What Does Smd Mean In Text? (Solved)

Phrase. SMD. (Internet slang, vulgar) Initialism of suck my dick.

What does “smdh” stand for in a text message?

  • What does “SMDHstand for in a text message. kgb answers » Local Lookup » Definitions Word Origins » What does “SMDHstand for in a text message. “SMDH” is the acronym for “shaking my damn head”. It’s usually typed on blogs or in text messages to express disappointment, sadness, disgust etc.

What does SDM mean in text?

SDM. Size Doesn’t Matter.

What does SDM mean on Snapchat?

What do applications like Snapchat, Telegram, Wickr, Cover Me, Speak On, and Whisper have in common? They are all self-destructing message (“SDM”) applications.

What does SDN mean?

May 24, 2012. SDN is short for software defined networking. Software defined networking (SDN) is an approach to using open protocols, such as OpenFlow, to apply globally aware software control at the edges of the network to access network switches and routers that typically would use closed and proprietary firmware.

What is SDO post office?

USPS Supervisor of Distribution Operations (SDO)

What does SMH mean in text?

SMH stands for ” shaking my head.”

What is NFV and SDN?

SDN separates control plane and data forwarding plane by centralizing control and programmability of network. NFV helps service providers or operators to virtualize functions like load balancing, routing, and policy management by transferring network functions from dedicated appliances to virtual servers.

SMD » What does SMD mean?

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How to use the termSMD:

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More slang terms:

Strongbads is a fun game for folks who like to be noticed.


With a sly grin on his face


Gosh, I can’t believe what you’re saying.


Gosh, Wow, I can’t believe what you’re saying.

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Gosh, I can’t believe you’re saying that.

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What does SMD mean? SMD Definition. Meaning of SMD. OnlineSlangDictionary.com

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How common is this slang?

Don’t click the following.
I use it (74)
No longer use it (3)
Heard it but never used it (74)
Have never heard it (39)

How vulgar is this slang?

70 percent of the 123 votes cast were in favor. (See the most obscene expressions.) None of the above is your opinion. (To cast your vote, click on the pepper.) Instead than judging the word on its vulgarity, voters should consider how harsh it is.

Where is this slang used?

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What Does SMD Mean In Slang?

SMD is an acronym that is commonly used in texting, as well as on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, but what does SMD imply in slang?

Most Common SMD Meaning

SMD is an abbreviation for Suck My Dick.

Using SMD

SMD is a slang phrase that is used to show wrath or disdain towards someone, it is comparable in meaning to the phrase ‘go f**k yourself’.


Whoever is making prank calls to me should be smd!

Alternative SMD Meaning

Device that is surface mounted.

What Does SMD Mean?

Suck it up, Dick.

Related Slang Terms

Bye Felicia Get out of my face.
FOH F**k Outta Here.
GFY Go F**k Yourself.
GTFO Get The F**k Out.
IDFWU I Don’t F**k With You.
KMS Kill Myself.
KMT Kiss My Teeth.
Pfft An expression of disapproval.
Pft An expression of disapproval.
Swerve Go away and leave me alone.
BJ Blow Job.
DSL Dick Sucking Lips.

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What is SMD?

SMD means “Suck My Dick”
So now you know – SMD means “Suck My Dick” – don’t thank us. YW!What does SMD mean? SMD is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the SMD definition is given.
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Other terms relating to ‘suck’:
�DSLS Dick Sucking Lips
�FAIL Suck
�GSAD Go Suck A Dick
�MARK Target, sucker
�MLS My Life Sucks
�SMB Suck My Balls
�SMC Suck My Cock
�SMFD – Click To View
�SMT Sucking My Teeth
�STBY Sucks To Be You Sorry To Bother You
�SUCKS Is bad, is rubbish
�SUX Sucks
�SYD Suck Your Dick
�TSBT Truth Should Be Told They Suck Big Time
�TSS – Click To View
�YSS You Suck Severely
Other terms relating to ‘dick’:
�BBD Bigger, Better Deal Big Black Dick
�CWD Comment When Done Cringe, Wither, Die Chronic Wasting Disease Chicks With Dicks
�D Dick
�DICK Penis
�DIH Dick In Hand
�DIYM Dick In Your Mouth
�DSLS Dick Sucking Lips
�EABOD Eat A Bag Of Dicks
�EAD Eat A Dick
�GSAD Go Suck A Dick
�HMD Hold My Dick
�LMD Lick My Dick
�LMDO Laugh My Dick Off
�SDS Small Dick Syndrome
�SMFD – Click To View
�SOMD – Click To View
�SYD Suck Your Dick
�WAD Ejaculate, semen Money What A Dick
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What Does ‘SMD’ Mean in Text? –

The Internet Dictionary is a resource for learning new words on the internet. It’s probably a lot more offensive than you realize, to be honest. What does the abbreviation “SMD” imply in text? It’s a question that texters, internet chatroom users, and forum participants alike are frequently perplexed by. Unfortunately, the message it conveys is not encouraging. “SMD” is an acronym that stands for “suck my dick.” According to what you’ve probably gathered, the phrase “SMD” is a nasty slang term that is used to degrade other individuals.

  1. “Screw you” might mean “screw you,” but if something “sucks dick,” it indicates it’s “very, really nasty.” However, the significance of the term “SMD” goes far beyond than this.
  2. When a woman performs oral sexual acts on a male, it is often regarded as a submissive act, carried out for the pleasure of the recipient.
  3. According to a guy who goes by the pseudonym @Cyborg Dragon, “I believe it is a technique for someone to assert their superiority over you.” “It is a display of dominance on the part of the speaker.
  4. The username @traed is used by another user to write, “I own you.” “It involves prioritizing another person’s joy before your own.
  5. So, ultimately, it’s a case of ‘I’m more important’ is the king of the hill,” @TheBrainintheJar says.
  6. Consider insults such as “cocksucker,” “go suck a cock,” and “dicksucker,” among others.
  7. A penis is often regarded as the pinnacle of surrender by those who have experienced it.
  8. Most guys would use it as a sexist slur towards other men rather than against women.

As opposed to this, the goal of “SMD” is to indirectly label the other person being insulted as a homosexual, because they believe a guy who engages in oral sex, in their opinion, is not a true man and is thus “weaker.” “SMD,” on the other hand, is more likely to be seen as a request rather than an insult, and it will be followed by a question mark.

So there you have it: an explanation of what the texting abbreviation “SMD” means. The delights of text-speak, how I love them. The Wordsmith is in charge of the internet dictionary component of New Politics’ website.


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What Does SMD Mean in Text?

So you’ve heard of the abbreviation “SMD Mean,” haven’t you? What it really signifies, though, is unclear. What do you think of the slang term that it represents? Let’s have a look at what SMD means in a textual context. SMD is an abbreviation that stands for “suck my dick.” “Screw you,” as the expression goes, is an insult that is frequently used in reference to sex. But what does the abbreviation SMD truly mean? When it comes to texting and internet conversation, the acronym “SMD” is often used.

Performing oral sex for someone else is considered a subservient behavior in most cultures, however doing so for someone else can demonstrate how important you are to that person.

Meaning of SMD in Text:

“SMD” is a sexist slur directed to both men and women. In most cases, it is used by women to denote subservient conduct, but it may also allude to an offer to perform oral favors on a superior male. The act of performing oral sex on a guy is considered submissive in society today. Although it is deemed unpleasant to engage in such behavior, the sheer act of exerting physical control over someone demonstrates to him that the individual is essential to him. KML, DNS, and RNG are all words that have the same meaning as SMD, in addition to SMD.

  1. These abbreviations, on the other hand, may be foreign to you; thus, you should consult with your friends or family to learn more.
  2. If you want to impress a man, use the insult “SMD,” which is directed at both him and a woman.
  3. In the world of men, performing oral sex on a guy is considered a subservient act.
  4. But if it isn’t, then “SMD” can only signify that you are submissive, as opposed to dominant.
  5. It is determined by applying the equations (3) and (4) to the data (4).
  6. This abbreviation is commonly used in online conversation and messaging.
  7. The right response is that it depends on the situation.

The abbreviation “SMD” stands for Sauter Mean Diameter, and it is used to represent the size of a Sauter mean in mathematics.

It is regarded as a subservient gesture.

What does the abbreviation SMD imply in text?

It is a synonym for “smd,” but it is not the same as “SMD,” which is also a synonym for “smd.” Essentially, it is an abbreviation for the abbreviated form of the term.

SMD is a sexist slur that is directed to both men and women.

It is a physical manifestation of domination.

It is an offer for a woman to perform oral favors on a male subject. However, performing oral sex on a guy is also considered a submissive act. The term SMD does not relate to sexual activity, but rather to a woman’s ability to exert physical dominance over a man.


What does the abbreviation smd imply in text? SMDM is an abbreviation for “smdDM.” It is an abbreviation for “smood-democracy.” It is an abbreviation for the acronym SM. It is an abbreviation for “smood-demo” on Twitter. It is an abbreviation for “moods in text.” It’s a combination of old-school chat room lingo and text-slang thrown together. In various settings, it might signify something wholly different than it does here.


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Acronym Definition
SMD Sheet Music Direct(various locations)
SMD Surface Mount Device
SMD Servo Motor Drive(electronics)
SMD Souss-Massa-Draa(Morocco)
SMD Sony Music Distribution
SMD Standard Microcircuit Drawing
SMD Science Mission Directorate(US NASA)
SMD Simian Mobile Disco(band)
SMD Stato Maggiore Della Difesa(Italian: General Staff of the Defense)
SMD School of Medicine and Dentistry(various locations)
SMD Schott Music Distribution(Germany)
SMD Severe Mental Disorder
SMD Smart Mobile Device
SMD Madison-South (Amtrak station code; Madison, WI)
SMD Staroffice Mail Document
SMD Surface Mounted Device
SMD Storage Module Device
SMD Synchronous Mirror Delay
SMD Structural Metal Decks(UK)
SMD Sunday Morning Drive
SMD Standard Market Design(US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission)
SMD Scottish Malt Distillers(Scotland, UK)
SMD Stanford Microarray Database
SMD Sega Mega Drive(game console)
SMD Senior Medical Director(healthcare; various locations)
SMD Single Member District
SMD Southern Maryland
SMD State Medicaid Director
SMD Sauter Mean Diameter
SMD Senile Macular Degeneration
SMD Solder Mask Defined(semiconductor substrate process)
SMD Sistema Metrico Decimale(Italian: Metric System)
SMD Severe Mood Dysregulation(bipolar disorder)
SMD Soil Machine Dynamics(UK)
SMD Sony Mobile Display(Japan)
SMD Storage Module Device(interface standard for disk drives)
SMD ScanMail for Domino(software)
SMD Senior Managing Director
SMD State Military Department(various locations)
SMD Severely Mentally Disabled
SMD Syndrome Myélodysplasique(French: Myelodysplastic Syndrome)
SMD Storage Module Drive
SMD Sea-Based Midcourse Defense
SMD Suck My Deck(Simian Mobile Disco album)
SMD Standard Military Drawings
SMD Short Message Delivery
SMD Spring Mills Depot(model trains)
SMD Streaming Media Decoder
SMD Special Material Decoy
SMD Social Media Douchebag(Twitter)
SMD Speed Measuring Device(as in police radar guns)
SMD Strategic Missile Defense(US DoD)
SMD Skill Matching Database(Australian immigration)
SMD Société de Mèdecine Dentaire
SMD Sindrome Mielo Displásico(Spanish: Myelo Dysplasic Syndrome)
SMD Sea-Based Missile Defense
SMD Strategic Missile Division
SMD Structural-Chemical Biology and Molecular Design
SMD Speed Monitoring Display(transportation safety)
SMD Section de Médecine Dentaire(French: Dental Medicine Section; Switzerland)
SMD Strain Measurement Devices Inc(Meriden, Connecticut and Chedburgh, England)
SMD State MARS Director
SMD Surface Mounted Diode(electronics)
SMD Solar Magnetic Disturbance
SMD Sigma Mu Delta(pre-medical fraternity)
SMD Syndicat Mixte du Dijonnais(French: Union Meeting of Dijon; France)
SMD Systems Management Division(Intel)
SMD Structures and Mechanics Division
SMD Surface Mean Diameter
SMD Studenten-Mission in Deutschland
SMD Sommaire des Motifs de Décision(French: Summary of Reasons for Decision; Health Canada)
SMD Société Menuiserie Delaplanche(French: Delaplanche Carpenter Company)
SMD Spacelab Mission Development(US NASA)
SMD Sub Mucous Diathermy
SMD Système Métrique Décimal(French: Metric Decimal System)
SMD System Management Daemon(Unix)
SMD Synchronous Message Delivery
SMD Spectrum Matching Detector
SMD Standardized Manufacturing Drawing
SMD Standard Macrobiotic Diet
SMD Service Member Data
SMD Separate Mechanized Division
SMD Systems Management Director/Directorate
SMD Ship/Shore Manpower/Manning Document
SMD Software Management Directorate
SMD Small Molecules Department(Rockville, MD)
SMD Small Munition Dispenser
SMD Smart Metering Device
SMD Shore Maintenance Detachment(US Coast Guard)
SMD Sociedad Madrileña del Dolor(Madrid’s Pain Society)
SMD Serrurerie Métallerie Delamaide(French metalworking company)
SMD Small Man’s Disease

Smd meaning texting – Gépkocsi

Günter, please give your coworker a smd mug for his birthday. SMD, it’s actually rather good and filling. This slang article is intended to clarify what the acronym SMD stands for and how it is used. In the Urban Dictionary, SMD is an abbreviation for “Suck My Dick.” On Slang, you may find more definitions for SMD. Looking for a definition of SMD? Look no further. This page is about the multiple possible meanings of the acronym, abbreviation, shorthand, or slang term: SMD. The definition of SMD can be found in this page.

  • Definition of surface-mounted device: a device such as a resistor, capacitor, or integrated circuit that is mounted on the surface of something.
  • The meaning of the texting SMD acronym is defined here.
  • Abbreviations, acronyms, initialisms, slang, and other slang terms are all acceptable.
  • “PIR” stands for “parent in room,” which might indicate that the teen want to have a parent in the room.
  • SML is an abbreviation that may be used online and in text messages to refer to a variety of topics.
  • It is important to remember that the acronym ” SMD ” is an abbreviation that denotes a filthy word, therefore you should be cautious about where and how you use it.
  • GitHub Gist: a quick and easy way to exchange code.
  • Learn what SMS and MMS stand for, as well as the distinctions between these two types of text messaging, in this tutorial.
  • Consequently, here are over 350 Snapchat slang terms, along with their definitions.
  • What Does the Letter SMD Stand for on Snapchat?
  • That entails not only bearing the duty of finding a buyer, but also bearing the responsibility for any penny of shortage in the.

SID, which stands for once a day in German. SMT is an abbreviation for spinal manipulative treatment. CMAS is an abbreviation for Circular Mean Accuracy Standard. Tweeting abbreviations and acronyms are a bizarre mash-up of text lingo, old school chat room terms, and other idioms.

Definition of SMD

Senile macular degeneration is a condition that affects the eyes of the elderly. QUIZ IS IT POSSIBLE FOR YOU TO BE A TRUE BLUE CHAMPION OF THESE “BLUE” SYNONYMS? Despite the fact that we could chat about this quiz until we’re blue in the face about the color “blue,” we believe that you should take the quiz and find out whether or not you’re a wiz at these colorful terminology. What one of the following adjectives best depicts the color “sky blue”?

Words nearbySMD

Smattering, SMATV, Smaze, S.M.B., sm. c., SMD, SME, smear, smear campaign, smearcase, smear culture, SMATV, SMATV, SMATV, SMATV, SMATV, SMATV, SMATV, SMATV, SMATV, SMATV, SMATV, SMATV, SMATV, SMATV,

Other definitions forSMD(2 of 2)

Unabridged Dictionary of the English Language (Dictionary.com) Random House, Inc. 2021, based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, Random House, Inc.

How to useSMDin a sentence

  • “eigi s ek at honumsmden ek spara ekki mat vi hann,” says Konungr mlti
  • “eigi s ek at honumsmden ek spara ekki mat vi hann,” says Konungr mlti.

British Dictionary definitions forSMD

Surface-mounted device (SMD) is an abbreviation for a device such as a resistor, capacitor, or integrated circuit that is placed on a printed circuit board. 2012 Digital Edition of the Collins English Dictionary – Complete Unabridged Edition (William Collins SonsCo. Ltd. 1979, 1986) In 1998, HarperCollinsPublishers published the following books: 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, and 2012.


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Suck my dick is an abbreviation for the phrase Smd has two definitions: meaning and definition.


Suck my dick is a slang term for the use of the phrase. Popular in texting and messaging. Smd has two definitions: meaning and definition.


Dick, I’m Sucking Your Dick In the realm of males, this phrase is used to describe their feelings. Smdand is an abbreviation for Smd is defined as follows:


Suck My Dick is an acronym for the phrase Suck My Dick. Smd has two definitions: meaning and definition.


Suck my dick is an abbreviation for the phrase. Used extensively throughout the interplanetary web and in everyday discourse. Smdand is an abbreviation for Smd is defined as follows:


Suck My Dick is an abbreviation. Enowww is the source of this phrase. Smd has two definitions: meaning and definition.


  1. My
  2. Used when there are just a few beverages and a large number of people, such as during a party or other gathering
  3. Shake Whenever simply shaking one’s head isn’t sufficient3. my
  4. My
  5. When your father is in grave danger and utilizing entire sentences would be a waste of time
  6. When you would want sausages to be served

Smd has two definitions: meaning and definition.


Despite the fact that SMD is sometimes associated with sexual activity, it may also be used as Saw/. In competitive situations, such as a race or a game, this variant of the acronym is most commonly used to indicate the winner. Smdand is an abbreviation for Smd is defined as follows:


Sell Me Drugs is an abbreviation for the phrase. Many people use this word when they wish toa)understand the meaning of the phrase SMDb)drugs. In addition to enjoying a little extra pleasure, you may acquire drugs from someone. Smdand is an abbreviation for Smd is defined as follows:

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