How Busy Day Saturday

How Busy Day Saturday

How Busy Day Saturday

How Busy Day Saturday

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How Busy Day Saturday

      Saturday is the last day in a week and it belongs to the weekend, including Sunday. On Saturday I am very busy with my lots of activities. Starting getting up early morning. As usually to pray dawn for the first activity. (Also read : Effort Never Abuse Result)

      That morning I could not do one of my habits was light gymnastics, because I got up a little late. After praying, I saw wall clock. It was almost 6 a.m, so I went to bath room for bathing, quickly. Then I prepared my self to go to school before 6 o’clock. I have time for teaching at enrichment program for English. It was started at 6. I went to school quickly, with the hope that I wouldn’t be late arriving at school. Thanks God, I arrived at school on time.

      I entered to my class, namely class XII science 1. I started my activities at my school. After almost one hour I taught, I closed my enrichment program, then I continued with my subject according to regular schedule, still the same class until 8.30. I got out from my class then I went to curriculum room to put my bag. After that I went to picket table in front of the school. (Also read other article at : Prince and Little Mouse)

      Because I didn’t have breakfast before, so I came back to my house to have break fast, then I threw my big water. Finishing all of them I picked my little boy up at his Elementary school 2 Bone-Bone. I brought him to house, then I came back again to my school. I waited for my next schedule, namely extra learnt English at 12 o’clock. I and my friend managed this activity, especially for student who like English as their favorite. Finishing extra learnt, then I continued with enrichment again for two hours. I suggested my students class xii science 2 to study at Language Lab. I gave the listening through speakers a moment then I promised to my students for going to Baadia to join berbeque. I spent 15 minutes to do this, then came to lang. Lab.

      When I arrived, I saw many students from other class were out side. They wanted to go home finishing to join enrichment program. I entered back to lang lab and told my students to be ready to come back, too. I saw my time was a half past 2 p.m. When students came back. I still stayed at lang lab to enjoy music from big speaker which is put on the wall. About 3 p.m I left lang lab to come back to my house. At 3.10 I arrived at home then I went to mosque to do afternoon pray at near mosque, approximately 150 meters from my house. After that i washed my dirty clothes until 5 pm. Then I watched TV for badminton program, direct broadcasting from Macu Open. Then i brought my wife and my children to go to Keraton. Coming back from Keraton I prepared my self to pray Maghrib at mosque. (Also read other article at : Soal tentang Simple Present Tense)

      Those all my activities which I’de done at Saturday November. 25 2017. I really was very busy on Saturday with my activities That day I was ready to go to my bed. I wanted to enjoy my Saturday night by sleeping soundly. Had a nice dream,

See you next time, bye bye.

      That’s all the post about Story entitled: How Busy Day Saturday which has been written and sent by one of our friends. Hopefully the story about How Busy Day Saturday above can inspire us. (Also read other article at : Doa Penjual Daging)

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