Mother is like galaxy

Mother is like galaxy

Mother is like galaxy

Sent by : Anak Mas Hamza  

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Mother is like galaxy

Mother . . .

Mother is  like  sun lit up we every time

Mother is like atmosphere that would protect the son of danger

A mother’s love is like universe that the extent of infinity

I always pray to stay with him until whenever

But that impossible like end of world is sure to happen

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I always pray to God to we can meet in heaven later

Your sacrifice is not avenged

You stay patient even though i often upset you

Mother as angel not wings

You make my heart peaceful when near you

If you are angry i feel god cursing me

Mother is heaven in the world

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I can not live without mother

Thank  you for all your doing to me . . . mom


      That’s all the post of the poem about Mother is like galaxy which it has been sent by one of our friends. Hopefully it can amuse us. (Also read other article in Indonesian version at : Makna Filosofi Rangkaian Huruf Jawa)

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