My Dear Teacher And Hero

My Dear Teacher And Hero

My Dear Teacher And Hero

My Dear Teacher And Hero

Sent by : Intan Nuraini

e-mail   : [email protected]

Instagram : @intaann99


School bench began to feel

Gain knowledge with male and female teachers

Those who discipline me guide and guide me

In all fields and all knowledge

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When I’m confused about something

My teacher helped me

Patiently and painstakingly my teacher taught me

And when I can

I forgot to thank him

Due to his efforts as well as his knowledge

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Dear My Idol

Dear My Idol

Dear My Idol

By : Nadia Faradilla

Email : [email protected]

Dear My Idol

It all starts with your picture

Your picture that get me carried into your world

Your picture makes me tick

If i can meet you

If i can talk to you

If you are real in my life

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I admire you

I never met you face to face

I know i’m not the most important to you

I’m just one of the millions and even billions of your fans in the world

But , can not i put heart on you

You make me smile

You make me cry to

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