Mother Gives Spirit and Solution

Mother Gives Spirit and Solution

Mother Gives Spirit and Solution

Sent by : Devi Indah

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Mother Gives Spirit and Solution


You are like the sun during the day

Who always illuminate the earth without expecting anything in return


You are like a moon at night

That always gives light at night to the earth


When I am selfish you are always patient in facing me

When I’m sad you’re always there to cheer me up

When I’m tired of everything you’re always giving spirit and solution to get it done

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A thousand thanks 0are not enough to say compared to your sacrifices so far …

Your sacrifice in giving birth to me

Your sacrifice in raising me

Your sacrifice in educating me

You always sacrifice your time and your happiness in your child without thinking


I was a kid

You may have many plans for me when I grow up

But after I grew up your plan was probably not done


You always wake me up in the morning so I’m used to respect time

You always understand what I think without me talking to you first

You always understand my needs better than me


Forgive me that intentionally or unintentionally hurt your heart

I’m sorry I can not give you my free time

Forgive me who can not make you happy more than you make me happy

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You are my wingless angel …

Thank you mother for all that you have given me …

I really love you, Mom…

May Allah always protect you and give your health wherever you are …

      That’s all the post of the poem about mother entitled Mother Gives Spirit and Solution which it has been sent by one of our friends. Hopefully the poem about Mother Gives Spirit and Solution above can be used as our introspection. (Also read other article in Indonesian version at : Rayuan Gombal Sangat Romantis)

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