What Does Cp Mean In Text? (Solution)

  • cp stands for copy. This command is used to copy files or group of files or directory. It creates an exact image of a file on a disk with different file name. cp command require at least two filenames in its arguments. Syntax: cp [OPTION] Source Destination cp [OPTION] Source Directory cp [OPTION] Source-1 Source-2 Source-3 Source-n Directory First and second syntax is used to copy Source file to Destination file or Directory.


What does CP means in chat?

The full form of C-P is Sleepy. It’s used on Text Messaging & SMS. C-P. Sleepy It’s used on Text Messaging & SMS.

What is CP abbreviation for?

Cerebral palsy, a brain disorder. Certified Prosthetist, an American medical qualification. Ceruloplasmin, an enzyme encoded by the CP gene.

What is CP couple?

CP is short for ‘ couple ‘

What does CP mean in twitter?

Using cp to mean ‘ character pairing ‘ and what not is all good My beef is with people who show up on tweets like ‘this is literally child porn’ and it’s an anime boy in shorts. 1. 8. 169.

What is CP date?

CP Date means the day on which the Conditions Precedent are satisfied, or such other later date that shall be mutually agreed by the Parties; Save. Copy.

What does CP stand for in bl?

Sources disagree on whether “CP” is short for “couple” or “Character Pairing”. The use of “CP” in Chinese and Japanese fandom should not be confused with the common usage of the term in the English-speaking world, where it means ” child pornography “.

What does 666 mean in China?

In China, 666 can mean ” everything goes smoothly ” (the number six has the same pronunciation as the character 溜, which means “smooth”.

What does CP mean novel?

abbreviation. ​(in writing) compare.

What does CP Stand For? 2484 meanings of CP by Acronymsandslang.com

Rank Abbreviation Meaning
***** CP Child Porn
*** CP Child Pornography
** CP Chat PostTextingChatOnlineComputing Slang
* CP Circumcised Penis
* CP SleepyTextingsms
* CP Cutie PatootieChat
* CP Crystal Planet (Joe Satriani album)
* CP Calgary Planet
* CP Cross postTextingsms
* CP Created PostsChat
* CP Coldplay
* CP Club Penguin
* CP Copper Piece (gaming)game
* CP Chris Paul
* CP Childs Play
* CP Concentration Points (Breath of Fire IV game)
* CP Cold ProcessFood
* CP Capture Point
* CP Captain Planet
* CP City Paper
* CP Comfort PlanSeduction
* CP Cash Point
* CP Captain Picard
* CP Centerpiece
* CP Color Pencil

CP – Slang/Internet Slang

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Rank Abbr. Meaning
CP Child Pornography
CP City Paper
CP Club Penguin (website)
CP Chris Paul (basketball player)
CP Capital Punishment (Counter Strike gaming clan)
CP Counterparts (Rush album)
CP Creepy Pasta (gaming)
CP Coldplay (band)
CP Cold Process (soap making)
CP Cyberpunk
CP Couch Potato
CP Critique Partner (writing; editing)
CP Childs Play (gaming clan)
CP Crazy Person
CP Captain Planet (TV show)
CP Content Paradise (3D models)
CP College Place (Washington)
CP Color Pencil
CP Chat Post
CP Capture Point (gaming)
CP Cash Point (backgammon)
CP Circumcised Penis
CP Captain Picard (Star Trek character)
CP Crease Pattern (Origami folding pattern)
CP Contemplative Prayer
CP Celestial Pastures (FarmVille)
CP Clan Plaid (gaming group)
CP Copper Piece (gaming)
CP Concentration Points (Breath of Fire IV game)
CP Combo Points (World of Warcraft gaming)
CP Cerberus Pyrotronics
CP Crystal Planet (Joe Satriani album)
CP Combat Point (Lineage 2 game)
CP Club Puffle (website)
CP Calgary Planet (website)
CP Charge Partition (gaming, Street Fighter 3 Series)
CP Campbell Paterson Catalog (philatelic catalog)
CP Carousel Plaza (amusement parks)
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Only Slang/Internet Slang meanings are displayed (show all 358 definitions) Please keep in mind that we have 227 more meanings for CP in our Acronym Attic. The following meanings are exclusively for Slang and Internet Slang (show all 358 definitions) In our Acronym Attic, we have 227 more meanings for CP.

CP Meaning in Chat – What does CP mean in Chat? CP Definition

It is found at the bottom of this page where you will find the meaning of CPis Chat Post as well as other meanings that are related to Chat terminology and CPhas 5 distinct definitions. All of the meanings associated with the CP acronym are found solely within the context of Chat terminology, and no additional meanings are discovered. If you’d like to view more definitions, please visit the CP definitions section. As a result, you will be sent to a website that contains all of the possible meanings of CP.

CP Meaning in Chat

  1. The Cutie Patty, the Created Posts, the Cutie Patty, and the Sleepy Patty The description of a gloss paint that has been applied lately and has a ‘hazy’ look or a gloss that is lower than typical

There are several different sites where you may get the meaning of CP for Chat.

  • More CP definition may be found at Acronym24.com. Click here to read about CP on Wikipedia. In the end, keep searching for CP Chat in Google over and again.

What does CP stand for Chat?

Searches for the CP abbreviation in Chatin search engines were collated into a database. The most commonly asked CP acronym questions for Chat were picked and made available on the web for everyone to see. The following Chat CP query list is guaranteed to pique your interest if you have asked a similar CP inquiry (for Chat) to the search engine in order to find out what the significance of the CP full form in Chat is.

What does CP meaning stand for Chat?

  • A CP acronym stands for ‘Created Posts’ in the context of a chat room.

What is CP definition?

The site contains more than just the definitions of the CP abbreviation used in Chat sessions. Yes, we are aware that your primary goal is to provide an explanation of the CP abbreviation in Chat. However, we believed that, in addition to the meaning of the CP meanings in Chat, you may be interested in the astrological information associated with the CP acronym in Astrology. For this reason, each of the words in each CP abbreviation has an astrological interpretation that is presented as well.

CP Abbreviation in Astrology
  • CP (letter C)You are an extremely sociable person who values the importance of having a connection in your life. You desire connection and a sense of belonging. You must be able to communicate with your sex partner before to, during, and after the encounter. You want the person who has captured your heart to be socially acceptable and physically attractive. The person you’re dating is a buddy and a companion to you. You are highly sexual and sensual, and you require someone who will appreciate and even adore you for who you are. When this is not possible, you have the ability to go for extended periods of time without engaging in sexual activity. You have mastered the art of suppressing your impulses and putting them aside
  • CP (the letter P) indicates that you are extremely conscientious about social propriety. You wouldn’t consider doing something that may jeopardize your image or reputation under any circumstances. Appearances are important, thus you should choose a companion who is attractive. You will also require a companion who is clever. Contrary to popular belief, you may regard your partner as a potential adversary
  • A successful fight increases the amount of sperm in your system. If you have any sexual reluctance, you are in the minority. You are open to new ideas and prepared to experiment with different approaches. You are a very gregarious and sensual person
  • You take pleasure in flirting and require a great lot of physical satisfaction.

What does CP stand for?

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What doesCPmean?

Cpcp is a UNIX command that is used to transfer files and directories across computers. A file to another file, one or more files to a directory, and entire directories to another directory are the three primary modes of operation for the command. These modes are expressed by the types of arguments presented to the program for copying files between files, one or more files to a directory, and copying entire directories between directories. In addition, the program supports a number of command-line option flags that provide additional information about the activities done.

POSIX cp and GNU cp are the two most important standards. When compared to the POSIX version, GNU cp offers a plethora of new features. see more » For additional information, please contact us.

Know what isCP? Got another good explanation forCP? Don’t keep it to yourself!

  • A.Documents pertaining to post-therapy scanning
  • B.Distribution of peripheral tissue scans
  • C.Donation of tissue samples
  • D.Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Hearing impaired tip:

How do you pronounce CPin ASL sign language fingerspelling in American Sign Language?

CP Definition: Chat Post

What does the abbreviation CP stand for? CP is an abbreviation for Chat Post. If you are seeing our non-English version of Chat Post and would like to see the English translation, please scroll down to the bottom of the page where you will find the definition of Chat Post in the English language. Keep in mind that the acronym CP is extensively used in a variety of professions, including banking, computers, education, finance, government, and the health care industry. Chat Post may also be used as an abbreviation for various acronyms in addition to CP.

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CP = Chat Post

Looking for a broad definition of CP? Look no further. The abbreviation CP stands for Chat Post. We are pleased to include the acronym CP in the greatest database of abbreviations and acronyms available online. An example of one of the definitions of CP in English is shown in the accompanying image: Chat Post. You may either print the picture file or send it to your friends through email, Facebook, Twitter, or TikTok if you have a printer.

Meanings of CP in English

According to the previous paragraph, the abbreviation CP is used to signify Chat Post in text messages. This website is dedicated to the abbreviation CP and its several meanings, such as Chat Post. Please keep in mind that the term CP can refer to a variety of things. You should examine our dictionary for all possible definitions of CP one by one, as there may be more than one definition of the term.

Definition in English: Chat Post

CP can refer to a variety of things other than a chat post. They are listed on the left-hand side of this page. Please scroll down and click on each of them to see them in greater detail. Please see “More” for a complete list of CP definitions. If you are seeing our English-language version of this page and would like to see definitions of Chat Post in other languages, please use the drop-down language selection on the right-hand side of the page. Besides English, you’ll find the meanings of Chat Post in a plethora of other languages as well.

C-P » What does C-P mean?

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How to use the termC-P:

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More slang terms:

Things have gotten out of hand.


I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.


Can’t discuss because my parent(s) are arriving.

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Definition of CP

Is it true that you are a true blue champion of these “blue” euphemisms? Despite the fact that we could chat about this quiz until we’re blue in the face about the color “blue,” we believe that you should take the quiz and find out whether or not you’re a wiz at these colorful terminology. What one of the following adjectives best depicts the color “sky blue”?

Words nearbyCP

Cozey, Cozumel, cozy, cozy up, Cozzens, CP, C.P.A., CPAG, CPAP, CPB, CPCU, CP, C.P.A., CPAG, CPAP, CPB, CPCU

Other definitions forCP(2 of 5)

Chemically pure.circular pitch.command post.common requests are abbreviations for these terms.

Other definitions forCP(5 of 5)

Abbreviation The Chief Patriarch, the command post, the Common Prayer, and the Communist Party are all included. Dictionary.com Unabridged Random House, Inc. 2021, based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, Random House, Inc.

How to useCPin a sentence

  • CP, therefore, could not be deemed an independent legal entity from EQ while the mother is pregnant. There is a magnificent collection of Hunter Polaroids in the room
  • He complied, and as we posed for the photograph, myCP caused me to unintentionally tickle him. However, when it comes to the topic of whether Solomon’s Centralization was a work of genius or a much later concept,cp
  • When t positive integral values are given that are not less than cp/a and not larger than cq/b, positive integral solutions can be achieved. Conclusions about the molecular state of the gas can be made from the ratio Cp / Cv. In a similar vein, increasing atomic complexity is reflected in a further drop in the ratioCp/Cv In his writings, our author never fails to emphasize the significance of having a large amount of punya,cp.

British Dictionary definitions forCP(1 of 3)

Can be used to refer to the Canadian Press, the military, the Command Post, the common prayer, the Communist Party (previously known as the Communist Party of Great Britain), and the Community Program. The Probate Court is a court of last resort.

British Dictionary definitions forCP(3 of 3)

2012 Digital Edition of the Collins English Dictionary – Complete Unabridged Edition (William Collins SonsCo. Ltd. 1979, 1986) In 1998, HarperCollinsPublishers published the following books: 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, and 2012.

Medical definitions forCP

The Stedman’s Medical Dictionary, published by American Heritage® Houghton Mifflin Company owns the copyright for the years 2002, 2001, and 1995. Houghton Mifflin Company is the publisher of this book.

What does CP mean? – CP Definition – Meaning of CP – InternetSlang.com

This could be the only web page dedicated to explaining the meaning ofCP(CP acronym/abbreviation/slang word).Ever wondered whatCPmeans? Or any of the other 9309slang words, abbreviations and acronyms listed here atInternet Slang? Your resource for web acronyms, web abbreviations and netspeak.
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What is CP?

CP means “Child Porn”
So now you know – CP means “Child Porn” – don’t thank us. YW!What does CP mean? CP is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the CP definition is given.
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Other terms relating to ‘child’:
�BAIRN Child, baby
�BRAT Annoying, spoilt child
�CBBC Children’sBBC
�CBH Child Bearing Hips
�CHESTER Child Molester, pedophile
�DCF Department of Children and Families
�GOOF Child molester Mistake
�MWC Married With Children
�NC-17 No Children under 17 (movie rating)
�NSPCC National Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children
�P12 Childish person
�SPROG Child
�TOT Small child
�UNICEF United Nations Children’s Fund
�WIC Women, Infants and Children World in Conflict (game)
Other terms relating to ‘porn’:
�GONZO Pornography genre
�HENTAI Anime porn
�PRON Porn
�PSE Porn Star Experience
�PSF Porn Star Finish
�RULE 34 If it exists, there is porn of it
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C.P: What does CP mean in Internet?

CP is most commonly used as an abbreviation that stands forChatin CategoryInternet, which meansChat Post.

What Questions Are Stands For CP?

  • What does it stand for when you say “CP”
  • What does it stand for when you say “CP”
  • What does the abbreviation CP stand for? What does the abbreviation CP imply
  • Who or what is CP, and what does it stand for in the context of BUSINESS? When it comes to Category BUSINESS, what does the acronym signify
  • What does it stand for when it comes to Category BUSINESS
  • Describe what an abbreviation means in the category of BUSINESS. What does it stand for in the MISCELLANEOUS category
  • What does abbreviation mean in Category MISCELLANEOUS
  • What does it stand for in Category MEDICAL
  • What does abbreviation mean in Category MEDICAL
  • What does it stand for in Category MISCELLANEOUS
  • What does abbreviation mean in Category MISCELLANEOUS
  • What What does the abbreviation “MISCELLANEOUS” signify in the category?

Find any CP-related acronym, abbreviation, or shorthand in the Acronyms and Abbreviations section.


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