Rain Reminds Me Of You

Rain Reminds Me Of You

Rain Reminds Me Of You

Sent by : Khoirunnisa Fibianti

Instagram : @khoirunnisa.fba

The rain reminds me of you

Just rain

Only rain can hide this feeling …..

By seeing the rain our hearts become calm …..

Because of the rain we become happy …..

Rain …..

Witness mute me and you …..

You are already happy with others …..

With rain you start it …..

And with the rain I ended it …..

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Only rain can disguise the crying …..

Like when I was crying but other people will not be able to see when I cried …..

Because only rain that can help me to disguise the crying …..

People will not know when I am sad or happy …..

Just because of the rain …..

The rain that at any time reminded the happy happening …..

But the rain also reminds me of events where you cruelly hurt woman sincerely love you …..

It turns out you’re no different from the men out there …..

Once you promised with the rain you will happy me …..

You said it would not hurt me because if you hurt me you would hurt your mother and sister …..

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But what?

That’s just the nonsense you said to watch the rain …..

You are just a coward who can only talk and you can not prove …..

Thank you rain has reminded me of him …..

That coward guy …..

      That’s all the post of the poem about love entitled The rain reminds me of you which it has been sent by one of our friends. Hopefully the poem about The rain reminds me of you above can amuse us and it can give more knowledge about English.

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