Love you in my silence

Love you in my silence

Love you in my silence

Love you in my silence

Sent by : Khoirunnisa Fibianti

Instagram : @khoirunnisa.fba

Loving is something that everyone is sure to experience …

Maybe everyone loves someone openly or by giving attention to a loved one ………..

When you tell me that you love our own friends ……..

I feel the pain so deep …..

But I……

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Can not do anything, I just listen to you who are very enthusiastic about telling him …..

All I can do is simply make you happy and happy …….

Although at the expense of my own heart ……

What I did for you only ….

So I can see you happy even though it’s not me that makes you happy …..

I’m still grateful if I can stay beside you …..

I can only love you in silence …..

Because of what???

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Because that’s the only way that makes us or we get the comfort ….

Though it should be as painful as this I feel ….

And also me …..

Too afraid to express this feeling to YOU ​​…..

Too scared if you stay away from me as I express this feeling ……

Too afraid of the friendship we’ve built up for years will break up in the middle of the road ……

Too scared to hurt my own best friend if later he knows the feeling I feel …..

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That’s what I feel …

I’d better keep quiet and enjoy this situation …..

Maybe someday I’m happier than that now …..

I know this is a test from god so I can be sincere and be patient about this situation ….

God will not test his people beyond its limitations ….

Therefore God is now planning my life scenario to be better than that now ….



       That’s all the post of the poem about love entitled Love you in my silence which it has been sent by one of our friends. Hopefully the poem about Love you in my silence above can amuse us. (Also read other article at : Soal UKK PKn Kelas 7 SMP)

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