My Best Friend Is My Rival

My Best Friend Is My Rival 

My Best Friend Is My Rival           

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My Best Friend Is My Rival

      My name is Al-fatha , i live in janti village . I have best friend ,his name is andrean . Andrean   is my cousin ,our house is adjacent but facing the opposite .In the past we went to the same kindergarten but our elementary school is different.In his school ,he has talent in the field of sports volleyball ,Therefore he has a high body.But different with me,in my school i have excellence in science,but i have a smaller body than andrean .But i did not give up, i want have a tall body as Andrean. If one of us has a problem, we can help each other. We are complementary friends , we go to school together.Not infrequently we disagree but we will find a solution. (Also read : Your Mouth Your Tiger)

       In junior high school, Andrean follows many organizations such as DKG (Scout Organization ) , and volley ball club. He often follows volleyball and scout competition.And he also gets champions from the competition .Andrean presses on the sport,but i presses on the science.But i also often exercise to be a soldier . I do not want to give up on achievement ,Andrean is the limit of my ability , if he can why i do not .

      Andrean has a passion for reach the goal of his dream, it is that makes me motivated to reach the goal of my dream . Becasue i have a small body ,my mother says i am weak and can not be a soldier , but i do not agree with my mother . i will prove that i am not weak and i can be a soldier.I want to can do anything, i do not want to be someone who can not be anything. (Also read other story at : Mystery of Gajah Mada)

      I hope , i can be a soldier .i will attempted to achieve my desire because nothing is impossible if you want to try.And i hope all people same with me , not resigned to the situation and want to able to do anything.

      That’s all the post of inspiring story about My Best Friend Is My Rival which it has been sent by one of our friends. Hopefully this inspiring story can amuse and inspire us. (Also read other story in Indonesian version at : Cinta yang tak Sempat Terucap

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