When Faith is Individual

When Faith is Individual

When Faith is Individual

When Faith is Individual

Sent by : Wendari Iga Susilo
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When Faith is Individual

      A family life that comes out of devotion and faith, filled with lust and glamour, is the Trend of the end times. (Also read : Night in Jakarta)

      When a life away from gratitude for the gift of Allah SWT, make some people will run away from faith to pursue the luxury of the world, this will make people more distant from the God of the Creator. People will pursue the success of the world without thinking later he will be held accountable in the hereafter.

      When life is not in accordance with the desires of his heart, of course many people who blame the Creator, who eventually escaped the faith and will take a life that misguided, when Allah SWT has created human beings according to the will and destiny, rich and poor, smart and stupid, and ugly, good and bad depends only on the perpetrator who feels it, as long as faith is still attached then the life of the world is just to be passed alone, eternal life is only in the afterlife. (Also read other story at : Rich Man and Wise God)

      Today many people who take shortcuts in the pursuit of world luxury, the agreement with Shaitan (Pesugihan), Corruption, and misuse of his work is often used people who are not based on faith. They do it for the pleasure of the world, and to fulfill all their desires. Without thinking about the reward, punishment, or punishment that will be received in the next life. 

      If someone who has done such a thing, then they will feel their life happy because all they want can be purchased by the property they have. However, when the day of vengeance comes they will also surely get a very poignant reply, because they do not live destiny with the provisions of god. (Also read other story at : Soal USBN Seni Budaya SMA Bagian 1)

      Therefore, live this life with full of faith and devotion to God S.W.T, Live with patience and sincere in fact everything is set by God S.W.T. Never seek pleasure for a moment. Try to do the duty, approach the good and avoid the evil and disobedience.

      That’s all the post about inspiring story entitled: When Faith is Individual which has been written and sent by one of our friends. Hopefully the inspiring story about When Faith is Individual can inspire us. (Also read other story in Indonesian version at : Merubah Nasib itu Pilihan

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