How To Add Text To A Picture? (Solution)

How do you attach a picture to a text message?

  • Select the + icon, then choose a recipient or open an existing message thread. Select the + icon to add an attachment. Tap the Camera icon to take a picture, or tap the Gallery icon to browse for a photo to attach. Add text if desired, then tap the MMS button to send your image with your text message.


How can I add text to a picture for free?

How it works

  1. Upload a single photo from your computer, Google Drive or Dropbox. Add a text or a logo.
  2. Edit your text or logo using the editing toolkit. Drag your text or logo to any place within the picture.
  3. Click on “Save image” and download a copy of your image with the text or logo.

How can I add text to a picture on my Iphone?

Go to Photos and select the photo you want. Tap Edit, then tap the Markup button. Tap the Add button to add text, shapes, and more. Tap Done, then tap Done again.

How do you put text over an image and make it look good?

How to Use a Text Over an Image

  1. Add Contrast. Text has to be readable to be successful.
  2. Make Text Part of the Image. Sometimes it just works that text becomes – or is – part of the image you are working with.
  3. Follow the Visual Flow.
  4. Blur the Image.
  5. Put Text in a Box.
  6. Add Text to the Background.
  7. Go Big.
  8. Add Color.

How can I add text to a JPEG image?

How to Add Text to an JPG Image

  1. Open your photo editing program. How you open programs will depend on your operating system.
  2. Open the JPEG image.
  3. Click your program’s “Text” tool.
  4. Click on the image where you want to insert the text.
  5. Type your text.
  6. Select your font color, size and typeface.

Can we edit text in image?

Edit text in an image Edit the style and content of any Type layer. To edit text on a type layer, select the type layer in the Layers panel and select the Horizontal or Vertical Type tool in the Tools panel. Make a change to any of the settings in the options bar, such as font or text color.

How do you edit writing on a picture?

How to Add Text to Photo?

  1. Open your collage, design, or photo in Fotor.
  2. Using the “Text” button, select and drag a text box to the desired location.
  3. Modify the text, change the font, color, size, background or transparency.
  4. Preview and save your work, choosing the size and format you wish.

How can I add text to a picture on my iPhone for free?

Thankfully I stumbled upon some of the best iPhone apps for adding text to photos.

  1. Canva. This is, by far, my favorite app to make typographic images.
  2. Typorama. Typorama ‘automagically’ transforms photos and texts into beautiful designs.
  3. Word Swag.
  4. Over Edit & Add Text to Photos.
  5. Photo Editor.
  6. Hype-Type.
  7. Phonto.
  8. Typic.

How can I add text to an image in iphoto?

Using Markup on your iPhone or iPad

  1. Launch the Photos app. Tap the Photos app icon to open it.
  2. Select the photo you want. Found the image you want?
  3. Tap the Edit button.
  4. Tap the Plus button and select Text.
  5. Type your text.
  6. Customize.
  7. Double tap Done.

How do I write text over a picture in Word?

To allow text to wrap over a picture, select the picture. The “Layout Options” menu will be displayed near the picture. Click on the menu and choose “Behind Text.” This option will cause the picture to be treated as background and text will flow over the picture as you type.

How do I add text to a picture in paint?

To add a text box in Paint, open an image with the program and locate the “A” symbol in the “Tools” group of the “Home” tab. Click the “A” and then click on the image and drag the mouse pointer to place a text box. To resize the text box, click and drag one of the small squares around the edge of the box.

Can you edit text in a JPEG file?

The only way to edit a text within a JPG is to paint over it and add a new text. There is no way to edit text within a JPG file. You can write your name on image, or write an inspirational quote.

How do I edit and write in a JPEG?

Use Kapwing’s tools to crop, resize, rotate, flip, filter, recolor, and frame your pictures, or add text, shapes, animations, watermarks, logos, and overlays. Edit your pictures with your own personality, style, and flair, no matter what you use them for.

  1. Upload your image.
  2. Make your edits.
  3. Export.

How do I edit text in a jpeg in paint?

Select the “Text” tool and click to place a text box. As long as the text box is open, you’re free to edit the text. If you’re wondering how to change the color of text in paint, in addition to typing or deleting text, use the settings on the menu bar to edit the text’s formatting, such as font, size and color.

How To Add Text To A Picture Or Photo In 7 Easy Free Ways

There are a variety of reasons why you would wish to learn how to add text to a picture, image, or photograph. Is it your profession to be a blogger or an article writer? Incorporating a few words into your featured photographs is a quick and simple approach to distinguish them from the crowd while also making them more communicative. Text tools can be used to add a credit line to a picture, rather than placing a separate caption line beneath it, in order to avoid duplication. Adding text to your images on social media may make them more interesting and enjoyable to view and share.

Both methods will assist you in increasing your number of shares and likes.

How to add text to a picture

For authors, including a little amount of text next to a photo in your book or ebook is a simple way to offer credits or provide important remarks to your readers. Bloggers are frequently required to annotate photographs and insert text, particularly when writing how-to posts. When you need to add a line of text to a picture for any reason, you want to be able to do it quickly, conveniently, and, preferentially, using a free app on your mobile device. I’ve experimented with utilizing a picture editor.

It’s far too sluggish and difficult to navigate.

Here are some of the quickest and most straightforward free “add text to photo” programs I’ve come across.


Easily the best online program for instantly uploading an image and adding a line of text to a photo, Canva is my go-to choice for many reasons. The text editor is simple to use and offers a large selection of fonts. Simply pick Text from the sidebar menu and enter your text in while selecting your font style from the drop-down menu. Text formatting choices include changing the font color and size, as well as adjusting the line spacing. It is simple to move your text box simply dragging and dropping it to the area you choose.

  1. Alternatively, you might be able to locate the ideal image for you from Canva’s collection of free photos.
  2. It is not a photo editing program.
  3. The best part is that it is a simple picture and text tool that is completely free to use.
  4. For authors, there are hundreds of templates from which to choose when creating ebook covers.

Alternatively, you may make your own by overlaying a book title over a picture. Having mastered the technique of overlaiding text on your photographs, you will learn that this fantastic free program can be used for a variety of other tasks.

Word Swag

Easily the best online program for instantly uploading a photograph and adding a line of text to a photo, Canva is my go-to choice every time. In addition to having a large number of typefaces, the text editor is very simple to use. You may input your content and choose a font style by selecting Text from the sidebar menu. Change the font color and size, as well as modify the line spacing, are all possibilities when formatting text. The text box may be moved by dragging and dropping it to the area of your choosing.

  1. Another option is to browse through Canva’s collection of free photos to pick just the right picture for you.
  2. Also included are the options to trim, resize, and flip photos.
  3. Canva is a simple tool that requires no technical knowledge to use.
  4. Another option is to make your own by overlaying the title of a book over a photograph.

Microsoft Paint (PC)Preview (macOS)

Easily the best online program for instantly uploading images and adding a line of text to photos, Canva is my go-to choice. The text editor is simple to use and includes a large selection of fonts to choose from. Simply pick Text from the sidebar menu and enter your text in while selecting your font style from the drop-down list. Text formatting choices include changing the font color and size, as well as adjusting line spacing. Drag and drop your text box to the position of your choice with ease.

  • Alternatively, you might be able to locate the ideal image for you from Canva’s collection of free pictures.
  • You may also crop, resize, and flip the photographs that you upload.
  • You don’t need any technical knowledge to have a good time using Canva.
  • Alternatively, you may build your own by overlaying a book title onto an image of your choice.


AddText is a free internet application that performs fundamental activities. However, if you want to be able to do more, you may upgrade to the premium version. The process is straightforward: uploading your photo or image, then utilizing the editing box to add your line of type, and then submitting your work.

With the exception of adding some typeface candy to your photo or image, there are no fancy tools available. However, even if it has its limits, you will not be required to learn anything new. It makes it incredibly simple to add text to photographs.

Meme Maker by ImgFlip

Make a meme to share on social media and have some fun with it. Meme Maker is an easy application to use. It’s a simple yet effective software for adding text to images or photographs. All you have to do is use your imagination to make it happen. A selection of free themes is available, or you may upload your own and add a splash of color and personality to your photos. When using the free version, a little watermark will appear. However, this is unlikely to be of concern to you or to interfere with your enjoyment of social media.


PicFont has been in existence for quite some time. It is a straightforward photo text editor, but it does have one distinct feature in that it allows you to instantly resize photographs within the editor. The font files included in the program are of high quality. The user interface, on the other hand, might be a bit difficult to navigate at first. However, if you become accustomed to which buttons to press, it is not too difficult. You may save your final photographs in both jpeg and png formats.

Microsoft Word and Apple Pages

Word and Pages are the two most effective tools for authors when it comes to adding text to photographs within a manuscript for a book or ebook. You should keep everything “in-house” and operate within your word processor since you need to prepare photographs before you can use them in a book. The majority of authors already have one or both of these software programs installed on their computers. When it comes to adding text, none of them is particularly talented. Generally, though, you will only want to include a little amount of information or photo credits.

  1. It is especially crucial if you are publishing on Kindle since Amazon charges a delivery cost dependent on the size of the ebook file you upload to their platform.
  2. Here’s how to add text to an image with Microsoft Word and Apple Pages, respectively.
  3. Make certain that it is formatted according to the option In Front Of Text.
  4. In Pages, the procedure is the same as in Word.
  5. Afterwards, just like you would in Word, you can click and drag your text box into position.


It’s quite simple to learn how to add text to a photograph. Adding text to photographs or photos may be used in a plethora of applications. Some are for solely professional purposes, such as blogging or book publishing, while others are simply for recreational purposes, such as playing games. All of the add text to image programs listed above are capable of doing either one or both tasks. The only drawback is that none of them are capable of producing high-resolution imagery. Never try to use them for print book covers since you’ll need photographs with really high quality to utilize them for that.

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However, if you utilize Canva to create a Kindle ebook cover, you will be able to create an appropriate cover.

You may also want to experiment with Paint or Preview, as well as Word or Pages, so that you will be prepared the next time you need to use them to place text over an image or a picture within a document.

Alternatively, you may want to experiment with both Paint and Preview, as well as Word and Pages.

How to Put Text on Pictures

Article in PDF format Article in PDF format This wikiHow shows you how to overlay text on top of a photograph. Paint for Windows, Preview for Mac computers, and an app named “Phonto” for iPhone and Android devices are all good options for accomplishing this.

  1. 1 Press the Start button. To begin, click on the Windows logo in the lower-left corner of your screen. 2Typepaintinto the Start field. This will search your computer for the Paint software, which you may use to add text to the image of your choosing. 3ClickPaint. The symbol is in the shape of a palette and is located at the top of the menu. The Paint window will be shown. 4ClickFile. In the top-left corner of the Paint window, you’ll see this option. A pop-out window appears as a result of clicking on it. 5ClickOpen. On the pop-out menu, it’s near the top of the list. A window titled File Explorer will appear
  2. 6 Select the picture’s folder from the drop-down menu. On the left-hand side of the File Explorer window, select the folder that contains the photo to which you wish to add text
  3. This will open the Photo Editor.
  • For example, if the photo is on your desktop, you would locate and select theDesktopfolder
  • If the picture is on your laptop, you would locate and select the Laptopfolder
  • 7Choose a photo to display. To pick the image to which you wish to add text, click on it once more. 8ClickOpen. This may be found in the lower-right area of the File Explorer window. By doing so, the photo is opened in Paint. 9ClickA. It’s located in the “Tools” section of the toolbar at the top of the Paint window
  • Click on it to open it. 10 Create a text box with your text. Simply click and drag your cursor across the region of the photo where the text will be placed before letting go of your mouse button
  • If you want, you may just click on the photo to add a pre-sized text box on it.
  • 11 Type your text into the box. Fill fill the blanks with the words that you wish to appear on your photo
  • By choosing the text and then using the tools in the “Font” area of the toolbar, you may make changes to the font, size, and formatting of the document. The color of the text may be changed by selecting a different color from the “Colors” area of the toolbar.
  • 12If required, adjust the size of your text box. For this, click and drag one of the text box’s corners down and out to the desired position. In the case of text boxes containing normal text that have been later shrunk, this feature is useful. 13 Save the text that appears on your photo. In the resulting menu, selectFile, then Save to save your work. This will store the modifications made to the original photograph
  • ClickFile, clickSave As, and then input a new name in the “File name” box before clickingSave if you’d want to save the photo with text as a separate file rather than as a part of the photo with text.
  1. 1Start by opening the Finder. 2Click the blue, face-like icon in your Mac’s Dock
  2. 3Click the folder containing your photo. On the left-hand side of the Finder window, select the folder in which the photo that you wish to utilize is stored
  3. 3click the photo to bring it up in full-screen mode. Double-click on the image to which you want to add text to begin editing it. 4ClickTools will open the image in Preview when it has been downloaded. It’s accessible through a menu option at the top of the screen. This will bring up a drop-down menu, from which you may choose 5SelectAnnotate. In the Tools drop-down menu, this item is located in the center of the list. A pop-out menu will appear to the right of theToolsmenu
  4. Choose 6ClickText from the menu that appears. It may be found in theAnnotatemenu. A text box with the term Text will be added to your photo as a result of this. Fill up the blanks with the text from your image. Double-click theTextword on the photo, and then put in the word or phrase that you wish to use in place of the Textword.
  • Selecting a new size, font, and/or color from a drop-down menu at the top of the Preview window allows you to make changes to the text’s attributes.
  1. 8Resize and reposition the text box. Alternatively, click and drag the text itself to move it, or click and drag the sphere to the left or right of the text to resize it. 9 Keep a copy of your photo. ClickFilein the top-left corner of the screen, then Savein the drop-down option that appears after clickingFile. Your text modifications will be saved.
  1. 1 Install Phonto on your computer. iPhone and Android users may use this software to add text to images taken with their phones. To obtain Phonto, go to:
  • IPhone: Open the App Store, tapSearch, tap the search bar, type inphontoand tapSearch, tapPhonto, tapGET, and enter your password or Touch ID when prompted. iPad: Open the App Store, tapSearch, tap the search bar, type inphontoand tapSearch, tapPhonto, tapGET, and enter your password or Touch ID when prompted. To install Phonto – Text on Photos, go to the Google Play Store and put inphonto in the search box
  • To install Phonto – Text on Photos, go to the Google Play Store and tapINSTALL
  • To accept when prompted, tapACCEPT.
  • 2Close Phonto and reopen it. Once it has finished downloading, tapOPENin your phone’s app store, or hit the red Phonto app on the Home Screen (on an iPhone) or in the App Drawer (on an Android phone)
  • 3 To go to the centre of the screen, tap it. A menu will appear as a result of this action. 4 Select Photo Albums from the drop-down menu. It’s near the top of the list on the main menu. The photo album on your phone will be shown
  • On Android, select Load fresh image from device from the menu. instead of that, try this
  • 5 Choose a photograph. If you wish to open a photo from an album, first select the album from which you want to access the photo, then select the photo and press Done to open it in the main Phonto window.
  • On Android, tapping the photo will open it in the Phonto window
  • On iOS, tapping the photo will close it.
  • 6 Insert a new text box into the document. When asked, select the photo and then select Add Text.
  • On Android, tap the pencil-shaped icon at the top of the screen
  • On iOS, tap the pencil-shaped icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • 7Type your text into the box. After you’ve typed in the text or phrase you wish to use for the photo, press the Done button. 8 Make changes to the text. Tapping and dragging the text to move it, or tapping on one of the choices above or below the text will allow you to modify the font and/or size of the text, as well as its position and/or formatting.
  • 9 Make a copy of your snapshot. Then, in the bottom-right corner of the screen, hit the “Share” icon, followed by “Save Image.”
  • When using an Android device, touch Save in the drop-down option that appears in the top-right corner of the screen to save the file.

Create a new question

  • Question My word does not have the “shape fill” or “shape outline” choices in the drawing tool section of the format tab. What should I do in this situation? Insert the image into the text document. Open the ‘insert’ tab in Microsoft Word. After selecting ‘Insert Textbox,’ click on the draw textbox button. Create a text box using your cursor. To format the text box, right-click on one of its corners and select “format text box.” Make the necessary adjustments to the settings and then start typing. Question Is it necessary to purchase an app or is it possible to obtain things for free? No, you are not required to purchase an app. On a computer, you may simply paste the image into a blank Word page and then text over the image with the cursor to do this. If you have an Android or iOS phone, you can use the built-in photo editing software in the pictures/gallery app to overlay text onto your images
  • If you have an iPhone, you can use the built-in photo editing software in the photos/gallery app to overlay text onto your photos. Question The altered image with text is not saved as an image, but rather as a Microsoft Word document. What is the best approach for storing it in an image file format? Sujan ShresthaAnswer from the Community Save the image once it has been edited in Photoshop. Question What is causing the text to not save over the image? Select “Layers” from the Home/Design/Insert page by clicking on the text box and then selecting it from the drop-down menu. Then, using the pop-up that should appear, drag your text box to the topmost layer of your document. It should now remain at the top of the picture

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  • Check that the text color you pick contrasts with the backdrop color you’ve chosen.
  • Phonto is available for free, but if you want to avoid advertisements, you’ll have to upgrade to the premium version.

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How to add text to photos on your iPhone and iPad

Adding text to your photographs may give your photograph a distinctive edge. Using Apple Markup, you may express yourself in this manner more easily than ever before. Our step-by-step instructions will walk you through the process of utilizing Markup to add text to images and pictures when working with Photos with Photos, Email, or the Facebook Messenger app. Understanding that you may occasionally require additional creative options, we’ve also included some of our favorite third-party photo editing apps in this section of the guide.

  • Incorporating Markup into Photographs
  • Incorporating Markup into Email
  • Incorporating Markup into Messenger
  • The Best Apps for Adding Text to Photographs

You’ll be adding text to photographs in no time at all — and with no effort.

Using Markup on your iPhone or iPad

Apple’s built-in applications on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch let you to edit images by adding text, signatures, doodles, and other objects. Markup is available in the Photos app and other Apple apps. There are a plethora of imaginative alternatives. In this post, we’ll go through how to add text on iOS devices running iOS 12 and higher versions. So whether you’re seeking to utilize Markup in pictures, Markup in Mail, or Markup in Messenger, our straightforward step-by-step guidelines will walk you through the process step by step.

Using Markup Editor with the Photos App

1. Open the Photos application. To access the Photos app, simply tap on its icon on your home screen. To see all of your photographs, go to the Photos tab in the lower left corner of your screen and choose all of them. You may also browse through albums if you choose. 2. Choose the photo that you wish to use. Have you found the image you were looking for? To open it, simply tap on it. 3. Select the Edit option from the drop-down menu. To access the More option, go to the top-right corner of the screen and select Edit, then More (the three dots).

  1. 4.
  2. Tap the Plus button (+ symbol in a circle) located at the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  3. Select Text from the drop-down menu.
  4. Enter your textEnter any additional text you’d like to include.
  5. Make it your own To change the color of your text, just select it from the Color drop-down option.

7. Press the Done button twice. After you’ve finished, click Done in the upper right corner of the screen. You can now see the text you’ve added to your image in your Photos app, which you can access by tapping on it.

Using Markup Editor with the Mail App

1. Open the Mail application. If you wish to transmit a photo that has been modified, you can do so within the Mail application. To open it, simply tap on its symbol. 2. Begin crafting an email message. Alternatively, press the pen on paper logo in the bottom right corner to begin a new email conversation with someone who has already seen your message. 3. Select Insert Photo from the drop-down menu within the body of your email. Tapping anywhere inside the body of your email will bring up a pop-up menu with a variety of alternatives.

  • If you are unable to view this, you may access further options by tapping the icon of a little triangle in a box.
  • Choose the photo that you wish to alter.
  • The photo (or PDF file) that you wish to attach to the email and modify is selected, and then the Choose button is pressed.
  • Double-click the attachment to launch Markup.
  • 6.
  • To access the Plus button (the + sign in a circle), go to the bottom-right corner of the screen and tap it.
  • Make a selection Text to include any writing of your choosing.

Write your content in the seventh position.

Alternatively, if you choose Signature (and do not wish to include any further text), proceed to step 9.

Make it your own To change the color of your text, just select it from the Color drop-down option.


After you’ve finished, click Done in the upper right corner of the screen.

Using Markup Editor with the Messenger App

1. Open the Messages application. To send a recently altered photo to someone by SMS or iMessage, choose the Messages app icon from the Messages menu. Step 2: Decide who you want to email the picture to. You may either open an existing chat thread or create a new one by tapping on the pen on paper symbol on the right. 3. Select the Photos application icon. To choose a photo, choose it by tapping the Photos icon. Once you’ve located the image you want, press it to make it your selection. 4. Select the photo from the message and tap it.

  • Markup this photo by tapping it here and then tapping Markup.
  • Select what you’d like to include by pressing the Plus button.
  • This will provide you with a list of possible actions.
  • 6.
  • 7.
  • Selecting the aA button will allow you to modify the font face, font size, and/or text alignment (next to the Plus button).

8. Select Save and then Done. Save your work when you’ve done it, and then click Done (top right corner). 9. Send a message To send your design, click on the blue up-arrow logo on the right.

Best Apps for Adding Text to Photos

Markup is a terrific method to quickly add simple text to your photographs without having to download an app to do so. However, you may require something extra in order to be even more inventive. The following are some of the advantages of using an app:

  • Markup has more fonts and functionality than HTML
  • Various applications provide stickers and animations
  • These are available for purchase. In contrast to Markup, gradients and other effects may be applied to text through the use of applications, allowing it to stand out more clearly.
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The following applications have been selected for their outstanding features and favorable consumer evaluations.

Over App

Over is a free photo editing program that you may use to enhance your photos (with a paid professional option). It’s an excellent tool for personalization because it has over 10,000 templates and graphical fonts accessible. Additionally, you can publish and schedule updates straight from within the app, which is very useful for social network posting. Overwhelmingly Popular

Phonto App

Phonto is a straightforward application that allows you to add text to photographs. It’s accessible for free, and there are optional add-ons to remove advertisements and purchase extra kits and packs. The program has more than 400 typefaces accessible, and you can even upload your own custom fonts to the program. It provides you with the ability to customize text size, color, gradient, stroke, shadow, rotation, kerning, spacing, and many other aspects of the text. If you’re seeking for adaptability, Phonto is the answer.

Transform Your New Photos Into a Story

After learning how to add text and several other aspects to photos, the possibilities are virtually limitless. Creating an eye-catching photobook from your unique photographs will help you tell a story about them. Start creating right away by downloading the Motif app. Let me know what you thought of this article. Based in New York City and the Catskills, I’m a natural-born storyteller. Putting tales together with photographs for safekeeping and sharing. Pete’s most recent blog entries (see all)

Add Text To Photo Online

With our web program “Add Text to Photo,” you can quickly and easily add text or a logo to a single image. Create your own captions or include your company’s logo. The software is simple to use, and it is completely free. To get started, just upload a photo from your computer, Google Drive, or Dropbox, then type or upload a logo and change the text or logo.

Quick and easy

Drag and drop your photo into the program, or choose it by clicking on “Select Image.” Text or a logo may be added, and it can be uploaded from your PC, Google Drive, or Dropbox. Fill in the blanks with your text and play around with the parameters. You may style the text in any way you desire. With our visual editor, you can move text around the photo by simply clicking on the text and dragging it to the desired location. Click on “Save Image” to have a copy of your photo with the text or logo downloaded to your computer.

Extensive text editing capabilities

Our program enables you to quickly and simply alter text or a logo in a variety of ways. Because all of the options are positioned right next to your text, you won’t have to move the pointer across the entire screen.

You are free to include as many text blocks as you wish. You’ll find everything you need to make a caption appear precisely as you want it to in this section. You can do the following:

  • Add many lines of text and modify the line height as needed. Choose from a selection of 926 different fonts. Fill the entire shot with text that is repeated
  • Make use of one of nine effects available, including the shadow effect. Change the size and opacity of the text
  • Removing the backdrop from your logo is recommended. Find a color that is appropriate for the situation.

Free and safe

“Add Text to Photo” is a free web program that allows you to add text to photos. No software or applications are required to be downloaded and installed on your computer or phone. It is not necessary to install any extra plugins on your computer. The UI is simple and intuitive, and it is not cluttered with advertisements. No one will have access to your original photograph under any circumstances. On our systems, we do not save any photographs. No one on our team has access to them at this time.

Add Text To Multiple Photos At Once“

You can only upload one image at a time using our online app. If you need to add text to many photographs at the same time, you may do it using our desktop application “Visual Watermark.” Visual Watermark is a desktop application that allows you to add text to several photographs at the same time. It operates directly on your computer and is extremely fast at processing photographs. It also gives you the option of using your own custom fonts.

How to add text to multiple photos at once using Visual Watermark

Start by dragging and dropping your picture into Visual Watermark, or by clicking on “Select Images” and selecting the image you want to work with from a list. To proceed, simply click on the “Next Step” button. To insert a string of text into your image, select “Add Text” from the menu bar at the top of the window. The word “Sample” will appear in the center of your photo when you complete the process. It implies that the text has been inserted, and you may now customize it to your preferences.

Make your way to the “Text” bar, click within the bar, and erase the term “Sample.” After that, you are free to type whatever you like.

Customize Text On Photo

Let’s go to the section where you can customize things. First and first, fonts are important. Since it has already been established, the font used in your image must be in perfect harmony with the mood of the image, and since Visual Watermark includes 926 built-in fonts, you are certain to discover the appropriate one for your photo. Simply navigate through the fonts on the screen and click on the ones that look interesting to you in order to check them out. There are a variety of typefaces to choose from, including classic, humorous, fancy, minimalistic, and cinematic styles.

For those of you who already have a favorite font that you’d want to use in Visual Watermark and have it saved to your computer, you may do so!

Don’t be concerned, it’s simple!

  1. Download the font that you want to use for your installation
  2. Navigate to the folder containing the downloaded file and select “Save target as” from the drop-down menu. Locate the “Install” option in the drop-down menu and choose it from the list
  3. The font has been downloaded and is ready to be used

If you wish to see if the font has been installed, go to the “Start” menu and search for “Fonts” in the search box that will appear. Open the “Fonts” folder and look for the font-file you’re looking for. If it is present, it indicates that the installation was successful. If you are a Mac user, this is how you can add a typeface on your computer: Step 1: Download and save the font that you want to use. 2. In the Finder, double-click the font you want to use. 3. In the font preview window, select Install Font from the drop-down menu.

After the font has been verified, the Font Book application should launch.

The font has been successfully installed and is ready to be used.

As a representation of emotions and feelings, color in typography is no less significant than a typeface when it comes to conveying meaning.

To alter the color of your text, you must first select “Change” from the drop-down menu next to the term “Color.” You can choose one of the fundamental colors displayed in little circles underneath the color wheel and then use the color wheel to select a brighter or darker hue by rotating the wheel.

  • In order to adjust the size of your text, you’ll need to drag the little orange circle to the left to make the text smaller, or to the right to make the text larger, as seen in the screenshot.
  • There is an option to enable the tile to fill your entire image with the text if you want it to do so.
  • By using the shadows effect, for example, you may make your text appear more three-dimensional and more realistic.
  • As soon as you are satisfied with the text you have added, click on “Next Step” to proceed to the output configurations.

As soon as you’re through altering the parameters, click on “Watermark Photos.” Everything has been completed! Isn’t it simple to do? With the aid of Visual Watermark, you now have all of the tools and information necessary to make your photographs more powerful and unforgettable.

How To Add Text To Pictures Like A Pro (Step-by-Step)

What if you could learn how to add text to photos like a pro? We’ve taken care of everything. As a starting point, we’ll walk through a lesson on how to add text to a picture, and we’ll close with a list of the many forms of information that look excellent when combined with text. With the help of a picture editing program, you may quickly produce any of these photographs. There is no requirement for prior graphic design expertise. However, in this post, we’ll be usingVisme to add text to pictures and images, which is one of the many photo editing tools accessible.

Using Visme to add text to pictures

Visme is a fully-featured online design workshop that may aid you in aesthetically improving the visuals you create for your company’s marketing materials. The creation of pictures from scratch or the alteration of templates is a snap when you have readily brandable templates and over 2 million photos at your disposal. Let’s get started with the tutorial. First and foremost, you’ll need to sign up for a Visme account. They provide a free plan that allows you to create limitless projects and has access to a limited selection of templates, but for the sake of this tutorial, we’ll be utilizing the premium plan.

Adding text to photos from scratch

The vast majority of viewers on this site are interested in adding text to photographs. Whether it’s in the shape of an uplifting statement surrounded by a field of daisies or a funny face with some text for a meme, there’s something for everyone. Let’s make a quotation graphic for Instagram to share with our friends.

Step one – create new project and select template

To access social graphics, go to Projects New Project Social Graphics: You’ll be met with a screen that allows you to browse between templates based on social platform; the top banner allows you to modify the content type of the project. Choosing Instagram as our platform now brings up two options – Instagram posts and Instagram Stories – for us to consider: When you pick an Instagram post, you will now be presented with a large number of editing templates, including: We will use a blank template for this demonstration.

Step two – name your image

The Visme dashboard is uncluttered, clear, and simple to use and explore. The top-left corner panel has all of the options you’ll need to customize your image, including the ability to change typefaces and the ability to add text, icons, and photographs. Begin by naming our image by selecting it from the drop-down menu at the top-middle-right of the screen. In this section, we will name our image by clicking on the pencil symbol.

Step three – add a photo

To begin, choose and drag an image from the Photos menu onto the canvas. You may search for a certain photo using the search bar, or you can submit your own: Choosing between using the photo as a backdrop or adding it on the canvas is easy once you’ve clicked and dragged it over to the blank template. This artwork will be set on a background of daisies, which will be taken from a photograph.

Step four – add text

In the following stage, we will add our text. By selecting the Basics tab, you’ll be presented with a range of text formatting choices. Visme offers a fantastic function that allows you to put font combinations together. The benefit of this is that you can quickly and simply add text to an image in a manner that is both attractive and acceptable. You may manually enter a text box by selecting HeaderText from the drop-down menu: When it comes to adding text to photographs, the HeaderText and Font Pairs tabs will be the two most frequently utilized.

The font type you like will display as a preset text box when you drag and drop it over your image with the mouse.

Select the text by double clicking on it, and then click on the Edit button that appears in the upper left corner of the window.

Additional features are displayed on the More tab.

To finish our image, we’ll add some text and adjust the size and color of the lettering. You may modify the group size of the text box by single clicking on the text and dragging either of the corners of the text box in either direction.

Step five – create contrast

This is the step when we will need to alter the photo in order to make your text come out more clearly. When you double click on the photo, the backdrop photo editor will display at the upper left of the screen. One of the quickest and most effective ways to make your text stand out is to adjust the opacity of the photo a little. Following are some examples of how we reduced the opacity of the photo of daisies from 100 percent to 80 percent and added a slight yellow hue to it: The writing on the photograph is now more visible and can be read.

Make your go to Graphics LinesShapes, and then choose the form you need: After that, you may resize the form by dragging the corners, and you can choose the color you want the shape to be.

Simply choose the form and then click on the Arrange button in the editor to arrange it: The next step is to modify the opacity of your graphic and, if desired, add a border to it once it has been placed behind your text box.

Step six – preview and download

Our picture is now complete in every way. If you have included animation, you may see a sample of how the picture will appear by clicking on the Present button, which is located in the upper right corner of the screen. The following step is to download your image by selecting the Download button in the upper right corner of the screen, which will open a full-screen download window as follows: There are a variety of download options available, including picture, PDF, video, and presentation, as well as format.

This is the finished Instagram quote for you to post on your Instagram feed:

Step seven (optional) – save and repeat

If you want to quickly and simply add text to photographs, you may save the text and visual as a single block. Simply choose the text and the graphic and then select Save to my blocks from the drop-down menu. Click the pencil button to give your block a name, and you can also include a tag if you want: You may now use this block in other projects as well. You may also duplicate the image and use it as a starting point for creating other Instagram quotations in the same way. Nothing more than typing your content and uploading a new backdrop photo would be required: Additionally, if you want to make your photographs more unique, you may change the fonts that are currently used.

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Adding text to images using templates

Because not everyone has the time to add text to photographs in a freestyle manner, utilizing pre-designed templates is a convenient and time-saving option. Create a new page by clicking New Page and picking a blank template from the drop-down menu: Navigate to the Layouts section on the left-hand side of the screen and select between an animated and a static layout. This is going to be the same as what we saw before when we initially started working on our project: Choose one of the following templates by just clicking on it, and the template will display on your blank page: Each text field is pre-filled with the identical terms as those included in the template.

The menu tab at the top left will take you back to the dashboard, where you may start a new project with a different set of templates and canvas sizes. To do so, navigate to the menu tab at the top left and select Create New Project from the drop-down menu.

Using your iPhone or Android to add text to photos

Not everyone wants to spend money on tools, apps, or a free account with a photo editing tool only to add text to a few photographs and alter the color of the text. Adding text using your iPhone or Android is a straightforward and uncomplicated process. However, don’t anticipate anything spectacular! In order to begin, navigate to Photos Edit, then hit the three-dot icon and pick Markup: Each pen icon lets you to text on the screen with your fingertips by selecting it from the drop-down menu.

You will be presented with a text box in which you may input your text: To change the font, simply double-tap on the text in question.

To save your image, select Done from the drop-down menu.

Types of content to add text to

When we think of images with text, the first thing that comes to mind is most likely the cover of a book or a billboard, which are both excellent examples. Here’s an example of a straightforward yet powerful PDF cover from our VIP Resource Library: We are all probably aware with the content that is published on Pinterest, which includes the following: Some allow you to add text to photographs, while others are simply a text field. It is the typefaces, and the color of the fonts, as well as the font size, that are important here.

Let’s take a look at some examples of information that can be enhanced with text.

Post cover

If you have a blog or an ecommerce business, your post cover serves as an advertisement for your content. Simply using a color or photo to cover the backdrop of the blog post or product’s title, as well as an icon and the heading of the blog post or product:

Custom images

Custom pictures are a fantastic resource for any website to have on its server. Rather than taking an image from another website, they create their own image and include their logo into it:

Infographics and statistics

Infographics and statistics combine text with images or icons to create a visually appealing and easily consumable read. We’ve had a number of them made here at Blogging Wizard, including:

Social media posts

Infographics and statistics combine text with images or symbols to create a digestible read that is both visually appealing and easy to understand. There have been a number of them made here at Blogging Wizard, including:


Memes are created when people add text to photographs. This is a straightforward approach that is usually accomplished by editing a photo on your phone and adding a text box.


Quotes are quite popular for sharing on social media platforms. If you search for quotations on Instagram, you’ll discover millions of photographs containing the words “I love you.” They’re really simple to build, as seen by our previous example.

Banners and posters

A presentation is yet another type of material that includes textual content.

A presentation, on the other hand, is more than just a showcase of facts that you may create in PowerPoint. A menu from a restaurant is yet another excellent example. A menu has both visual and textual elements.

Information screenshots

GIFs may be a nuisance to work with at times, especially if you want to keep the file size under 1MB after optimization. When someone visits your site using mobile data, this is not a good thing. This is where adding text to a screenshot might be really useful. The file size is a tiny fraction of that of a GIF image:

Final thoughts

In order to include text on photographs, you do not need to be a graphic designer of any kind. With the use of a simple editing tool, you can transform any drab photograph into one that is enjoyed and shared by others. No matter if you need to create a picture for Instagram, your website, or your company, Visme provides the tools and resources to help you accomplish it without any hassle! In the interest of full disclosure, this post includes affiliate links. This means that if you make a purchase via our link, we may receive a small fee.

Text Editor

Our Text Editor is jam-packed with fonts and customization possibilities, allowing you to easily add text to pictures, designs, and collages of any size.

Hundreds of Hand-Picked Fonts

When it comes to adding text to pictures and designs, choosing the appropriate font can ensure that your message appears just how you intended it to. To help you do this, our Text Editor includes hundreds of typefaces that will assist you in crafting your words to perfection! Our large selection is made up of typefaces that have been hand-selected by experienced graphic designers, ensuring that you have a high-quality choice of typography to pick from when you browse through our site. Simply input your message and then click through all of the font variations available until you find the one that is best for you.

Our fonts are always available to inspire you and aid in your creative endeavors.

Easily Add Your Own Fonts

When you’re used to working with a certain typeface, it becomes so important to your creative workflow that being without it may seem nearly stifling. Adding your own fonts to the BeFunky font collection is a breeze when using the Text Editor feature. Simply drag-and-drop any font that is already installed on your computer into your BeFunky project to begin using it right away. For even more alternatives, the Text Editor is perfectly connected with Google Fonts, providing you with access to hundreds of different options!

They’ll appear in your library immediately, ready for you to utilize in your Graphic Designer project or any other type of project where you’ve added text to the document.

Design Text That Stands Out

All of the customization tools you might possibly need are included in our Text Editor. Use it to create the style you want! Choose from an infinite number of color combinations to get the ideal complimentary balance between your typeface and its background. You may use the Text Properties option to adjust the letter spacing and line height to give your text more impact. Alternatives include experimenting with different font weights and emphasizing text with different typographic effects such as bold, italicized, and underlined text.

As you continue to add text, you will be able to make perfect – and we mean flawless – circles.

You may also apply a drop shadow to your text, which is applicable with picture layers and graphics as well, to give your text more depth and dimension.

Whatever you have in mind when it comes to adding text to photographs and designs, BeFunky’s Text Editor will assist you in bringing your ideas to life.

Simplify Workflow With Font Management

Among our hand-picked fonts and those you’ve added, there’s a good possibility you’ve discovered a couple that you’ll find yourself utilizing again and time again. Create a custom list of favorites for easy access in our Text Editor to make your creative productivity even more effective. Simply mark the fonts that you like as Favorites to create a little collection of go-to fonts that you can access at any time and manage the list. You can access them from any BeFunky platform, whether you’re editing photographs and designs with text or getting creative with theCollage Maker.

It’s not an issue.

How to Add Text to Photos in 4 Steps

Text may be easily added to photographs using our Text Editor.

01.Add Text

Start typing in the Text tab (the T icon), which is accessible by clicking the Add Text button.

02.Customize Text

Select a font, alter the color of your font, add a backdrop, an outline, and other features.

03.Transform Text

Using the on-canvas tools, you may move, rotate, and resize your content.

04.Flatten Text

When you’re through changing your text, select ‘Flatten Layers’ from the drop-down menu.

Add Text to Your Projects With BeFunky’s Text Editor

Phonto is a straightforward application that allows you to add text to photographs. There are more than 400 typefaces to choose from. You have the option of installing additional fonts. The size of the text may be adjusted. The color of the text can be changed. The gradient of the text may be changed. The color of the text’s stroke can be changed. The shadow color of the text may be customized. The backdrop color of the text may be customized. The text may be rotated. The kerning of the text can be changed.

  1. Text that is curved.
  2. Parts of the text can be removed or deleted.
  3. There are several shapes to choose from (balloon, rectangle, star, and heart).
  4. Not only can you use photos to write words, but you can also use simple images to create text.
  5. If you wish to add text to movies, try the Vont app, which has a URL scheme of phonto:/.
  6. In terms of language, Phonto only supports English (US), Chinese, and Japanese; thus, if the priority of Chinese (or Japanese) in your settings was higher than the priority of English (US), Phonto would be started in Chinese (or Japanese) mode instead of English mode.
  7. 1.



– HOW TO INSTALL FONTS- You may copy font files between your computer and Phonto on your iOS device by using iTunes on your PC.

Navigate to the Devices section of iTunes and choose your iOS device.

Select the Apps option from the drop-down menu and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Navigate to the “File Sharing” section and choose “Phonto.” 4.


More information on how to install fonts may be found at @phontograph.

Tumblr: A new URL has been created that directs users to the Phonto app on the App Store. Thanks for thinking about Phonto and for passing it along to your friends. Update to version 4.9.32, which includes bug fixes and performance enhancements.

Ratings and Reviews

4.8 stars out of a possible 592.7K points

I love Phonto!

Phonto is one of my favorite games. To the point where I run out of breath, I will continue to promote this to others. Phonto is unquestionably one of the best three mobile editing apps available. It’s almost as though it’s an absolute must for photo editing. Anyway, let’s get down to business. Don’t let my five-star rating fool you; there are things that need to be done, but this software is unparalleled in its functionality. I’d want to bring up one request and one problem fix for discussion.

  1. It’s a little problem, but it’s still worth resolving.
  2. In addition, I’d want to make a request of you.
  3. It just makes life easier when you have a large number of typefaces in your collection.
  4. Much love to you.

A great font app FINALLY

Font Candy was my go-to app for years, and I had the premium version; but, when they shifted to a subscription model, they did not recognize the payments made by those who had previously purchased the software. And it wasn’t simply a few cash that were involved. It was around $30 a month at the time! For a typeface application, of course! Having tried a slew of various applications, I was delighted to come upon this one. It was a little difficult to figure out how to use at first, but now that I’ve gotten the hang of it, this software is far superior than anything else I’ve tried.

That was a major selling factor for me, and it was one of the most important.

It also includes some easy backdrops to utilize, so you don’t have to constantly search for “plain white background” like I used to do all the time.

This makes me feel like a graphic designer while I’m using it (even tho I know nothing about any of it)

A few suggestions! Great app!

There are a few features that I would like to see included in this app. First and foremost, the ability to save a draft of your work! The number of times I’ve been multitasking and received a call or anything and returned to this app just to find that all of my work has been lost is endless. Sure, we have the option to restore the former state, but it only works so well. If my phone dies, I’ll be without this information. If I save the work as a picture file, the content is no longer moveable, which is a problem.

For clarification, I mean that the values begin at 250,250,250, which is close there.

If the values could begin at that point for a white simple shot, that would be fantastic!

Thank you very much! According to the app’s creator, youthhr, the app’s privacy practices may include the treatment of data in the manner mentioned below. More information can be found in the privacy policy of the developer.

Data Used to Track You

The following information may be used to monitor your movements across many applications and websites controlled by different businesses:

Data Not Linked to You

The following information may be gathered, but it will not be connected to your personal identity: For example, depending on the features you use or your age, your privacy practices may be different. Read on to find out more


Yusuke Horie is the seller. Size68.4 MBCompatibility with other operating systems iPhone It is necessary to have iOS 13.0 or later. iPad iPadOS version 13.0 or later is required. iPod touch is a portable media player that allows you to listen to music on the go. It is necessary to have iOS 13.0 or later. Languages English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese are the languages supported. Rating for those above the age of four adolescent copyright youthhr 2019 In-App Purchases are free of charge.

  1. Phonto Image Pack $2.99
  2. Text Style Kit $2.99
  3. Phonto Filter Pack $1.99
  4. Ad-Free version $3.99
  5. Bubble Generator $0.99
  6. Phonto Image Pack $2.99
  7. Phonto


In the Studio, click on the Text tool in the top toolbar and type the text you want to appear in the text box you created. You may change the font, color, outline, style, position, and size of your text by using the editing choices on the right. You can also add an animation style and drop shadow effect to your text by using the editing options on the right. Add as many text boxes as you like on your canvas and customize each one as you see fit. Custom text boxes for photographs allow you to add colorful explanations, attention-grabbing titles, attractive signatures, and even auto-generated subtitles for background audio to your images.

With the help of the transformer (the purple dots surrounding the text), you can either dynamically resize the text or drag and drop it to the desired location on top of the video.

Kapwing also supports a wide range of additional text manipulations, such as text opacity and line height – see below.

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