Night in Jakarta

Night in Jakarta

Night in Jakarta

Sent by : Narendra Dini

Instagram : @narendradinni

Night in Jakarta

I welcome the evening

With a sprinkling of stars that filled the universe

In a city I’m proud of

In a place that became the heart of the homeland

In Jakarta I enjoy a star full night

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                  Bright stars

                  Light up this empty heart in silence

                  With the accompanying moonlight

                  And a sunny sky that sank

                  Drowned in the silence of the night

In Jakarta enjoy the night

A night so dark and silent

Above a towering building

In front of the window I stared at the night sky

Accompanied by a gentle breeze at night


                  My gaze suddenly fixed on the star

                  A very bright star over there

                  An object that rocketed down

                  It turns out it’s a falling star and right then and there

                  Hope is uttered in the depths of the heart

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Hoping that every night will always be beautiful

With a sprinkling of thousands of stars

Thank you God…

      That’s all the post of the poem about Night in Jakarta which it has been sent by one of friends. Hopefully the poem above can amuse us. (Also read other article in Indonesian version at : Warna Primer Sekunder Tersier dan Netral

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