Remember When Try to Forget

Remember When Try to Forget

Remember When Try to Forget

Remember When Try to Forget


I’ve forgotten what I thought

I tried to forget everything about you

Forgetting is the best way to let you go

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I could no longer bear this tear dam I held back,

Slowly decaying the cheeks

Prayer is what accompanies my path

Hope anyone cares

What human power is only a creature of God

All destiny, life, and love of God are the ones who govern.

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The more I forget the more I remember

I want to scream as hard as possible so the world knows

Forgetting is not as easy as what is imagined

I try to stay strong even though this heart is broken,

And develop a fake smile so people don’t worry,

If they forget the best I will forget it

Indeed God has a scenario of life more beautiful than what you think.

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That’s all the post of the poem of love about Remembering When Trying to Forget which has been sent by one of our friends. Hopefully, the poem about love above can amuse us. (Also read another article at : UKK Matematika Kelas 7 SMP)

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