Feeling Alone in Quiet Night

Feeling Alone in Quiet Night

Feeling Alone in Quiet Night

Feeling Alone in Quiet Night

Sent by : Muhammad Hafidz Syarifudin

      On a quiet night, I was walking alone, past a quiet and deserted night. My legs began to move gradually with an uncertain purpose. While my mind was out of control thinking something was impossible for me. Eventually my feet began to tire and stopped to walk. I sat down in a tree trunk that had broken out of the tree while looking at the moon and musing without anyone knowing what I was contemplating. Then I asked the moon “Moon, am I able to get the feelings of someone I am currently dying?”. Meanwhile I looked at the moon and wished that I could get an answer from the moon over my question. Continued with disappointment and sadly I continued my journey with tears. (Also read : How Busy Day Saturday)

      Then sadly my heart said “Is this a destiny for me always be alone without anyone who loves me? and whether is this a punishment for me because it has been hurt people who are near me for no definite reason?”. Then I went on and on, suddenly a heavy rain poured down on me and dampened all my body. Over time my little body was cold and no one knew about it. So I walked and I went back to my little house full of my daily life stories, then I changed my clothes to sleep soundly and hoped that I could dream beautifully. (Also read other article at : Crying Stone Legend)

      I was sleeping for a while and then there was one who had entered into my dream and haunted me, it turns out he is someone who has been hurt so far because he has love with other people and forget me. And in my dreams he said “If You Cry Persistently You will never be able to solve the problem of your feelings, so do not you cry ..”. Then suddenly I woke up from my deep sleep and stopped crying and did not think about what had happened to me in the past. (Also read other article at : Soal Pilihan Ganda tentang Aljabar)

      And now I know that a feeling and affection cannot be forced on a love, and love itself will coming out on a similar feeling and from a very deep heart.

     That’s all the post about inspiring story entitled: Feeling Alone in Quiet Night which it has been written and sent by one of our friends. Hopefully the inspiring story about Feeling Alone in Quiet Night above can inspire us. (Also read other article at : Fungsi dan Macam-Macam Kata Bantu Kerja TO BE)

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