Simplicity of Love

Simplicity of Love

Simplicity of Love

Simplicity of Love

Sent by : Via Amanda

Instagram : @viaamandaarka

I will pass the longitude east to the west longitude

I will find the northern latitudes to the south latitude

From the highlands to the lowlands I will ride

But it’s just love that I can’t deny so far

Dark isn’t bright

Light is not dark

But I believe that the light will disappear with darkness

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Love does not need its own pleasure

Love does not need selfishness that never stops

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Love Ties My Heart

Love Ties My Heart

Love Ties My Heart

Love Ties My Heart

Send by : Nur Laila Cahyawati

Before I tie my heart

Just for myself

But you came with love

Makes me search for this flavor

You make me ask about this flavor

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And you have made me realize the love you give

I think you are my first and last love

Now you’re in my heart

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You are the who wiped away all tears and loneliness

And now the love you give has adorned my days

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Father Teaches Honesty Sense

Father Teaches Honesty Sense

Father Teaches Honesty Sense

Father Teaches Honesty Sense

dikirim oleh : Ana Kusnul K.

Instagram : @aaksnl

e-mail : [email protected]


You’re a tough figure

You’re the man who never made your son cry

You always lead me to be a great person

You train me to be a strong girl

Strong physical, heart, and mind

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Your degree is not as high as the mother’s degree

But your great determination that makes me understand the meaning of a sacrifice

Great sacrifice…

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Difficult To Understand Love

Difficult To Understand Love

Difficult To Understand Love

Sent by : Ana Kusnul

Instagram : @aaksnl

Difficult To Understand Love


God-revealed substance for its creature that is human ..

Beautiful substance ..

Substances that can penetrate the human heart ..

All human beings will experience it

Experiencing something invisible

But it has a lot of meaning …


Sometimes hard to understand ..

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Difficult to understand..

Many people say that

Love is painful..

The man was wrong

He blames the love God designed for

Peace of the soul …

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Beautiful Color Red Rose

Beautiful Color Red Rose

Beautiful Color Red Rose

Sent by : Galuh Ratulangi

e-mail : [email protected]

Beautiful Color Red Rose

Your red color blushes

Makes me fascinated

Until I get carried away

As I stared at him

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The smell of your scent

Make anyone interested in you

It’s if you’ve hypnotized him

With your privileges

Any flying butterflies

Above you

To smell your aroma

Because he has been enamored with you

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You are all dream

You’re a sign of love read more

Faithful Promise Love

Faithful Promise Love

Faithful Promise Love

Sent by : Dwi Indah Puspitasari

Instagram : @dwiindah4509

Faithful Promise Love

My faithful promise., never hide from me.

However, I can be sure that you will not get away from me.

Even though your existence is far from me.

However, my nose will always sniff out your smell.

I beg you never take your heart out of my heart.

I cannot imagine how I am,

If you live without your presence.

Even if the star lies on a quiet night,

 Pretend not to glow,

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The World Is Full Of Love Words

The World Is Full Of Love Words

The World Is Full Of Love Words

Sent by : Dwi Indah Puspitasari

Instagram : @dwiindah4509

Wise Words

The World Is Full Of Love Words

I will paint myself in my heart, and I will write your name in my day. Find love from a journey because finding love from a journey will find many stories. I will not say that I am tired of loving you, because I breathe for you.  You are the first person to laugh over my failure, and you are also the first person to fight for my success.  I will make myself like a coma punctuation that pauses to continue, not stop to decide. (Also read : Wise Words from Reader)  Why should I love someone whose heart is full of question marks.  Be like needles and threads though sharp piercing, but the nature wants to unite. If sugar can give you a sweet taste why you give it a bitter taste. I will not think what comes out of your tongue because I know your heart. Do not worry if you encounter a dead end. When you meet it then go back and start from scratch. Because no matter how difficult the trials in your life there must be a way out. If you have a lover you care about, then keep him as the tree keeps its branches.  I will strive for my dreams, my love, and my hope even though my Lord’s scenario is full of twists and turns.  I will not delete the memories you have created, even though those memories are painful. If love can give life to a person, why love also has to make someone’s death. Do not get bored with the habit as love grows as well as get used to it. If you hate Mother, father, friend or lover, look at him, look him in the eye, then try to remember his struggle for you, so you will be happy, he who always keeps you, loves you, just as man loves his God. And forgive him.  Never hate someone just because of one ugliness.  Never judge people from the outside because it is not necessarily good outside but the depths are rotten and vice versa. Be an optimist. (Also read other Wise Words at :

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Rain Reminds Me Of You

Rain Reminds Me Of You

Rain Reminds Me Of You

Sent by : Khoirunnisa Fibianti

Instagram : @khoirunnisa.fba

The rain reminds me of you

Just rain

Only rain can hide this feeling …..

By seeing the rain our hearts become calm …..

Because of the rain we become happy …..

Rain …..

Witness mute me and you …..

You are already happy with others …..

With rain you start it …..

And with the rain I ended it …..

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Only rain can disguise the crying …..

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Mother Gives Spirit and Solution

Mother Gives Spirit and Solution

Mother Gives Spirit and Solution

Sent by : Devi Indah

e-mail : [email protected]

Mother Gives Spirit and Solution


You are like the sun during the day

Who always illuminate the earth without expecting anything in return


You are like a moon at night

That always gives light at night to the earth


When I am selfish you are always patient in facing me

When I’m sad you’re always there to cheer me up

When I’m tired of everything you’re always giving spirit and solution to get it done

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Love Hope is Illusion

Love Hope is Illusion

Love Hope is Illusion

Sent by : Khusnul umi solikhatin

e-mail : [email protected]

School : SMK Taruna Tarik

Love Hope is Illusion

My Love is not up

You come with a million memories

When the heart is shackled by taste

Love arises

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You grow the seeds of this love

you always say sweet to me

You always give me hope

Until I am seduced by you

But it’s all an illusion

You’ve put expectations of false hope

But it turns out, you’ve got a lover

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