Simplicity of Love

Simplicity of Love

Simplicity of Love

Simplicity of Love

Sent by : Via Amanda

Instagram : @viaamandaarka

I will pass the longitude east to the west longitude

I will find the northern latitudes to the south latitude

From the highlands to the lowlands I will ride

But it’s just love that I can’t deny so far

Dark isn’t bright

Light is not dark

But I believe that the light will disappear with darkness

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Love does not need its own pleasure

Love does not need selfishness that never stops

But love needs a solid trust

With patience in the heart

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So long this love has survived

With a parallel turn of time

Now I’m just a nighttime metaphor

With a silent silence due to pain

Pain that I feel Now is getting deeper

Due to lack of attention

Who is unable to state

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Love is simple.

Just understand each other and appreciate and trust each other.

That’s all.

      That’s all the post of the poem about love entitled Simplicity of Love which it has been sent by one of our friends. Hopefully the poem about love above can amuse us. (Also read other poem in Indonesian version at : Definisi dan Fungsi Teks Pesan Singkat)

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