Beautiful Like Star Shining

So Beautiful Like Star Shining

Beautiful Like Star Shining

Sent By : Yumiatun Sholikhah

e-mail   : [email protected]

Beautiful Like Star Shining

You’re so beautiful ….

Very beautiful to scare me

Too beautiful to have

You make me say admirably

I thought I’d go crazy

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You’re so beautiful

You’re like a rose

It’s true you’re thorny

I will stab you

Though i still want to have you

The most creature in the world

In a moment your light blinds me

You are the real star

There are so many stars in the sky

But you’re the only shining star

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Beautiful Full Moon Light

Beautiful Full Moon Light

Beautiful Full Moon Light


Istagram : @anantaoktaviya

Beautiful Full Moon Light

The light of the full moon………..

The light is so beautiful at night

Makes everyone fascinated to see it

Its bright color

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Full moon……………

Your light shines dark

Make my night bright

Enjoy your lights warm my night


Looking at you makes me understand

That beauty is not always approached

Happy this shining heart cavity

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Tired Become Small Star

Tired Become Small Star

Tired Become Small Star

Sent by : Putri Hajar
e-mail : [email protected]

Tired Become Small Star

I know…
I will fall like rain water…
And my fragile heart…
Will crumble like glass flakes…

Thousands of time I tired to forget…
But why…
The failure I got…
And the disappointment that almost me…

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I know…
I’m not the month he admired…
Not the roses he sees…
Or the sun that shines on the day…

Really tired…
Really sick…

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When remember about…
This self-denotation…
Which is only a small star…
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Night in Jakarta

Night in Jakarta

Night in Jakarta

Sent by : Narendra Dini

Instagram : @narendradinni

Night in Jakarta

I welcome the evening

With a sprinkling of stars that filled the universe

In a city I’m proud of

In a place that became the heart of the homeland

In Jakarta I enjoy a star full night

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                  Bright stars

                  Light up this empty heart in silence

                  With the accompanying moonlight

                  And a sunny sky that sank read more