Effort Never Abuse Result

Effort Never Abuse Result

Effort Never Abuse Result

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Effort Never Abuse Result

      Siti Khumairoh was daughter of Mr. Aminudin and Mrs. Aminah. Her father just worked as farmer and her mother just sold vegetables in market.

      After passed in senior High School and got best result examination, she determined for continued her education in university. Although her economy was low, but it was not decrease her intention for enter in university. She was listed in a university in Surabaya City and she was taken majored in accounting. (Also read : My Best Friend Is My Rival)

      After following some tests series,finally she accepted admission. Because her parents was just a farmer and vegetables seller, so Siti tried to pay expense university with her money. So,she was made fried-foods and entrusted it in canteen. Of course how did Siti was not liberated from insulted and disdained her friends.

      Siti just assumed what her friends said was crap. Besides sold fried-foods, she was taught kids reading Al-Quran in mosque with sincere payment. Siti was a diligent studied,so in eye’s lecturer Siti was clever people. Her lecturer didn’t hesitate to be reluctant to make Siti as his assistant. Besides clever and diligent student, she was diligent worship to  Allah SWT. She obeyed and diligent helped her parents. Her days always undertaken with gratitude and happily. Her principled just optimist, effort, and tawakkal in life. (Also read other story at : The King became Massager of Abunawas)

      Siti was very diligent and quickly in the duties of duty lecturers. She was given a thesis task by her lecturer and could be completed in just 3  weeks. The result of her thesis assignment was accepted by her lecturer. Soon She got a graduation invitation. Gratitude and happiness clattered on her heart. Unexpectedly it turned out she was the best graduates on campus with IPK score was 3.80 and took the education of S1 accounting majors in just 2.5 year. Her parents was very proud of the achievements achieved by her daughter.

      After that, because of her IPK score was very high and predicated “cum laude” she got scholarship to continue her higher education at a famous university in Germany.

      That’s all the post about inspiring story entitled: Effort Never Abuse Result which has been written and sent by one of our friends. Hopefully the inspiring story about Effort Never Abuse Result can inspire us. (Also read other story in Indonesian version at : Ternyata Setia itu Mahal)

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