Loving Mother Forever

Loving Mother Forever

Loving Mother Forever

Loving Mother Forever

Sent by : Abdul Ghofur Aprianto

e-mail : [email protected]


 You are the one who gave birth to me ….

 You are the one who raised me ….

 Without you I can not be until today ….

 I want to make you happy in my youth ….

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 Your love can not be replaced by anything ….

 Your tenderness always makes me miss ….

 And your patience in educating makes me touched …. read more

Beautiful Like Star Shining

So Beautiful Like Star Shining

Beautiful Like Star Shining

Sent By : Yumiatun Sholikhah

e-mail   : [email protected]

Beautiful Like Star Shining

You’re so beautiful ….

Very beautiful to scare me

Too beautiful to have

You make me say admirably

I thought I’d go crazy

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You’re so beautiful

You’re like a rose

It’s true you’re thorny

I will stab you

Though i still want to have you

The most creature in the world

In a moment your light blinds me

You are the real star

There are so many stars in the sky

But you’re the only shining star

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