Dusk View before Night

Dusk View before Night

Dusk View before Night

Dusk View before Night

Sent by : Devita Dwi Lestari


You come the sign of ending noon today

The day that has been passed together

Memories for memories have passed

Sorrow has been lived

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Dusk …

No more do you bring sorrow

Always bring happiness

Always …

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Always give beautiful view to this sky

Show the beauty you have

Dusk you are like completing the beauty of this earth

You don’t block it cloudy read more

Beautiful Like Star Shining

So Beautiful Like Star Shining

Beautiful Like Star Shining

Sent By : Yumiatun Sholikhah

e-mail   : [email protected]

Beautiful Like Star Shining

You’re so beautiful ….

Very beautiful to scare me

Too beautiful to have

You make me say admirably

I thought I’d go crazy

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You’re so beautiful

You’re like a rose

It’s true you’re thorny

I will stab you

Though i still want to have you

The most creature in the world

In a moment your light blinds me

You are the real star

There are so many stars in the sky

But you’re the only shining star

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Special Silent Night

Special Silent Night

Special Silent Night

Special Silent Night

Sent by : Nur Laila Cahyawati

Instagram : @lailanuc__

Special Quiet Night

Dusk began to disappear

Magrib echoing call

Night begins to come

The moon begins to appear

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Shining star

Adorn the night sky

I think it’s a special night

One night of hope

A very lovely evening

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But there is this night’s gaze

Namely quiet, quiet, and silence

Every night I feel the silence

Do not know why silence is always nightmare of my night read more

Night in Jakarta

Night in Jakarta

Night in Jakarta

Sent by : Narendra Dini

Instagram : @narendradinni

Night in Jakarta

I welcome the evening

With a sprinkling of stars that filled the universe

In a city I’m proud of

In a place that became the heart of the homeland

In Jakarta I enjoy a star full night

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                  Bright stars

                  Light up this empty heart in silence

                  With the accompanying moonlight

                  And a sunny sky that sank read more