True Friend Teaches Meaningful Life

True Friend Teaches Meaningful Life

True Friend Teaches Meaningful Life

True Friend Teaches Meaningful Life

Sent by : Dwi Indah Puspitasari

Instagram : @dwiindah4509

O my friend.

You are the first person to laugh when I am hard,  but you’re also the first person to bend over backwards to help.

You are the one who is always on my side when I like and sorrow.

You’re willing to lie just for me.

I will not relinquish this friendship rope.

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Oh my twig.

You always look after me as a tree keeps its branches.

Sometimes I feel homesick for you.

Many times I wish you had come and we laughed together.

When I was lonely in the middle of the night,

I open the window hoping that a bird will come to me and say that you will come.

You are like a pearl in my life.

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You always teach me about the meaning of life.

Often I feel as though you are my brother.

When my tears were dripping.

You drop your tears too.

Then you remove my tears with love and affection.

When I smile freely.

You smile too.

Oh my twig.

You are a friend who always keeps my good name.

You’re never willing if your friend is hurt by someone.

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I am proud of you.

Often I think,

What’s inside you. Because inside you, no hate, resentment, laziness, and want to win alone. You are like a light that always comes, When my life is full of darkness.

Your coming into my life is a gift.

I will always remember your words.

And I will remember your sacrifice.

Never leave me alone.

Because I am without you dust grain.

       That’s all the post of the friendship poem about True Friend Teaches Meaningful Life which it has been sent by one of our friends. Hopefully the poem about friendship above can amuse us. (Also read other poem in Indonesian version at : UAS Sejarah Kelas 11 Semester 2)

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