Love Ties My Heart

Love Ties My Heart

Love Ties My Heart

Love Ties My Heart

Send by : Nur Laila Cahyawati

Before I tie my heart

Just for myself

But you came with love

Makes me search for this flavor

You make me ask about this flavor

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And you have made me realize the love you give

I think you are my first and last love

Now you’re in my heart

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You are the who wiped away all tears and loneliness

And now the love you give has adorned my days

The first was filled with loneliness and sadness

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I hope you are not the rainbow come and go

      That’s all the post of the poem about love entitled Love Ties My Heart which it has been sent by one of our friends. Hopefully the poem about love above can amuse us. (Also read other poem in Indonesian version at : Pesona Damai Dalam Cinta)

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