Love Ties My Heart

Love Ties My Heart

Love Ties My Heart

Love Ties My Heart

Send by : Nur Laila Cahyawati

Before I tie my heart

Just for myself

But you came with love

Makes me search for this flavor

You make me ask about this flavor

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And you have made me realize the love you give

I think you are my first and last love

Now you’re in my heart

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You are the who wiped away all tears and loneliness

And now the love you give has adorned my days

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I Miss My Childhood

I Miss My Childhood

I Miss My Childhood

Sent By ; Fathia Nadhifah

Email ; [email protected]

I Miss My Childhood

My childhood

I miss you so much

You are part of my wonderful life

The part I always miss now and forever

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My childhood

The days I have left behind

A memorable period

A very pleasant time

Times where there was no sadness

My childhood

Now I slowly leave

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Move into teenagers

Cannot be lost from my mind

Happy and enjoyable memories

My childhood

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