Feel Happy in Sweet Home

Feel Happy in Sweet Home

Feel Happy in Sweet Home

Feel Happy in Sweet Home

Sent by : Devita Dwi Lestari

instragam : @depitaadwtar

email : [email protected]

The precious place to another

Accost the harmony

Feel love trusty

Sad and happy are fully

Loves mom and dad

The warm touch to daughter

Fill learns with beatific spirit

As step and them utterance

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The first-time child looks the world

They feel full happiness and smile

The soft handful is touch

Wish the bless are coming

When sick is come

Directly they will nestle read more

Your Mouth Your Tiger

Your Mouth Your Tiger

Your Mouth Your Tiger

Sent by : Aqiela Sausan

Instagram : @aqielakarima

Your Mouth Your Tiger

               One day, there was a boy called ani. He is still in sixth grade elementary school near his home. Ani is very familiar with a friend named sebina dina. One day, they ordered a ruler to his teacher named bu mira. However, bu mira forget to bring their order because bu mira also many tasks. In fact, ani and dina wait for their order. (Also read : ALLAH ALWAYS WITH YOU)

               After school, ani and dina agreed to go to a stationery store to buy a ruler. After they buy a ruler, they go home. The next day, they showed the ruler he had bought last night. Bu mira also asked “already have a ruler, buy where?”, Said bu mira while looking at the ruler. “Buy in barokah store bu ..”, replied ani. “It costs five thousand bu,”, ani added. Suddenly bu mira felt hurt because ani and dina did not want to buy ruler. However, Ani does not feel that his words have made bu mira annoyed. While dina know that ani say actually has hurt bu mira but, dina can not do anything because it was all already. Instantly bu mira straight out of the class without cause. The whole class was surprised by the situation. read more