Difficult To Understand Love

Difficult To Understand Love

Difficult To Understand Love

Sent by : Ana Kusnul

Instagram : @aaksnl

Difficult To Understand Love


God-revealed substance for its creature that is human ..

Beautiful substance ..

Substances that can penetrate the human heart ..

All human beings will experience it

Experiencing something invisible

But it has a lot of meaning …


Sometimes hard to understand ..

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Difficult to understand..

Many people say that

Love is painful..

The man was wrong

He blames the love God designed for

Peace of the soul …

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Mother Great woman

Mother Great woman

Mother Great woman

Dikirim oleh : dwi indah puspitasari

Instagram : @dwiindah4509

Mother Great woman


you are a noble woman.

You never spend a little,

as long as it contains me in your womb.

you are willing to risk your life.

For one reason,

so I can see the beauty of the world.

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Oh mother….

after I was born into the world.

You’re still struggling for the rest of my life.

You’re willing to wake up in the middle of the night just because I’m crying for thirst.

When I’ve started growing up. read more