Hope Of A True Admirer

Hope Of A True Admirer

Hope Of A True Admirer

Sent by : Narendra Dini
Instagram : @narendradinni

Hope Of A True Admirer

I may be in your world
But not always there beside you
I’m only in your dreams
But not always in the time you want
I always exits even if only a fantasy
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I’m just secret admirer
Add to get someone like you
It’s probably just hope for me
Hope that vanished when the wind blows hard
A storm that was crashing violently

Whatever my day is only a secret admirer
Which is very unlikely you get
But I will try to always be I your world
Are at your every step with my prayers
And will always be in every struggle
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I can see you only in my dreams
As a secret admirer
When you see yourself in a dream only
It feels like flying with wings through the clouds
Thank you for being the one I admirer
Your blessings my life is always happy

       That’s all the post of the poem about Hope Of A True Admirer which it has been sent by one of friends. Hopefully the poem above can amuse us. (Also read other article in Indonesian version at : Rona kehidupan Manusia)

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