Dancing Pen Like Cheerleader

Dancing Pen Like Cheerleader

Dancing Pen Like Cheerleader

Dancing Pen Like Cheerleader

Sent by: Via Amanda

Instagram: @viaamandaarka

In my life, I need you

Although only in memories ..

You’re like a cheerleader ..

I am proud to have you.

Oh my pen …

Even though you are not so energetic.

But you support my success …

But sometimes I have ignored you ..

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Ignore you with new technology ..

But i will never forget you ..

Some of the new science I’ve written with you ..

Oh, my pen!

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You are like a rain that never complains ….

But I promise to always take care of you …

I will take care of your immortality …

My pen ..

My success is created by you …

My spirit is created by you ..

And your immortality is for me.

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Thank you, my pen …

Because you have helped me in reaching the key to my success ..

       That’s all the post of the poem about education entitled Dancing Pen Like Cheerleader which it has been sent by one of our friends. Hopefully the poem about education above can be used as our support in looking for knowledge. (Also read other article at : UAS Fisika Kelas 11 Semester 2)  

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