What Does Bc Mean In Text?

What does BC really stand for?

  • BC stands for Before Christ. AD stands for Anno Domini, which is Latin for “year of our Lord”. Though, scientist have changed the names to: BCE – Before Current Era. ACE- After Current Era. Apparently not many people understand that it can’t be After Death. What would the 33 years of his life be called.


What does BC mean on WhatsApp?

With the broadcast list feature, you can send a message to several of your contacts at once. Broadcast lists are saved lists of message recipients that you can repeatedly send broadcast messages to without having to select them each time.

What does BC mean on social media?

“Before Christ ” is a common definition for BC on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

Does BC stand for because?

informal (also bc, B/C, b/c) written abbreviation for because: used, for example, on social media or in text messages: I wasn’t in school bc I was sick. More examples. 7

What does Imysmbidkhttybikydmm mean in text?

What does Imysmbidkhttybikydmm mean in text? Imysmbidkhttybikydmm means “ I miss you so much but I don’t know how to tell you but I know you don’t miss me”.

What is MC bad word?

Both MC and BC are short for offensive Hindi swear words pertaining to someone’s mother and sister, respectively.

What does AD mean in text?

“Anno Domini” (In the year of our Lord) is the most common definition for AD on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

What does BC Stand For? 1974 meanings of BC by Acronymsandslang.com

Rank Abbreviation Meaning
***** BC Be CarefulChat
***** BC Booty Call
***** BC BecauseTextingsmsChatOnline
**** BC Be CoolTextingsmsSocial Networking SitesOnline
*** BC Before CoffeeChat
*** BC Basket CaseTextingComputing Slang
** BC Birth ControlCancer / OncologicalObstetricsPhysiologyPregnancy
* BC Blind CrossingChat
* BC Blue Cheese
* BC Black CatNames and nicknames
* BC Burning Crusade
* BC Bat Country
* BC Bull Crap
* BC Butt Crack
* BC Before Crowning
* BC Base Camp(ing)
* BC Brew Crew
* BC Before Children
* BC Bush-Cheney
* BC Black Consciousness
* BC Blue’s Clues
* BC Before Comedy
* BC Bacon Cheeseburger
* BC Big Country
* BC Big Cheese

Urban Dictionary: bc

A body count (abbreviated as Bc) is a period of time during which a viewer watches a violent film in which they keep track of how many fatalities occur during the course of the film. “hey, how’s the bc at the moment?” “There are now 56 people online. . we haven’t even reached the halfway point of the film!” bymocker The 25th of September, 2005 Get an abc mug for your father-in-law with this design. Geogees.bcbasic chronic disease This is a form of hydroponicmarijuana that is somewhat better than schwag but not quite as nice as dank, for example.

Yonigthat dude has some triple-A bc, and it isn’t badatallzbytize at all.

What Does BC Mean in Text Language?

ROBERT HUFFSTUTTER/Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 The term BC can refer to a variety of different things, but in the context of text language, it most frequently refers to the word “because.” Besides “birth control,” other popular meanings of the word BC include “be careful” and “be cautiously.” There are also less plausible terms that BC may use, such as Bill Clinton, Boston Common, beauty contest, and base camp, which are all possible references.

The manner in which chat and Internet language is utilized is mostly determined by the context in which it is used.

When the initials BC are used together, especially after a date, it is generally understood to represent “Before Christ.” Before Christ is a notion in the Christian calendar that refers to the time period in history that occurred before to the birth of Christ.


What does BC mean in text?

Acronym 0BC or B/C in text typically mean “because”.BC is also short for “Before Christ”.Jul 25th, 2011 at 3:35 PMReply
Aysha 0BC means is (bhen chod)Mar 17th, 2013 at 12:52 PMReply
Lane 0BC can also stand for British Columbia BC can also mean “Backcountry”, as in backcountry skiing.Mar 21st, 2013 at 3:40 AMReply
Robbie 0BC means becauseJan 8th, 2014 at 4:47 PMReply
in 2015 0as a texter bc means because this is in 2015 at leastApr 24th, 2015 at 4:35 AMReply
Someone 0It means becauseIn Social Studies term it would mean Before ChristMay 7th, 2015 at 1:04 AMReply
I AM ANONYMOUS 0BC have three meanings. 1.Before Christ 2.bohut cute 3.bhen chod 4.BecauseDec 16th, 2015 at 9:47 AMReply
Roberto Bonello 0Before ChristJul 27th, 2017 at 2:54 PMReply

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What is BC?

BC means “Before Christ”
So now you know – BC means “Before Christ” – don’t thank us. YW!What does BC mean? BC is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the BC definition is given.
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Other terms relating to ‘before’:
�AISB As I Said Before
�AM Ante Meridiem (before midday) Amplitude Modulation (radio signal)
�B4 Before
�B4U Before you
�B4YKI Before You Know It
�BCE Before Common Era (likeBC)
�BMT Before My Time Basic Military Training
�BYKI Before You Know It
�DBD Don’t Be Dumb Death Before Dishonor
�IB4TL In Before The Lock
�IBL In Before Lock
�IBTD In Before The Delete I Beg To Differ
�IBTL In Before the Lock
�INB4 In Before (already mentioned)
�LBW Leg Before Wicket (cricket)
�NBM Nil By Mouth Not Before Midnight
�NHTB Never Heard That Before
�NO-BRAINER Something that requires no thought before deciding
�PMIGBOM Put Mind In Gear, Before Opening Mouth!
�SNIPE Bid on eBay just before the auction ends
�TBYS Think Before You Speak
�WNDITWB We Never Did It This Way Before
�WNOHGB Where No One Has Gone Before
Other terms relating to ‘christ’:
�CRIMBO Christmas
�FCS For Christ’s Sake
�JC Jesus Christ Just Curious Just Chilling
�JHC Jesus H Christ
�OMJC Oh My Jesus Christ
�YMCA Young Mens Christian Association
�YWCA Young Women’s Christian Association
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Definition of bc

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Abbreviation Music.basso continuo.blind copy: a notation that is placed on a copy of a letter or other document that is transmitted to a third party without the addressee’s knowledge. Alsobcc Is it true that you are a true blue champion of these “blue” euphemisms?

Despite the fact that we could chat about this quiz until we’re blue in the face about the color “blue,” we believe that you should take the quiz and find out whether or not you’re a wiz at these colorful terminology. What one of the following adjectives best depicts the color “sky blue”?

Words nearbybc

Boying, BQ, BBS, BSR, B bursary, BCA, BCAAR (Boys’ Club), BCD (Boys’ Club), BCE (Boys’ Club of Europe).

Other definitions forbc(2 of 5)

Scuba Diving is an abbreviation. buoyancy compensator (also known as a bouyancy compensator) British Columbia, Canada is the location of this event (approved for postal use).

Other definitions forbc(3 of 5)

Before the birth of Christ, abbreviation (used in indicating dates).

usage note for b.c.

A period or century is usually followed by the term b.c. (“before Christ”), which means “before the time of Christ.” For example, Cleopatra lived from 69 to 30 b.c. The conflict occurred during the first century b.c. 1 Also see a.d. 1

Other definitions forbc(4 of 5)

Abbreviation Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. Bachelor of Commerce, bass clarinet, battery commander, and a native of the province of British Columbia. Dictionary.com Unabridged Random House, Inc. 2021, based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, Random House, Inc.

How to usebcin a sentence

  • Of course, this occurred 40 years ago, which, to a digital Millennial, would be equivalent to 99 BC
  • Yet, The first definite evidence of fortification walls may be traced back to roughly 4300 BC in what is currently Turkey. For hundreds of years, beginning about the first millennium BC, both the temple of worship and its home city were revered as hallowed places of pilgrimage and prayer. Later, in 400BC, they created faloodeh, which is a concoction of rice water, vermicelli, and ice that is flavored with saffron and/or fruit.
  • It is the world’s oldest freestanding mud-brick structure, having been constructed in 2700 BC. Sew the seam of the sole piece (fig. 2) with the machine ab tobc
  • Open and press the seam. For all permanent purposes, bc -fel, or book-skin, was used
  • Either vellum or parchmyn smothe, whyte, and scribable were employed
  • And for all temporary reasons, bc -fel, or book-skin, was used
  • The distancebcbetween the top of the mercury and the closed end of the tube should be measured. In the case of unit-by-unit food provisioning, the utility of the consecutive increments will diminish along the curveBC
  • In the same way, the absolute utility of the successive increments given will diminish along the curveBC.

British Dictionary definitions forbc

Also known as B.C. (representing years counted back from the presumed year of the birth of Christ), this abbreviation refers to the time period before Christin 54bc. Caesar had arrived. CompareAD British Columbia is a province in Canada. Complete Unabridged Digital Edition of the Collins English Dictionary, published in 2012. William Collins Sons Co. Ltd. was established in 1979 and 1986. In 1998, HarperCollinsPublishers published the following books: 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, and 2012.

Cultural definitions forbc

An acronym that is used to indicate the dates of events that occurred before to the birth of Jesus. b.c. is an abbreviation for before Christ. (Comparea.d.;seeb.c.e.) The Third Edition of The New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy is now available. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company acquired the copyright in 2005. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company is the publisher of this book. All intellectual property rights are retained.

What Do BC and AD Stand for? Dates in History

Once you understand what the acronyms BC and AD represent in terms of historical timelines, it becomes much easier to distinguish between the two abbreviations. Investigate the origins of these time abbreviations, as well as their relationship to the abbreviations BCE and CE, among others. timeline BC (BCE) as opposed to AD (CE)

What BC and AD Stand For

Understanding where the terms BC and AD come from, as well as why they are employed, might aid in clarifying their meanings. They come together to produce the period known as the Christian Era.

BC Abbreviation Meaning

The acronym BC refers to “Before Christ,” which means “before to Christ.” It refers to the period of time preceding the hypothetical birth of Jesus Christ.

AD Abbreviation Meaning

In Latin, the term AD stands for “Anno Domini,” which means “year of the Lord.” ‘In the year of our Lord,’ in English, meaning ‘in the year of our Lord’ After the hypothetical birth of Jesus Christ, this shorthand alludes to all of the time that has passed since then.

History of BC and AD Abbreviations

In the AD 500s, probably after AD 525, an Italian monk called Dionysius Exiguus is thought to have come up with the terms BC and AD (or the Christian Era), according to popular belief. The origin of these acronyms and this way of measuring time may be traced back to a disagreement about how to calculate Easter. It was in the year 753 AUC (ab urbe condita, which is Latin for “from the founding of the city of Rome”) that Dionysius reckoned the birth of Christ to have occurred.

He then designated the year Christ was born as AD 1, and all time prior to that as beginning in 1 BC. Despite the fact that his calculations have been called into doubt for ages, Dionysius’ approach has stood the test of time. It first became widely used in the eleventh century.

Modern Use of BC and AD

In the modern day, BC and AD are still widely employed as time designations around the world, owing to their familiarity and status as recognized Christian acronyms. Scholarly standards from the twenty-first century promote the usage of BCE and CE rather than BC and AD since the newer designations are more comprehensive of the period under consideration.

BC and AD Timelines

AD time begins when BC time ends, although there is no such thing as a year zero. As a result, BC begins in the year 1 BC, and AD begins in the year 1 AD.

BCE and CE History

Historically minded historians and researchers who were not Christian utilized the BCE and CE initials to communicate with Christian religious organizations about the past. In order to respect religious views while still making history inclusive, the BCE era is precisely identical to the BC era, and the CE era is exactly equivalent to the AD era, respectively.

BCE Abbreviation Meaning

The acronym BCE stands for “Before the Common Era,” which means “before the beginning of the Common Era.” This refers to the period of time preceding the hypothetical birth of Christ. BC is currently referred to as BCE by some, however both terms relate to the same historical period.

CE Abbreviation Meaning

‘Common Era’ is represented by the abbreviation CE. This refers to the period of time preceding the hypothetical birth of Christ. AD is now referred to as CE by some, however both terms relate to the same period of time.

Proper Use of BCE and CE

The abbreviations BCE and CE are commonly written without any spaces between the letters, hence BCE and CE are not written as B.C.E. or C.E. respectively. When you are writing a date, the letters BCE and CE are placed after the year in which the date is to be written.

what does bc stand for in text

Bc is a common shorthand for the word “because,” and it is frequently seen in text messages and on the internet. It is most commonly observed when someone is describing something and has a limited amount of time and/or character space available.

What does BC mean in text messages?

“Before Christ (also known as AD, CE, and BCE)” is the most often used definition for BC on social media platforms such as Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

What does BC mean on WhatsApp?

Sending a message to a group of people at the same time is possible with the broadcast list functionality. Broadcast lists are preserved lists of message receivers to whom you may send broadcast messages on a regular basis without having to choose them individually each time you do so.

What does the acronym BC stands for?

AD is an abbreviation for Anno Domini, which is Latin for “in the year of the Lord,” while BC is an abbreviation for “before Christ.”

What does BC stand for because?

Prior to Christ is represented by the abbreviation BC, whereas AD is represented by the abbreviation ann Domin, which translates as “in the year of the lord.” As BC implies, the lord who is being alluded to is none other than Jesus Christ.

What is BC bad word?

For those who are unfamiliar with the term, BC is an abbreviation for bhenchod, which translates as “sister fucker” in Hindi. Yes, that is quite nice. This image is from of quickmeme.com. The majority of Indians, including those who sing, use this term quite loosely.

How do you use BC in a sentence?

In the year 31 BC, the Battle of Actium took place in Italy. (2) Alexander the Great invaded Persia in 330 BC, bringing the country under his control.

(3) The statue was discovered in the 5th century BC and has been dated to that time period. (4) Those were the glory days of Athens (the fifth century BC), when the city produced some of her best poetry and theatre, as well as architecture and art, among other things.

What is BC and MC?

What exactly are BC and MC? In this case, BC and MC can stand for “Before Christ” and “Mastercard,” respectively, but in general, it refers to the words “Bahenchod” and “Madarchod.”

What is MC in chat?

MC is an abbreviation for “Master of Ceremonies.” Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter all use this meaning as the most popular for the term “MC.”

What country stands for BC?

AB (Alberta) BC (British Columbia) NB (New Brunswick)
ON (Ontario) PE (Prince Edward Island) SK (Saskatchewan)

What does BC stand for in college?

Massachusetts’ Boston College (BC) is a private research institution located in the city of Chestnut Hill.

What does BC stand for medical?

‘Text in italics’

Abbreviation Meaning
BC bone conduction blood culture Board certified
BCC basal cell carcinoma blind carbon copy
BCG bacille Calmette–Guérin (a tuberculosis vaccination)
BCP birth control pill

What Does VC mean in text?

“Voice Channel,” “Voice Chat,” and “Video Chat” are all terms that are commonly used to refer to voice channels.

How do you spell BC?

After a period or century, the word b.c., which stands for “before Christ,” is usually used: Cleopatra lived from 69 to 30 b.c. The conflict occurred during the first century b.c. a.d. is another term for a.d.

What is the sentence of ad?

(6) We placed an advertisement in the local newspaper. (7) Problems were dealt with on an as-needed basis. (8) Every every advertisement in the campaign has been a work of art. (9) There was a brief advertisement for the Mona Lisa skin lightener on the screen.

How do you use Anno Domini in a sentence?

How to use “anno domini” in a sentence | Examples of “anno domini” sentences

  1. Year 1 of the Anno Domini system of reckoning years was originally based on the assumption that Jesus lived for a full year in that year
  2. It is said that in the year 300 AD (anno domini), there lived a kind old man who went by the name of Saint Nicholas
  3. It is also said that in the year 300 AD (anno domini), there lived a kind old man who went by the name of Saint Nicholas

Is MC bad word?

Each of the letters MC and BC is an abbreviation for harsh Hindi swear words that refer to a person’s mother and sister, respectively.

What does MK mean in texting?

MK’s Snapchat handle is ” Mm OK.” This slang expression is often used to express agreement with something, to confirm a remark, or to agree with someone. People also utilize MK to prevent receiving messages from a specific someone and to terminate a discussion before it has ever begun.

What does MCC stand for?

Acronym Definition
MCC Mobile Commerce and Charging
MCC Merchant Category Code
MCC Microelectronics and Computer Corporation
MCC Media Cross Connect

What is emcee short for?

It is the emcee’s responsibility to introduce artists, speakers, and other participants at an event and to function as the event’s host. MC is derived from the acronym for master of ceremonies, which stands for master of ceremonies.

Where is British Canada?

British Columbia, located on the west coast of Canada, was the sixth province to join Confederation in 1871, making it the country’s sixth state.

What is BC slang?

Bc is a common shorthand for the word “because,” and it is frequently seen in text messages and on the internet. It is most commonly observed when someone is describing something and has a limited amount of time and/or character space available. Despite the fact that the abbreviation is quite popular, it should only be used in casual contexts.

What BC student means?

As a ‘Group B’ (independent) student, you are considered a resident of British Columbia if you have resided in the province for the most of your life; or B.C. is the province in which you last resided for 12 consecutive months as of your study start date, excluding months while enrolled in full-time post-secondary education; or

What does BC stand for in science?

In the contemporary calendar, all years are denoted by the letters B.C. (before Christ) or A.D. (anno domini, which literally means “in the year of our lord”).

What does MC stand for in pregnancy?

LMP stands for last menstrual period (the first day of your last period) Miscarriage (MC or M/C) is a kind of miscarriage. Ultrasound is used in the United States.

What does B C mean in a blood test?

Overview of the test. In addition to providing vital information about the types and amounts of cells in the blood, a complete blood count (CBC) also provides information on the quantity of red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets.

A complete blood count (CBC) allows your doctor to check for any symptoms you may be experiencing, such as weakness, exhaustion, or bruises.

What does RN mean on Snapchat?

“It means right now,” the message plainly states. With the popularity of popular talking and texting applications such as iMessage, WhatsApp, and Snapchat, as well as direct messaging on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, the initialism has acquired even more traction.

What does CV mean in text?

Summary of the Most Important Points On Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, the term ” Curriculum Vitae ” is the most commonly used to refer to a CV or resume.

What does NVM stand for in texting?

NVM is an abbreviation that stands for “never mind.”

How do you use Mo in a sentence?

When we want to apply a prior sentence to something else, we employ the Japanese grammar particle (mo) to do so. It is comparable to the words “as well” and “as well as,” and it is used to replace the subject marker (wa) in the sentence. For example, a buddy begins to tell you about their recent trip to France, saying something like: フランスへいきました。

What is adverb give 5 examples?

When there are more than one verbs in a sentence, the placement of the adverb is critical. If the adverb is put before or after the main verb, it solely affects the verb that it is attached to. … Examples.

Example Meaning
She agreed to re-type the letter quickly. the re-typing is quick
He quietly asked me to leave the house. the request is quiet

How do you spell newspaper ad?

The word ad is defined as a noun, as opposed to the word add, which is a verb. It wasn’t until the year 1841 that the term “ad” was officially used to describe what was being advertised. Keep in mind that it is OK to refer to a commercial by the abbreviation ad. However, if you are writing in a professional setting, it is preferable to spell out the complete promotional phrase.

How old was Jesus when he died according to the Bible?

The majority of experts believe Jesus was crucified between 30 and 33 AD, which corresponds to 1985 to 1988. Given that we may infer Jesus was around 30 years old when he was baptized and began his ministry, we can safely presume he was well into his 30s when he was killed.

How long did Jesus live?

Answer: Christ lived on earth for around thirty-three years, during which time he led a highly holy life despite poverty and persecution.

How to understand Texting Abbreviations!

Meaning of bc in instagram what does bc mean in history bc meaning in chat in urdu bc full form mc full form in chat bc meaning because what is a bc in medical terms bc urban dictionary bc meaning because what is a bc in medical terms See more entries in the FAQ category.

What does BC mean? BC Definition. Meaning of BC. OnlineSlangDictionary.com

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How common is this slang?

Don’t click the following.
I use it (25)
No longer use it (5)
Heard it but never used it (31)
Have never heard it (32)

How vulgar is this slang?

60 percent of a total of 62 votes is the average. (See the most obscene expressions.) None of the above is your opinion. (To cast your vote, click on the pepper.) Instead than judging the word on its vulgarity, voters should consider how harsh it is.

Where is this slang used?

Users that are logged in can add themselves to the map. Login, Register, and Login with Facebook in a matter of seconds.

Link to this slang definition

Insert the following code into a web page or blog post to link to this phrase. a href=”BC/a”>British Columbia Insert the following into a wiki, such as Wikipedia, to create a connection to this word. Please note that some wikis use a different link format than others, so be careful to read the guidelines.

What does BC mean?

Are you feeling a little lost when it comes to texting abbreviations? Is it possible that you received a text or email with the word BC in it, or that you spotted the word BC on one of the social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus, and you have no clue what the word BC means? That can be frustrating and/or humiliating, but it isn’t a big deal at all! To learn more about what BC stands for, you’ve come to the correct spot. “Because” is abbreviated as BC. ps. In today’s world, we shorten and truncate words and sentences everywhere we go.

  1. Alternatively, the query may be: What does BC signify on Facebook?
  2. What does the abbreviation BC imply on Instagram?
  3. You understand what I’m saying.
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  5. Texting lingo evolves over time and in diverse geographical and cultural contexts.
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The Quick Answer

For the sake of accommodating religious difference, the acronyms BCE (Before Common Era) and CE (Common Era) might be used in place of the traditional BC and AD dates. Notably, AD is written before to the year, but BC, BCE, and CE are all written after the year (see below). As an illustration:

Writing Years with AD, BC, BCE, and CE

When written as an abbreviation, AD (Anno Domini) implies that it is “in the year of the Lord” and that it is “during the Christian Era.” It is written before the beginning of the year. After the year, the notation BC (Before Christ) is used to indicate the time period before Christ. As an illustration: Have you grasped the concept? Take a simple test to find out.

Real-Life Examples of Writing Years with AD, BC, BCE, and CE

Consider some real-life instances of years spent writing, such as: AD 2000 should be used instead (comic title) AD 71 and AD 109 are the right dates for the brick structure (magazine article)

Using BCE and CE

For the sake of accommodating religious difference, the acronyms BCE (Before Common Era) and CE (Common Era) might be used in place of the traditional BC and AD dates.

BCE and CE are written at the end of the school year. As an illustration:

  • The year 2017 CE is the same as the year 2017 AD
  • The year 487 BCE is the same as the year 487 BC

Here is the preceding example, written in both conventions this time around:

The “Christian” Calendar Is Widely Used

Despite the fact that several calendars are in use today, the “Christian” calendar has taken over as the dominant one. The Christian calendar is based on the birth of Christ in the year zero of the Gregorian calendar (AD 0). Here are some other calendars to consider:

  • The Chinese calendar dates back to 2700 BC, while the Hindu calendar dates back to 3100 BC
  • The Muslim calendar begins with the Hijra (Muhammad’s departure from Mecca to Medina) in AD 622
  • And the Jewish calendar begins with the Passover in AD 365. From the time of creation, as recorded in scripture, the Jewish calendar begins around 5,800 years ago. The Roman calendar (which was never utilized) began counting from 753 BC, or 0 AUC. AUC is an abbreviation for “Ab Urbe Condita,” which translates as “foundation of the city.” In use until the year AD 525, the Roman calendar was the official time. It is worth noting that the originator of the AUC calendar disregarded the fact that Emperor Augustus had previously reigned as Octavian for four years before changing his name, and that since he employed Roman numerals rather than Arabic numbers, he failed to account for the years 0 BC or AD 0. Unfortunately, these mistakes were never remedied.
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