Experience of Boy Scouts on Campground

Experience of Boy Scouts on Campground

Experience of Boy Scouts on Campground

Experience of Boy Scouts on Campground

Sent by : Melanie Novi Saputri

Email : [email protected]

Instagram : @melaninovita1

The following post is a poem sent by one of our students. Her name is Melanie Novi Saputri by hoping can be enjoyed by everyone over the world. (Also read another article at : Togetherness More than family)

Three days and two nights …

More than one base coming

Past the front gate with a big smile

A heavy burden feels light

Various attributes are attached to the uniform

Adds the impression of being on a campsite

Dozens of tents as temporary homes

Three flags fluttered above the gate post

The team sticks stand in front of each tent

In the hot sun

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Hundreds of participants stood in the middle vastness of the earth

Awaiting the opening ceremony that hasn’t even started yet

Not a few who pray that the ceremony will soon be over

But the heat is not as hot as the spirit of the raiser

They come with a million hopes

In order to hold the trophy of pride

One to dozens of races

Which indicates they have to fight

The campground bears witness to the competition

The race that requires them

leave the campsite

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One by one the team penetrated the darkness of the night

While everyone sleeps on the bed

They walked along the survival route

The last day arrived

The ceremony was closed with tears and laughter

There are no more tents lined up in the camping area

Goodbye campsite

We raisers will miss the adventure

That’s all the post of the friendship poem about Experience of Boy Scouts on Campground which has been sent by one of our friends. Hopefully, the poem about friendship above can amuse us. (Also read another article at : Life Cycle of Frog)

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