What Does Rs Mean In Text?

  • The letters rs stand for Republic of Serbia. It is intended to be used with few restrictions, and it is widely used in Serbia. Because of English words ending with the letters “rs”, this domain is also used in the construction of domain hacks.


What does Rs stand for in relationship?

R→ S relationship – APA Dictionary of Psychology.

What is the meaning of RS in online selling?

It’s defintely Indian rupees.

What does RS mean in text Brazil?

“RS” in Brazil is short for the portuguese word “RISOS”. “RISOS” translated to english means “LAUGHS”. So basically “RSRS” means laughs.

What is the other name for RS?

abbreviation. Rupee (s).

What is the meaning of RS in motorcycle?

Using an R suffix usually means things have to do with either racing or replica. Even in the car industry, the R stands for pretty much the same thing, with the RS suffix being short for the German term Rennsport. Racing, that is. Therefore, RR is used for both Race Replica or even Race-Ready.

What does FS mean in text?

The acronym “FS” is used to represent the phrase “ for sure.” The phrase is used to express confidence in something or someone. Origin of FS. The phrase “for sure” was derived from the word “sure.”

What does RS mean in Snapchat?

The abbreviation “Rs” stands at Snapchat for the word “Roundsnap” or “circular” – that is a snap, which is not just to you but several Perosnen. The abbreviation “Ms” stands for “Massensnap” and thus means the same thing. Snapchat Streak Product Image.

What KKKK means?

Acronym. Definition. KKKK. Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.

How do you say LOL in Portuguese?


  1. Translations. EN. lol [abbreviation] volume_up. 1. ” laughing out loud”, IT, slang. rindo muito alto [ex.] lol.
  2. LOL [abbreviation] volume_up. 1. ” League of Legends”, games. League of Legends {pr. n.} LOL.
  3. lol (laugh out loud) [abbreviation] volume_up. rir em voz alta {vb} lol (laugh out loud)

Urban Dictionary: rs

“Real crap” is a term commonly used in texting to express emphatic agreement. Hi there, I’m becoming a little bored. person2:rs Person1: ikrbyKingcomic124 (internet handle) 29th of March 2017FlagGet arsmug in front of your mother Sarah. rs real shityorsyou are in good shape! byjaiibaii 20th of April, 2019 Get arsmug for your father José, and you’ll be in good company. Portuguese version of LOL, which is an online abbreviation for “risos,” which literally translates as “laughter.” INSERT:Funnyness rsbynic144 has responded.

rsAn abbreviation for the MMORPGRunescape, which stands for Runescape Online.

What is your RSCombatLevel, by the way?

RuneScape is an abbreviation for the large online Java-based game developed by Jagex.

  • It’s really cool.
  • Bob:I’m receiving rs today, when will you be on?
  • Julia.
  • Tom: Would you like some rs?
  • bysahrkov 16th of December, 2008FlagGet arsmug for your future daughter-in-law.
  • We don’t care what thered shitesays,’ says rs’RedShite,’ which refers to Liverpool Football Club, all of their demonic works, their supporters, and the whole notion ofLFC (repeatad nauseam) byash Flag Day is April 21, 2005.

What does RS Stand For? 559 meanings of RS by Acronymsandslang.com

Rank Abbreviation Meaning
***** RS Richard Simmons
**** RS RunescapeTextingIT TerminologygameInternet
**** RS Reliable Source
*** RS Rocket Ship
*** RS Rubber Soul
*** RS Ringo StarrFamous
*** RS Raven Shield
*** RS Rennsport
** RS Robin Sena
** RS Runs Scored
** RS Rogue SpearFunnies
** RS Rainbow Six
** RS Run Support
** RS Red Shirt
** RS RubySapphire
* RS Red Steel
* RS Ravi Shankar
* RS Rocket Scientist
* MOH: RS Medal of Honor: Rising Sun
* RS Roger Staubach
* RS Robert Schumann
* RS Rat Stuff
* RS Rozgar Samachar
* RS Return Specialist
* RS Random Sean

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What is RS?

RS means “RuneScape, aMMORPG “
So now you know – RS means “RuneScape, aMMORPG ” – don’t thank us. YW!What does RS mean? RS is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the RS definition is given.
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what does rs mean in text

Acronym Definition
RS Right Side
RS Request to Send
RS Remote Sensing
RS Royal Society

What does Rs stand for in relationship?

As in trials when an organism’s reaction causes a specific change in the environment, such as reward or escape from unpleasant stimuli, this is referred to as the response-stimulus connection (also known as the response-stimulus relationship). This is referred to as a RO relationship, where O stands for outcome in the relationship.

What does RT mean in text?

Real Talk on RTas When the term “real talk” is used to refer to anything serious, it is intended to alert people to the severity of what is being stated.

What does Rs stand for in school?

As a result, it makes more sense to include Religious Studies (R.S.) as a greater component of History classes rather than as a separate topic.

What does RS mean in price?

In order to compute the Relative Price Strength Rating that displays for each stock, we compare its price change over the last 12 months to the price changes of all other stocks in the tables.

What is the other name for RS?

In most regions of India, the rupee is referred to as rupaya, rupaye, or any of a number of other words that are derived from the Sanskrit word rpya, which means silver and refers to silver coins. The term aaka comes from the ancient Sanskrit language and means “money.”

What is Rs in medical terms?

RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) is a virus that can cause moderate respiratory infections in adults such as colds and coughs, as well as serious respiratory issues such as bronchitis and pneumonia in young children and anybody with a damaged immunological, cardiac, or pulmonary system.

What is the meaning of RS in online selling?

It is, without a doubt, Indian rupees. FA is an abbreviation for “Fat Acceptance.” Among online dating services, such as Craigslist, Tinder, Zoosk, and Match.com, as well as in messages and chat forums, this is the most frequently seen meaning for FA. FA. Acceptance of one’s body weight is defined as follows:

What does RN mean on Snapchat?

“It means right now,” the message plainly states. With the popularity of popular talking and texting applications such as iMessage, WhatsApp, and Snapchat, as well as direct messaging on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, the initialism has acquired even more traction.

What does Retweet mean?

Unfollowing someone on Twitter does not constitute unfollowing them on Twitter. The Retweet tool on Twitter allows you and others to rapidly share a Tweet with all of your followers by simply clicking on the Retweet button. You have the ability to Retweet your own Tweets as well as Tweets from other people. It is common for users to put “RT” at the beginning of a Tweet in order to signal that they are re-posting material created by someone else.

What does RT stand for on Tiktok?

Unfollowing someone on Twitter does not constitute unfollowing them on Facebook. The Retweet tool on Twitter allows you and others to rapidly share a Tweet with all of your followers by simply clicking on the button. Your own Tweets as well as Tweets from others might be Retweeted by others. To signify that they are re-posting someone else’s work, users may sometimes put “RT” at the beginning of a Tweet.

Definition: Retweet
Type: Abbreviation
Guessability: 2: Quite easy to guess
Typical Users: Adults and Teenagers

What does RS mean in special education?

Acronyms and abbreviations for special education

ACSA Association of California School Administration
RS Resource Specialist
RSP Resource Specialist Program
SDC Special Day Class (Instructional settings in which the student receives special instruction more than 50% of the day.)
SDL Severe Disorders of Language

What does R S mean in email?

Route Sheet for R/S. The letter is signed with the words R/S. Respectfully Sent (letter ending).

What is Aebe?

An abbreviation and a definition AEBE is an abbreviation for Auxiliary Equipment Building – East.

What is SSD in text?

SSD is most commonly referred to as “Solid State Drive” on social media platforms such as Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

What does you good FAM mean?

Although it is technically a contraction of the term “family,” it is not used to refer to your mother, father, or sibling. It is used to define persons in your life with whom you have a strong bond: your good pals, your ride-or-die buddies, and your homies.

Whats IG stand for?

I believe IG is an abbreviation for the popular social media network Instagram. It’s also used as an abbreviated form for I suppose.

What does IG mean in text?

“I guess” or “Instagram,” according to the Dictionary and Urban Dictionary, are two possible meanings for the online slang phrase IG. This expression is frequently used on social media or in text messages.

What does RNO mean in slang?

Acronym Definition
RNO Republican in Name Only
RNO Reaction Natural Orbital
RNO Responsive NASA Official
RNO Répertoire National des Ostéopathes (French: National Register of Osteopaths)

What does moots mean on Twitter?

Moots is an abbreviation for mutual followers in internet slang, and it refers to persons who follow and typically actively communicate with one another on social media. Moots can also be found in its solitary form, moot, which is equally frequent. People who are engaged on social media frequently refer to their moots as “online buddies.”

What does TL mean in Twitter?

TL;DR: Timeline RT is for retweet, MT stands for modified tweet, DM stands for direct messaging, FF stands for Follow Friday, h/t stands for hat tip, TL stands for Timeline, and OH stands for overheard. You are now aware of the situation.

What does DM mean on Twitter?

Timing is everything in this world! Tweets are abbreviated as RT (retweet), MT (modified tweet), DM (direct message), FF (Follow Friday), h/t (hat tip), TL (Timeline), and OH (overheard). You’re now up to speed with the subject matter.

What does 07 mean on TikTok?

The emoji O7 (which is often spelled as “o7”) is short for “I Salute You.”

What is lowkey slang?

Low-key may signify a variety of things, including “quiet,” “restrained,” “moderate,” and “easygoing.” It can also be used as an adverb, which means “of low or moderate intensity,” in this case. In the same way that you would accomplish anything, but in a more “cool” manner. For example, we’re hosting a party at my house, but we’re keeping it low-key so that the neighbors don’t complain.

What does sped mean on Snapchat?

Summary of the Most Important Points SPED is most commonly defined as “Special Education” on social media platforms such as Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

What does IC mean in school?

Charged with an incomplete tally (IC)

What does SSP mean in education?

In order to help every student stay connected in school and achieve post secondary educational and career goals, a Student Success Plan (SSP) will be developed that is individualized and driven by the student. The plan will be developed to address the needs and interests of each individual student and will be tailored to that student’s specific needs and interests.

What does v r mean at the end of a message?

V/R — According to reader Andee Howard Cui, this abbreviation stands for “Very respectfully.” The statement conveys a pleasant feeling, and the abbreviation makes it appear less official, but I believe it is too esoteric to be of use.

Is Re short for regarding?

Regarding is described as an abbreviation for the word regard. Re can be shown by including a few sentences at the beginning of a business correspondence to explain what the letter is about. In connection to; in the context of; in relation to

Does r mean respectfully?

When addressing a superior in the military, this phrase is commonly used. V/ R is an abbreviation for Very Respectfully. /r, on the other hand, is used politely and is reserved for seniors when speaking to juniors or among peers. Given that the military is a world of abbreviations and acronyms, it is quite understandable.

What does AEB stand for medical?

A list of acronyms used in medicine: A

Abbreviation Meaning
AEB as evidenced by (commonly used by nurses)
AED automated external defibrillator antiepileptic drug(s)
AEM ambulatory electrocardiogram monitoring
AF atrial fibrillation atrial flutter amniotic fluid

What is air entry?

When you auscultate your chest for breath sounds, you might get an interpretation called ‘air entry.’ Patients with pleural disease (effusion, pneumothorax, thickness) or chest wall edema may experience a reduction or complete absence of breath sounds.

What is TVF in respiratory system?

During probing of the patient’s chest wall (particularly the intercostal regions) as the patient talks (e.g., saying “toys for tots” or “ninety-nine,” the examining hand may experience a vibrating sensation known as tactile vocal fremitus.

How to understand Texting Abbreviations!

What does the letter rs stand for in Snapchat? what does rs mean in slang what does rs mean in the dictionary urban dictionary r/s is an abbreviation for relationship.

The significance of rs in social media rs denotes a price in a monetary sense. what does the letter rs imply in the text brasil rs definition in the context of internet selling tagalog See more entries in the FAQ category.


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Acronym Definition
RS Radio Shack
RS Rally Sport(Chevrolet Camaro)
RS Rio Grande do Sul(Brazil)
RS Resolution
RS Russia
RS Reed-Solomon(error-correction code)
RS Rolling Stone(magazine)
RS Railway Station
RS Relief Society
RS Red Sea
RS Result Set
RS Right Side
RS Request to Send
RS Remote Sensing
RS Royal Society
RS Restore(assembly language ASM51 assembler control)
RS RuneScape(game)
RS Religious Studies
RS Room Service
RS Roof Spoiler(automobiles)
RS Renaultsport(race car)
RS Rupees(Indian, Sri Lankan,Pakistani Currency)
RS Runescape(computer game)
RS Relative Strength
RS Rapid Start(fluorescent light bulbs)
RS Research Scientist(various locations)
RS Reference Standard(various locations)
RS Roadside(vehicle design)
RS Rennsport(English: Motorsport)
RS Rallye Sport(Ford Motor Company; Europe)
RS Reliable Source
RS Research Staff
RS Reference Signal
RS Rocket Ship
RS Republika Srpska(Bosnia-Herzegovina)
RS Rajya Sabha(India)
RS Runs Scored(sports)
RS Radio Silence
RS Recruiting Station(US DoD)
RS Ravi Shankar(Indian musician)
RS Reservation System
RS Red Shirt(Star Trek)
RS Rainbow Six(game)
RS Rotary Switch
RS Recommended Standard
RS System Reliability
RS Red Steel(gaming, Nintendo Wii)
RS Reasonable Suspicion(legal standard)
RS Reach Stacker(construction equipment)
RS Rackmount Server
RS Research Summaries(DTIC)
RS Richter Scale
RS Radio Star
RS Ringo Starr(musician)
RS Reference Station(software)
RS Social Movement(Poland)
RS Record Separator(character)
RS Rogue Spear(game)
RS Reset Key
RS Router Solicitation
RS Rapid-Share(file transfer service)
RS Robert Schumann(classical composer)
RS Replacement Service(unit; insurance)
RS Recording Secretary
RS Receiving Ship(various locations)
RS Rocket Scientist
RS RubySapphire(Pokemon games)
RS Reduction Strategies(in Rewriting and Programming)
RS Resistant Starch
RS Rubber Soul(Beatles album)
RS Rockstar Games
RS Response Support
RS Remote Station
RS Religious Support(US DoD)
RS Raven Shield(computer game)
RS Regional Stability
RS Radio Science
RS Run Support(baseball; runs scored for a pitcher per 9 innings)
RS Royal Selangor
RS Ranger Station(US NPS)
RS Relay System
RS Reed-Sternberg(Cell)
RS Range Safety
RS Regional Summary(various organizations)
RS Reye’s Syndrome
RS Read Set
RS Reverse Split(stocks)
RS Rockwell Software
RS Reconnaissance Squadron
RS Revised Statute
RS Richard Simmons(fitness personality)
RS Retail System
RS Return Specialist(football)
RS Royal Scots(British Regiment)
RS Religious Science
RS Raster Scan
RS Rough Set(theory)
RS Relay Satellite
RS Requirement Specification
RS Rice Starch
RS Road Space
RS Russian Segment
RS Road Sweeper
RS Reconnaissance and Surveillance
RS Read Signal(Nortel)
RS Registered Sanitarian(NEHA credential)
RS Radiation Sensor
RS Radar Set
RS Reduced Strength
RS Rankin Scale(medicine)
RS Redemptionis Sacramentum
RS Rising Stem(valve)
RS Regenerator Section
RS Request for Support
RS Report of Survey
RS Spearman Rank-Order Correlation
RS Restraint and Seclusion
RS Radiated Susceptibility
RS Roger Staubach
RS Reconciliation Sublayer
RS Road Survey
RS Registration Standard
RS Run Steel
RS Requirement Submission(US DoD)
RS Redundancy Switch
RS Router Shelf(Cisco)
RS Record of Survey
RS Row Space(mathematics)
RS Reputation Service(email investigation authority)
RS Roll Stabilization
RS Requirements Statement
RS Radio Spares(UK electronic component supplier)
RS Republika Sprska
RS Rover Scout
RS Rolls Series(Oxford Rolls Series, used by historians in bibliographies)
RS Rozgar Samachar(Hindi magazine)
RS Rate Synthesizer(US DoD)
RS Resistance Soldering
RS Region Server
RS Redirection Server
RS Revised Status
RS ReconnaissanceStrike
RS Reverse Shear
RS Regulating Station
RS Radio Supervisor(UK naval petty officer rating)
RS Radiation Status
RS Rhyothemis Semihyalina(dragonfly species)
RS Remote Survey
RS Reporting Senior(military)
RS Remote Sentry
RS Reactive Search(predictive analysis)
RS Radiation Susceptibility
RS Resource Sponsor
RS Role Specialization
RS Radiocommunications Sector
RS Ringed Sideroblast(blood disorders)
RS Rhythmic Stabilization(PNF technique)
RS Resume Sheet
RS Rareshare
RS Rebel Squadrons(Star Wars gaming fan group)
RS Reactive Scheduling
RS Rothschild-Stiglitz(insurance model)
RS Reforesting Scotland(UK)
RS Restricted Staff
RS Receive Segment
RS Route Stability
RS Regimental Support
RS Radioactive Shipments
RS Replenishment Spares
RS Rat Stuff(polite form, Australian slang, poor quality or broken)
RS Remotely Settable(Fuze)
RS Richtschütze(German: Gunner)
RS Realty Section
RS Robin Sena(anime)
RS Rimming Steel
RS Row Seeder
RS Rosyth School(Singapore)
RS Reactor Starting
RS Random Sean(band)
RS Radio Set/System
RS Robotic Servicer
RS Rapid Shooter(Canon EOS 1N camera)
RS Referral Score
RS Rainier Symphony(Seattle, WA)
RS Reprocessing Specification
RS US Revenue Private Die Medicine(Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
RS Rehabaid Society
RS Riot Squad Counter-Strike Clan(Dallas, TX)
RS DCS/Recruiting Service(USAF)
RS Reached Surface Time
RS Recommended Schedule/Standard
RS Relocation/Reconstruction Site
RS Ruhunu Sisila(Sri Lankan organization)
RS ResourceStorage(architectural engineering web services)

What does rs mean in text slang

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What does RS stand for?

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What doesRSmean?

Serbia’s Internet country code top-level domain is rs.rs, which stands for “country code top-level domain.” Serbi domain names are managed by the Register of National Internet Domain Names, which is a domain name registrar in Serbia. Republic of Serbia is represented by the letters rs. There are little limits on its usage, and it is commonly used in Serbia, where it was developed. In addition, this domain is employed in the building of domain hacks since it contains words in English that conclude with the letters “rs.” see more » For additional information, please contact us.

Know what isRS? Got another good explanation forRS? Don’t keep it to yourself!

  • The following are examples of virus-infected diseases: A.Chinese-originated viral infectious disease
  • B.Covert International Destruction
  • C.Chinese-originated viral infectious disease
  • D.Corona Virus Disease.

Hearing impaired tip:

How do you pronounce RS in American Sign Language (ASL) sign language fingerspelling?

RS – English translation in German

Abbreviation | AbkürzungabkBritish English | britisches EnglischBr(=Royal Society)Abbreviation | AbkürzungabkBritish English | britisches EnglischBr(=Royal Society)

Overview of all translations

  • The abbreviation | abkürzungabkBritish English | britisches EnglischBr(=Royal Society)Abbreviation | AbkürzungabkBritish English | britisches EnglischBr(=Royal Society)Br(=Royal Society)

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RS Meaning in Internet – SMS – Text & Chating – What does RS mean in Internet – SMS – Text & Chating? RS Definition

Meaning ofRSis Russian Federation and additional meanings are placed at the bottom of the page and are related to Internet – SMS – TextChating terminology. There are four alternative meanings for the termRSis Russian Federation. All of the connotations associated with the RS acronym are discovered solely within the context of Internet – SMS – TextChating terminology, and no additional meanings are found. If you’d like to view more definitions, please visit the RS definitions section. As a result, you will be sent to a website that contains all of the meanings of RS.

In addition, you may search by putting RS into the search box that can be found on our website’s homepage.

What does RS stand for Internet – SMS – TextChating?

We prepared a list of searches for the RS acronym in search engines for the Internet – SMS – TextChating. On this website, the most commonly requested RS acronym questions for the Internet, SMS, and TextChating have been picked and made available.

In the event that you had asked the search engine a question similar to this (for Internet – SMS – TextChating) in order to find the meaning of the RS full form in Internet – SMS – TextChating, we are certain that the RS query list that follows will capture your interest.

What does RS meaning stand for Internet – SMS – TextChating?

  • Serbia (country domains) is the meaning of the acronym “RS” in the context of Internet – SMS – TextChating.

What is RS definition?

  • RS stands for “Runescape” in the context of the Internet, SMS, and texting.
What is RS acronym?
  • “Serbia (country Domains)” may be abbreviated as RS.
What is the definition of RS acronym in Internet – SMS – TextChating?
  • The full meaning of RS is “Serbia (country Domains)”
  • The abbreviation is RS.
What is the explanation for RS in Internet – SMS – TextChating?

The site contains more than just the definitions of the RS abbreviation in the contexts of Internet – SMS – TextChating. Yes, we are aware that your primary goal is to provide an explanation of the RS abbreviation in Internet – SMS – TextChating. But we thought that you would be interested in astrological information about the RS acronym in Astrology, in addition to the meaning of the RS meanings found on the Internet, in SMS, and in texting. It is for this reason that the astrological interpretation of each word in each RS abbreviation is also supplied.

RS Abbreviation in Astrology
  • RS RS RS RS RS RS RS RS RS RS RS (letter R) Individual who doesn’t waste time and is focused on getting things done. You need someone who can keep up with you and who is on an intellectual par with you
  • The smarter they are, the better it is for you. You are more easily turned on by a brilliant intellect than you are by a terrific physique. Physical appearance, on the other hand, is extremely essential to you. You have to be pleased with your partner’s accomplishments. You are really hot in private, but you do not gloat about it, and you are willing to serve as a teacher. You may be a highly demanding playmate, and you place a high value on sexuality. If your name begins with the letter S, you are reserved, self-contained, and timid. Despite the fact that you are extremely seductive, sensuous, and passionate, you keep it a secret. This aspect of your nature will only be shown in the most intimate of settings. When it comes down to the nitty-gritty, you are the consummate professional. You are well-versed in all of the nuances of the trade, are capable of taking on any role or participating in any game, and are really serious about your love life. You don’t play games with your life. You have the patience to be patient and wait for the appropriate person to show up

RS – Wikipedia

In Wikipedia, the term RS might refer to the policy that requires the use of reputable sources while writing articles. RS may refer to one or more of the following:

Businesses and organizations

  • Racing Sailboats (RS Sailing), a world-renowned worldwide designer and manufacturer of sailing boats and dinghies
  • Ford TeamRS, Ford Motor Company’s European performance automobile and racing business
  • Renault Sport, Renault’s motorsport subsidiary
  • And others.

Other businesses and organizations

  • The RS Public Company Limited, a Thai music company, the Relief Society, a religious organization affiliated with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS church), and the RS Components, a worldwide electrical component distributor A political organization in France
  • The Roberval and Saguenay Railway (which has the reporting mark RS)
  • And a railroad in Canada.


  • The RS Public Company Limited, a Thai music company, the Relief Society, a religious organization affiliated with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS church), and the RS Components worldwide electrical component distributor Roberval and Saguenay Railway (reporting mark RS)
  • République Solidaire, a French political party

Rio Grande do Sul is a state in southern Brazil (ISO 3166-2 code BR-RS)

Science and technology

  • .rs is the Internet country code top-level domain for the Republic of Serbia
  • .rs is the filename extension for Rust (programming language) source code
  • And.rs is the Internet country code top-level domain for the Republic of Serbia. In the C0 control code, the Record Separator (EIA) is recommended
  • For example, RS-232 is recommended. mistake correction using the Reed–Solomon algorithm

Other uses in science and technology

  • When it comes to stereochemistry, R/S categorization is used
  • (RS)- signifying racemate (if one chiralcenter is present)
  • Radio Science is a scientific experiment aboard the MESSENGER spacecraft. resistance to stomata in the leaves (r s)
  • The use of remote sensing
  • In healthy individuals, resistant starch, resistant starch degradation products, and starch degradation products avoid digestion in the small intestine. Risk and Safety Statements (also known as “R/S statements”) are a set of hazard codes and phrases that are used to designate potentially hazardous compounds. Roemheld syndrome is a collection of gastrocardiac symptoms that manifests itself in a variety of ways. A uniqueDbSNPrecord ID number (” rs”
  • For example, rs 206437) is assigned to each record.


  • Rally Sport is a term used to describe rallying automobiles. Rennsport is a German term that means “racing sport,” and it is used to describe automobiles such as the Audi RS models, the Porsche 911 Carrera RS, and the Porsche GT3 RS.

Other uses

  • Report Short is a form of Congressional Research Service Report produced by the United States Congress. rupee, rupees, rupees, rupees, rupees Religious studies is an academic branch of study that focuses on religion. Marine Corps occupational grade for retail services expert in the United States Navy.

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