Your Mouth Your Tiger

Your Mouth Your Tiger

Your Mouth Your Tiger

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Your Mouth Your Tiger

               One day, there was a boy called ani. He is still in sixth grade elementary school near his home. Ani is very familiar with a friend named sebina dina. One day, they ordered a ruler to his teacher named bu mira. However, bu mira forget to bring their order because bu mira also many tasks. In fact, ani and dina wait for their order. (Also read : ALLAH ALWAYS WITH YOU)

               After school, ani and dina agreed to go to a stationery store to buy a ruler. After they buy a ruler, they go home. The next day, they showed the ruler he had bought last night. Bu mira also asked “already have a ruler, buy where?”, Said bu mira while looking at the ruler. “Buy in barokah store bu ..”, replied ani. “It costs five thousand bu,”, ani added. Suddenly bu mira felt hurt because ani and dina did not want to buy ruler. However, Ani does not feel that his words have made bu mira annoyed. While dina know that ani say actually has hurt bu mira but, dina can not do anything because it was all already. Instantly bu mira straight out of the class without cause. The whole class was surprised by the situation.

               The students are confused by it all. Dina did not tell them about it. They fear the anger of all students. In fact, even the unfortunate heart is not happy because they have made a big problem and can not do anything. Until now, ani has not felt guilty about what she said.

               The next day, the time for the test and his teacher is bu mira. Bu mira still do not want to go to their class. Finally, one class did not get any value in the subject of bu mira. They are very sad and one of them even some who got angarahin his parents. (Also read other story at : Folklore of Loke Nggerang)

               Eventually, Dina told her everything would happen that day. However, they must promise dina that they will not tell the ani. “You have to promise that the incident should not be known,” said Dina. “Let me ani kunasehati at the right time”, said the class president.

               The class leader went straight to the bu mira who was in the teachers’ room. The class leader represents everything apologizing to bu mira. “Bu, I am the representative of all, apologize for our mistakes. We promise not to repeat it again. We will be more careful when talking, “said the class president in the teachers’ room. Bu mira also forgive with what they have done. “Yes, I’m sorry, let it be a lesson for you”, said bu mira.

               After returning to class, all excommunicated ani. But, ani still do not know the mistake. Ani is hated by everything, even dina. There is one child approaching ani. He told of all his mistakes. Ani was very sorry about all her mistakes. Ani promised herself not to repeat it again.

       That’s all the post of inspiring story about Your Mouth Your Tiger which it has been sent by one of our friends. Hopefully this inspiring story can amuse us. (Also read other story in Indonesian version at : Merpati dan Burung Hantu

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