Difficult To Understand Love

Difficult To Understand Love

Difficult To Understand Love

Sent by : Ana Kusnul

Instagram : @aaksnl

Difficult To Understand Love


God-revealed substance for its creature that is human ..

Beautiful substance ..

Substances that can penetrate the human heart ..

All human beings will experience it

Experiencing something invisible

But it has a lot of meaning …


Sometimes hard to understand ..

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Difficult to understand..

Many people say that

Love is painful..

The man was wrong

He blames the love God designed for

Peace of the soul …

Heart comfort ..

And represents faith in his god ..

Love is not wrong

Blame people who can not apply love with sincerity ..

Blame the person who can not keep it so he misses it ..

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Ignore it ..

Denied him ..

And ignore it ..

That person is just as destructive of the belief of god to him

In a way that is not complicated, but the consequences are great ..

Love should be preserved

Without having to miserable it

Love is holy all because of God

Deepen the faith and stay away from the lust

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That damages it

Damage everything ..

Love someone for your God

And rest assured he will guarantee it

      That’s all the post of the poem about love entitled Difficult To Understand Love which it has been sent by one of our friends. Hopefully the poem about love above can amuse us. (Also read other article in Indonesian version at : Soal Question Word)

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