What Does Ight Mean In Text? (Solution found)

This slang term is often used as a reply IGHT is shorthand used in texting and online messaging that means Alright.

What does ight stand for in texting?

  • Ight means ‘alright’ ight meaning as it’s used in various places around the web, real life (irl), and everywhere between. Asp url? Q webcache. What does ight stand for in texting what abbreviation mean (internet slang category) all acronyms a text message answers. It means ‘ok’ it is a slang y way to say ‘all right.


What does IGT stand for?

IGT: Impaired glucose tolerance.

What does OTOH mean in texting?

abbreviation for on the other hand: used in emails and text messages before you refer to a different way of looking at a situation. (Definition of otoh from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press) 7

What is LGT?

LGT means ” Link Goes to.”

What does OTP mean in text?

What does OTP mean? OTP is an abbreviation meaning ” one true pair/pairing.”

What Oto means?

Oto- is a combining form used like a prefix meaning “ear.” It is often used in medical terms, especially in anatomy and pathology. Oto- comes from the Greek oûs, meaning “ear.” Related to the Greek oûs is English’s own word ear; so is the Latin word for ear, auris, which is the ultimate source of such words as aural.

How big is LGT?

With over 3900 employees, we are represented in more than 20 locations in Europe, Asia, America and the Middle East. Despite our relatively compact size, we offer our high net worth private clients and institutional investors a global perspective and award-winning expertise in traditional and alternative investments.

Who is LGT?

LGT Group is the largest family-owned private banking and asset management group in the world. LGT, originally known as The Liechtenstein Global Trust, is owned by the princely House of Liechtenstein through the Prince of Liechtenstein Foundation and led by its family members H.S.H.

What does ATP mean on Snapchat?

The intended meaning of GTS ATP on Snapchat is ” Answer The Phone.” This slang is generally used on SC for telling a person to pick up a Snap voice call or video call and join them on a conversation.

What does IG mean in text?

According to Dictionary and Urban Dictionary, the internet slang term IG can either stand for “ I guess ” or “Instagram.”This term is often used on social media or in text messaging.

What is ATM texting?

atm. abbreviation for at the moment: used for example on social media and in text messages: I’m busy atm. 7


Ightandaight are commonly encountered in colloquial Black English and writing, particularly in hip-hop and on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. There are also more colloquial versions of all right, such a’ight,’ight, and a-ight, all of which are intended to refer back to the originalall right. Similarly to the originalall right,ight may be an interjection signifying affirmation, assent, or excitement, similar to the originalall right, for example, Ight, I’ll meet you at the station.


The woman says, “Fried fish, hang on” (https://twitter.com/L3H0CN3oXg).

This is literally mepic.twitter.com/IIpQSThr0K, which I’ve been working on for the past two hours while trying to write an essay.

Yea, here’s a picture from Twitter: 7iyfwQGuQf — CokeBoyCR (@CokeBoyCR) on Twitter The 21st of February, 2019 Ight, also known as all right, can be used as an adjective (for example, this meal is ight) or as an adverb (for example, this food is ight) (We did ight).

He did it, RIGHT?

Use of it by those outside of the black vernacular english community may be deemed cultural appropriation because it is intimately identified with that culture.


IGHT is an abbreviation for “All okay.” A contraction of the phrase “Alright,” the acronym IGHT is used to convey acquiescence, agreement, or the fact that everything is in working order. It is common among youths (particularly skaters) to use the letters IGHT as an informal greeting, with the meaning “Hello, how are you?” and as a response, with the meaning “Fine” or “Okay.” IGHT is a further contraction of the abbreviationAIGHT, which also stands for “Alright” in English.

Summary of Key Points

“Alright” is the most often used term forIGHT on social media platforms like as Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

Definition: Alright
Type: Word and Abbreviation
Guessability: 3: Guessable
Typical Users: Adults and Teenagers

Image for IGHT

When I writeIGHT, I’m referring to the fact that IGHT may be both an inquiry and a declarative assertion.

Example of IGHT Used in a Text

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k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k (Okay) KTHX is an abbreviation for KTHX (Okay, Thanks) KTY is an abbreviation for “Know Yourself” (Okay, Thank You) It’s alright if you say AIT (Alright)I8 (Aight, Aite, Alright)ITE (Alright?)

Urban Dictionary: ight

Ightshortforaightwhich is short forallright is an abbreviation for me: imfunnago overthurr u: imfunnago overthurr u: gunslingeryobyThe GunslingeryobyThe Gunslinger Get a right mug for your daughter-in-law on April 17, 2004. Flag “All right,” Riley.ighttosay,” inslangterm,” let’s go to McDonald’s,””ight.” bylilly2003 The 6th of October is Flag Day, so get an aightmug for your sister. Jovana.ight MeaningOkay, or a conformation of something is acceptable. Bob: I’m going to take care of this little punkass b*tch!

Frank: Ight.byMr.Evilguy Tags: Flag, August 14, 2003, Get aight mug for your dad Günter.ight a slang phrase for when a guy gets fed up with you and your suburbs girl: I’m sorry, but I can’t hang out today since I’m washing my dogboy: ightbylucygoogoo44 February 05, 2020FlagGet aightmug for your dog The shorthand for alrightfuck is jovana.ighttherift.

Bogans, derros, skaters, Americans, and Jacob Detwilers all use this term.

Hello, there you DOOGYS!

January 07, 2010FlagGet aightmug for a friend on Facebook Sarah.ight An abbreviation for the term “all okay” that is frequently used by fuck guys. I’m going to f*ck with you tonight. byDavid 1200 Get a right mug for your father-in-law, Manafort, on December 02, 2019. Flag

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What is IGHT?

IGHT means “Alright”
So now you know – IGHT means “Alright” – don’t thank us. YW!What does IGHT mean? IGHT is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the IGHT definition is given.
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Other terms relating to ‘ight’:
�TIGHT Close Miserly
Other terms relating to ‘alright’:
�AII Alright
�AIIT Alright
�AIT Alright
�AITE Alright
�ARD Alright
�ART Alright
�EWBA Everything Will Be Alright
�I8 Aight, aite, alright
�IIGHT Alright, OK
�IRIE Feeling good, alright
�ITE Alright? (Hello)
�ORITE Alright, hello
�RYT Right, alright
�TATO Alright, OK
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Ight Meaning

What is it about the English language that keeps changing? All that is required of us at night is to go to our beds. It appears that there are more mystery words and phrases than ever before when we first wake up in the morning. Ight? No, that wasn’t a typo on my part. Ight is an example of the impact that texting, rap music, culture, and a desire to stand out from the crowd can have on how we interact with one another. These are only a few of the elements that have an impact on language and its development, but they are the most important ones that have contributed to the creation of the term ight.

Ight Meaning

Ight can be interpreted in a variety of ways. In the context of a remark, it signifies ” I agree” or ” Yes, that is correct”. Alternatively, it might indicate, “I’m alright.” However, this new word, ight, is not always employed to express a point of view or even to respond to a query. Often, the issue is one of light or dark. Yes, you are correct. Its meaning and application are reliant on the speaker’s tone, timing, and facial expression, just as they are with so many other words in the English language.

  • What comes to mind?
  • After seeing you wave your arms furiously for five minutes, a salesperson comes over to talk to you.
  • It is them who are responding to your hale by asking, “What do you want?” They accomplish this with a single word.
  • Depending on the situation, they are either requesting assent or inquiring as to how the individual is doing.

Where Does Ight Come from?

African American Vernacular English (AAVE), which is currently acknowledged as a unique language system in the United States, originated as an elision, or abbreviation, in the early 1900s. It first appeared in rap music and has since become so well-known that it is now used by many adults and teenagers.

When Is Ight Used

Despite the fact that it is no longer exclusive to the Black community, it is not a word you are likely to hear at a retirement facility when elderly people greet one another. When it comes to grownups, the word ight is typically kept for the younger generation. Even the younger generation, however, prefers to use it in informal conversation or with friends. When they see their aunt standing beside their uncle’s casket at a funeral home, they are unlikely (for the most part) to remark, “Ight?” They are more likely to reply, “Right?”

Examples of Use

Rather, this is a welcome term that is more likely to be used on the street to greet a buddy.

  • “Hey, it’s been a long time!” How are things going for you? “How’s it going? ” “Ight! You? “, says the respondent.

Alternatively, it will be employed when friends are already gathered:

  • To provide an example, “Hey, I’m hungry.” I’m going to drive in for a burger right now. “How’s it going? “


Feeling a little down about being a part of the hip hop industry today?

‘It’s becoming dark.’ There are several alternatives: Translation: The following terms can be used in lieu of ight: All right, that’s OK, you betcha, I’m in, I’m down with it, let’s go, why not, yep, that’s fine, that sounds wonderful, that’s fantastic.

Ight Meaning | Image

ight is an acronym that is commonly used in texting, as well as on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, among other places. But what does ight imply in slang?

Most Common Ight Meaning

Ight is an acronym for OK, which means it’s all right.

Using Ight

Ight is a word that is used to convey agreement or acceptance, or to characterize something as satisfying.|


Person 1: How about getting together for a game of pool? Person 2: Ight, that’s very excellent.

Alternative IGHT Meaning

Tonight, I had a good time.

What Does Ight Mean?

This boy is going to try to pretend like he didn’t notice that he had dropped his rucksack on my blueberry muffin. Chris Natividad (@Chris Natividad) tweeted: “oh fine.” Is it okay to go on Facebook but not to reply to my texts? I see you— It’s ELMO Bitch (@alondraromero94), and he’s saying hello.

Latest Ight Tweets

Tweets regarding the subject of ight

Related Slang Terms

Ard Alright.
Ite Alright.
10-4 Okay, affirmative or understood.
Aye Yes.
K Okay.
KK Okay.
Mhm Mm-hmmm, meaning yes.
NP No Problem.
OFC Of Course.
Rgr Okay or understood.

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What does it mean when a guy says ight?

IGHTis a slang phrase that means “good luck.” It is intended to be used to indicate affirmation, approval, acceptance, and/or agreement, among other things. When used in conjunction with the following terms or phrases, the term IGHT is considered synonymous: Yes. Okay. IGHT is an abbreviation for “All okay.” So now that you know that IGHTmeans “Alright,” please do not express gratitude to us. YW! What does the abbreviation IGHTmean? IGHT is an acronym, abbreviation, or slang term that is defined above in the section where the word IGHT is defined.

  • IGHT is an abbreviation for “all right.” It is common to use the abbreviationIGHT, which is a contraction of the word “Alright,” to signify approval, agreement, or that everything is in order.
  • The most recent update was made on September 2, 2019.
  • This is where you should go if you’re scratching your head and wondering what it might possibly stand for.
  • IGZ
Acronym Definition
IGZ Internet Gaming Zone (video game forum)
IGZ International Gaming Zones
IGZ Isolated Ground Zone
IGZ Intermediate Gray Zone (neurology)

What does IGHT mean? Is it Alright or something else?

In colloquial language, the word IGHT means “good luck.” Affirmation, approval, acceptance, and agreement are all intended to be expressed with this word. the following terms or expressions can be used as synonyms for the term “IGHT”: Yes. Okay. When you see the letters IGHT, you are thinking “All okay.” Don’t thank us for informing you that IGHTmeans “All okay.” YW! I’m not sure what IGHTmeans exactly. It is described above where theIGHT definition is provided what an acronym, abbreviation, or slang term is.

Okay, that’s all I have to say about it.

The abbreviationIGHT is a contraction of the word “Alright.” And what does LGHT stand for when it’s written down in a text?

In order to understand whatLGHT stands for, you’d have to be quite well-versed in online slang phrases and acronyms, which is not everyone.

If you’re scratching your head and wondering what it may possible mean, you’ve come to the correct spot. LGHT is an abbreviation for “Let God Take Care of It.” The term Igz is defined as follows: IGZ

History of the IGHT phenomenon

Alternatively, you may speak this word as “aight,” in which case you aren’t really pronouncing the “r,” but it sounds exactly the same as “alright.” If a term has Germanic origins, it is fairly common in the current English language to adopt this spelling for it. Take a look at the pronunciations of the ancient English language. The letter “gh” used to make an extremely harsh sound that has since been silenced. As a result, the “igh” that comes before the “t” sounds like the long “I.” Whereas LMK is beneficial for getting confirmations, IGHT may be a highly suitable response to it, especially when the conversation is informal.

The usage of IGHT

It should come as no surprise that modern slang has supplanted the term that inspired its creation. Because of its widespread use, every second adolescent is familiar with this specific acronym. In the event that a person were to get a cent for every time someone used this acronym, he or she would likely become a billionaire within a day. According to the majority of today’s young, individuals use this term to express affirmation in a highly religious manner. Words like “ok” or even “k” will suffice, but the use of IGHT adds a more fresher sense to the sentence.

It is, nevertheless, preferable to avoid using this shorthand in official correspondence wherever possible.

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  • What does HMU stand for
  • What does TBH stand for


Exemple No. 1 Person-1: Do you want to go to the grocery store today? Person-2: OH MY GOD! Keep an eye on the clock! In the following example, Person-1:WYD? Personnel-2: I’m gathering supplies for tonight’s big game! Person-1: OH MY GOODNESS! Dortmund is playing, and I am unable to see it because of a cable cut that occurred last week! It’s a pain in the neck! Person-2: Come on over here! This way, you’ll have the company of a rival supporter on your side! It’ll be a lot of fun! Person 1: IGHT dude, you’re a badass!

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Jamaican is a nationality (gang member)


I suppose that’s the case.

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WBY What is WBY Mean in Texting? WBY means What About You in text messaging.
WDYK What does WDYK Mean in Texting? WDYK means What Do You Know in text messaging.
WDYT What does WDYT Mean in Texting? WDYT means What Do You Think in text messaging.
WP What does WP Mean in Texting? WP means Well Playted in text messaging.
WRU What does WRU Mean in Texting? WRU means Where Are You in text messaging.
WYD What does WYD Mean in Texting WYD means What Are You Doing in text messaging.
WYM What does WYM Mean Texting? WYM means What You Mean or Watch Your Mouth in text messaging.
WYWH What does WYWH Mean in Texting? WYWH means Wish You Were Here in text messaging.
XLNT What does XLNT Mean in Texting? XLNT means Excellent in text messaging.
YBS What does YBS Mean in Texting? YBS means You’ll Be Sorry in text messaging.
YGG What does YGG Mean in Texting? YGG means You Go Girl in text messaging.
YH What Does YH Mean in Texting? YH means Yeah in test messaging.
YHGTBKM What does YHGTBKM Mean in Texting? YHGTBKM means You Have Got To Be Kidding Me in text messaging.
YNK What does YNK Mean in Texting? YNK means You Never Know in text messaging.
YOLO What Does YOLO Stand for In Texting? YOLO means You Only Live Once in text messaging.
YW What does YW Mean in Texting? YW means You Are Welcome in text messaging.

What does ight stand for in texting

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30 More Internet Slang Words and Acronyms You Need to Know

We have to modify our terminology to keep up with changes in technology, fashion, and people. Slang words and phrases that you encounter on the internet, as well as acronyms that you see in text messages or chat programs, are no exception. You knew you’d have to stay up when “groovy” transformed into “tubular” and then became “amazing” as the fashion industry progressed. The following is an excellent selection of internet slang phrases and acronyms that we’ve already supplied.

Nevertheless, even in the short period of time since that list was published, things have altered significantly. Here’s another list of 30 terminology you should be familiar with in order to stay up with the growth of how we interact online and through other digital platforms.

1. CYA: Cover Your A** or See Ya

What It Means:You may come across this acronym in two separate contexts: when someone warns you to be careful or when someone bids you farewell. If your coworker advises you to “CYA,” you should cover your buttocks immediately to avoid getting into trouble. If, on the other hand, your mother types “CYA” when you are conversing on Skype, you know she is saying “see ya” (hopefully).

2. DIKY: Do I Know You?

In the event that you receive a text message from a number that you do not recognize or that is not in your contact list, the word “DIKY” is a simple approach to inquire whether or not you are acquainted with the sender. What It Means:You may refer to someone as “extra” if they are putting up excessive effort and going above and beyond. According to PopSugar.com: Someone who is labeled as extra might range from a teacher who assigns too much schoolwork to that noisy, intoxicated birthday girl wandering about with her head wrapped in a plastic tiara.

4. IDK / IDKE: I Don’t Know / I Don’t Know Either

What It Means:This one is rather straightforward. Any situation in which you would answer with “I don’t know” or “I don’t know either” might be referred to as “I don’t know.” This abbreviation may be used in a variety of situations, from chatting with employees to speaking with other students to chatting with friends.

5. IGHT: Short for Alright

What It Means:Whereas “all okay” is typically used in official writing, “alright” is a more informal approach to react favorably. If a buddy approaches you and asks if you’d like to watch a movie or tells you that they’ll be right back, you might respond with this response. Ryan: Hey, guy, do you want to go skateboarding? Joe: IGHT, be right there.

6. ILY: I Love You

What It Means: Whether you’re texting with your spouse, partner, family member, or new love, this acronym is a simple and sweet way to say, “I love you.” It can be used to express affection to everyone.

7. HBU: How About You?

In layman’s terms, this abbreviation is self-explanatory and may be used to any scenario. Saying “Absolutely, HBU?” in response to a friend’s question about MakeUseOf.com is a good way to start a conversation.

8. LMAO: Laughing My A** Off

What It Means:When something is very amusing, this abbreviation is used to inform the receiver of the situation. Although it is a bit more dramatic than “LOL” (Laugh Out Loud), it is not quite as potent as “LMFAO” (Laughing My F***ing A** Off) in terms of impact. If you want to be sarcastic, you may use it as a response where the enjoyment is overdone. Graphics courtesy of GraphicsRF via Shutterstock

9. LMK: Let Me Know

What It Means:This is another another basic acronym that you may not immediately recognize as having a specific meaning at first look. You would use it in the same way that the phrase it represents is used, for example, “LMK if you can go.” Alternatively, you may use it as a short answer when someone has stated that they would get back to you on a certain subject.

10. Noob: Short for Newbie

What It Really Means: According to Merriam-Webster, a newbie is defined as a beginning or novice. “Noob” is merely a slang term for “newbie,” as described by Dictionary.com: “a short, slang phrase for a newbie.”

11. NVM: Nevermind

What It Means:Nevermind is an abbreviation for the phrase “nevermind,” and it may be used in a variety of contexts.

Maybe you’re attempting to explain something to a buddy who doesn’t seem to understand what you’re saying, and you simply want to get rid of the situation. For the most part, it’s just a polite way of saying, “Leave things alone.”

12. OFC: Of Course

What It Means: “Of course” is undoubtedly one of the most often used expressions in any situation. You may find yourself using it more frequently than you realize in the office, at home, and in everyday conversation. As a result, you may save a few keystrokes by using this abbreviation for it.

13. PNL: Peace and Love

Perhaps you’re ending up a conversation with someone and conclude it with the letters “PNL” to represent peace and love in your heart.

14. ROFL: Rolling on the Floor Laughing

Exactly what it means: This acronym, which is quite similar to “LMAO,” will have you, well, rolling on the floor in laughter rather than laughing your a** off. Some may assume that “ROFL” comes before the point of “LMAO,” but as you shall see, it is frequently a matter of personal taste, as they are commonly used in conjunction with one another. Photograph courtesy of Vlad PL through Shutterstock

15. Selfie: Photo You Take of Yourself

What It Implies:Because this slang term has grown so common, it is probable that you are already aware of what it means. However, for those who are unfamiliar with the term, it is a word that refers to a photograph that you take of oneself. A selfie is almost often taken using a mobile device, however you may also take a selfie with another person if you choose. It has now been formally recognized as a word by dictionaries. Here’s one of the most popular and well-liked selfies on the internet.

16. Ship: Short for Relationship

What It Means: If you want two individuals to be in a relationship, all you have to do is “ship” them together. If you feel that the two individuals should be together, you may use this as a verb to indicate that you believe they should be together. According to PopSugar.com: “The term “ship” is one of the most often used on the internet. Because of the word connection, it was coined. You’ship’ the two individuals with whom you want to be in a relationship before meeting them in person. As a result, if I believe Olivia Pope and Fitz Grant should be together, Olivia and Fitz are my favorite couple.”

17. Sis: Female Version of Bro

Why Do Males Call Each Other “Bro”? You may have heard guys refer to one another as “bro,” which is short for “brother.” Ladies, on the other hand, have their own version, which is abbreviated as “sis,” which is short for “sister,” as you have surely figured.

18. Snatched: Anything That Looks Great

Unlike the formal term, which refers to anything being taken or stolen, “snatched” in online slang refers to anything that appears to be valuable or desirable. Your wardrobe, your physique, and even your manicure are all vulnerable to being taken away. PopSugar reports the following: “Snatched is the current fad in fashion. It is used to describe something that appears to be exceptionally well-designed or on-target. Anything from your brows to your clothes might be taken from under your nose.

If your clothing is killing, it will be stolen by someone.”

19. SNMP: So Not My Problem

When you wish to highlight that something is not your concern, just use the word “so,” as in “that isn’t my problem.” Then use this abbreviation to save time when typing.

20. Stan: Hardcore Fan

Taking its cue from an Eminem song, according to Urban Dictionary, a stan is someone who is a diehard supporter of a well-known someone. “A’stan,’ named after the lead character in Eminem’s song of the same name, is an excessively obsessive fan of any celebrity or athlete,” according to Wikipedia.

21. STFU: Shut the F*** Up

This phrase is used when the phrase “shut up” is not sufficient. “Shut the f*** up” is generally used in this situation. This acronym gets the job done whether you’re being serious or replying with astonishment and surprise. Instead of responding with “no way” or “you did not,” you may react with “STFU” if your friend texts you to tell you they’ve just won the jackpot. Featured image courtesy of Run The Jewels via Shutterstock

22. Sus: Short for Suspect

Why Is It Used:If you want to express that someone or something is questionable, you might use the word “sus.” On the surface, you’re implying that it’s “suspicious.” You should be on the lookout for “sus” if you get a suspicious (or phishing) email asking for your banking information.

23. TAY: Thinking About You

Meaning of the Abbreviation:This abbreviation is a quick and simple method to let someone know that you are thinking about them. “TAY” can be used to express concern for a far-away loved one, a friend who is going through a difficult period, or the love of your life who is away from home at work.

24. TBH: To Be Honest

“TBH” stands for “to be honest,” and it’s another essential acronym to carry in your back pocket at all times. This is one of those ubiquitous expressions that may be found in everyday vernacular, similar to the word “OFC” for “of course.” ‘What are you going to do about Rick?’ says Tina. Sandy: To be quite honest, I have no idea.

25. TTP: To the Point

What It Means:Shorten your digital conversation by getting to the point. Start each statement with the phrase “TTP” and continue the conversation forward from there.

26. QAP: Quick as Possible

What It Means: Whether you’re on your way to a friend’s place, waiting for them to pick you up, or just in need of something soon, “QAP” is the acronym you want to employ to express the phrase “as quickly as possible.”

27. Wheeling: Picking Up Women / Before Dating Phase

What It Means:If you inquire about your friend’s whereabouts and he says that he is “wheeling,” you can be confident that he is out picking up ladies. However, if your closest friend tells you that two individuals are “wheeling,” it most usually implies that they are in the stage before they begin to date seriously and seriously. Both of these are covered by the Urban Dictionary: “The pursuit of a female specimen is defined as follows: When two people spend time together before going on a date.

28. YGTI: You Get the Idea

What It Means:If you inquire about your friend’s whereabouts and he says that he is “wheeling,” you can be certain that he is out picking up ladies. However, if your closest friend tells you that two individuals are “wheeling,” it is probable that they are at the stage before they begin to date seriously.

Both are covered by the Urban Dictionary: “A female specimen is being sought after. The period of time that two people spend together before dating. Between flirting and dating there is a delicate line to walk.”

29. 45: Referring to Donald Trump

While the term “45” can still be used to refer to a Colt 45 firearm, it now has a second connotation as described below. According to Urban Dictionary and other sources, the phrase originates from an episode of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah in which Laurence Fishburne appeared as a guest. President Trump was referred to as “45” during his campaign. According to Slang.org:

30. *$: Starbucks

Exactly what it means: The asterisk and dollar symbol combo is a shorthand way of saying “Starbucks.” Respond affirmatively and proceed to the local Starbucks if one of your pals texts you with the word “*$?” and you are in the mood for a cup of coffee.

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Others are difficult to understand because they contain slang terms and acronyms that are difficult to pronounce. And, despite the fact that this is yet another lengthy list, there are many more out there, with new ones appearing all the time and occasionally causing internet outages. See our explanations of SMH and what HMU stands for for more up-to-date jargon. Photograph courtesy of George Rudy/Shutterstock With the help of these gadgets, you may become a more informed pet owner. Check out this list of fantastic smart gadgets that you can purchase for use in your pet-friendly house.

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