..

The man was wrong

He blames the love God designed for

Peace of the soul …

Heart comfort .. read more

Memorable Beautiful Story

Memorable Beautiful Story

Memorable Beautiful Story

Sent by : Rena Amalya

E-mail : [email protected]

Memorable Beautiful Story

I made a memory

Beautiful memories with you

Into a story

Which I will never forget

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I open it sheet by sheet

The story I wrote on this paper

I read every word

Which is full of memories

A wonderful time with you

Makes me want to go back to the past

The past was so beautiful

Which I lived with you

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But I realized

I’m in this time

Different times while being with you read more

Faithful Promise Love

Faithful Promise Love

Faithful Promise Love

Sent by : Dwi Indah Puspitasari

Instagram : @dwiindah4509

Faithful Promise Love

My faithful promise., never hide from me.

However, I can be sure that you will not get away from me.

Even though your existence is far from me.

However, my nose will always sniff out your smell.

I beg you never take your heart out of my heart.

I cannot imagine how I am,

If you live without your presence.

Even if the star lies on a quiet night,

 Pretend not to glow,

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Rain Reminds Me Of You

Rain Reminds Me Of You

Rain Reminds Me Of You

Sent by : Khoirunnisa Fibianti

Instagram : @khoirunnisa.fba

The rain reminds me of you

Just rain

Only rain can hide this feeling …..

By seeing the rain our hearts become calm …..

Because of the rain we become happy …..

Rain …..

Witness mute me and you …..

You are already happy with others …..

With rain you start it …..

And with the rain I ended it …..

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Only rain can disguise the crying …..

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Beautiful Like Star Shining

So Beautiful Like Star Shining

Beautiful Like Star Shining

Sent By : Yumiatun Sholikhah

e-mail   : [email protected]

Beautiful Like Star Shining

You’re so beautiful ….

Very beautiful to scare me

Too beautiful to have

You make me say admirably

I thought I’d go crazy

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You’re so beautiful

You’re like a rose

It’s true you’re thorny

I will stab you

Though i still want to have you

The most creature in the world

In a moment your light blinds me

You are the real star

There are so many stars in the sky

But you’re the only shining star

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Someone Who Comes For Me

Someone Who Comes For Me

Someone Who Comes For Me

Sent By : Fathia Nadhifah

e-mail : [email protected]

Someone Who Comes For Me

You are someone who comes for me

Make my life more colourful like a rainbow

Make my life brighter like a sun

And will always be as beautiful as dusk

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You are someone who comes for me

Come to knock on the door of my heart

Opening a door to happines

Climb the ladder to success

And cross the ocean of certainty

You are someone who comes for me

Come to protect me

Guide me from the perverted path

Directing me to move on

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Hope Of A True Admirer

Hope Of A True Admirer

Hope Of A True Admirer

Sent by : Narendra Dini
Instagram : @narendradinni

Hope Of A True Admirer

I may be in your world
But not always there beside you
I’m only in your dreams
But not always in the time you want
I always exits even if only a fantasy
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I’m just secret admirer
Add to get someone like you
It’s probably just hope for me
Hope that vanished when the wind blows hard
A storm that was crashing violently

Whatever my day is only a secret admirer
Which is very unlikely you get
But I will try to always be I your world
Are at your every step with my prayers
And will always be in every struggle
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